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Viral Video: Screaming Ghost Caught In A Hotel Security Camera

A viral video of a screaming ghost that was caught and recorded by a security camera in one of the hotel in Illinois, the footage was recorded on September 14, 2003.

Due to the noise that coming from one of the hotel room which other people are staying also, they over heard a very loud scream from one of the hotel room.

They reported the noise and complaints to the front desk with reports of loud screaming coming from the 2nd floor which particularly in room # 209.

An  investigation has been made to know the history of hotel room # 209. And it found out that over the years there are also reports of complaints on the screaming heard on room # 209. As of know this is the only video footage that show where the screaming is coming.

As you may see in the footage a man name John came up to check room # 209, when he is near the room he suddenly stop when he heard the screaming voice, the room is unoccupied that time but a very loud scream was coming inside on the said room.

John was advised to wait to the Police but he decided to open the door of room # 209, as  he open the door a ghostly image went out and walk through hotel corridor.

John reported as he check the room that there are no one else inside but the furniture inside are all been turn upside down, the carpet has been ripped up and the shower was on but nobody is in there.
This viral video of a ghost in a hotel is not new for me, i heard it also in several people who encounter this kind of incident like the NBA superstar Tim Duncan reported that he encountered a freaky feeling in one of the hotel that he stayed.

This is nothing but one thing is for sure, lately Hotel become a favorite place for apparition of Ghost.
For me the video footage is real, it looks real, what do you think? Fake or real?
source: youtube

Jam Sebastian One Half Of The Popular Internet Love Team "Jamich" In Critical Condition

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Youtube sensation Jam Sebastian a one half of the popular internet love team Jamich, is currently on a life support at St. Luke’s Medical Center, After having difficulty in breathing.
Jam who has a Stage 4 lung cancer and currently confine in  St. Luke’s Medical Center, in Global City, Taguig.

 Jam’s fiance Michelle Liggayu said and asked for prayers from their fans, family and friends for Jam conditions after the Jam had experience a difficulty in breathing and was put on life support. At least he can have a peace in his heart . and God please take care of  him. Said by Jam’s fiance.

Meanwhile, Mich's dad posted oh his Facebook  post on Jam's condition, 'We have lost the battle' and he also he shared an update and photos about Jam’s current condition.

Mr. Liggayu, add on his post that Jam’s doctor said on Jams condition that we are doing to Jam right now is just prolonging his pain if we continue to keep him under meds and the ventilator.

He also added that We were on our way to Viva when we received an emergency call from the hospital.

We are at EDSA in Guadalupe area. When we receive the call and in less than 10 mins we arrived immediately in the Hospital where Jam is confined . we go down to the lobby with Pao .There is so many doctors and nurses assisting Jam when I enter and I see a lot of machine attached to him, Mich’s dad said.

“It is so painful for a father, Mother,brother and love ones to let go of Jam. But let us just accept the fact that Jam will no longer win this fight.

“I ask you Dear Friends to join us in prayer for accepting this painful reality.”

Real - life partners , namely Jam and Michelle , or better known as Jamich – Became famous because of their YouTube videos about relationships and love .

In social media , friends and family of Jam constantly providing updates and in conjunction with their prayers .

Various celebrities had also visited Jam which composed of  Vice Ganda , Jhong Hilario , Karen Davila, Hayden Kho , and  last, February 26 , Kris Aquino also visit Jam..
source: GMA. youtube

Watch The Pilot Episode Of Live Action Character Of "Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope"

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Do you still remember the coolest anime in the mid 1990’s? The Classic anime “Dragon Ball Z” which feature the main character of super Saiyan Goku, his son Gohan, Goku’s bestfriend Krillin, The allien invader Picollo who eventually became friend with Goku, Vegeta the prince of saiyan and trunks the son of Vegeta are  making a comeback as a modern live action hero but this time they are bringing into live action character.

"'Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope' is the continuing story of Goku and friends defending Earth from powerful foes.

This time the pilot episode that was released and was the continuing saga of Gohan and Trunks after the death of Goku. The pilot episode is a non profit short film which created and produced by RobotUnderdog2.

The Short film features Gohan and Trunks, which is in battle of two android. Android 17 and 18. Which are trying to eliminate the human race till Gohan and trunks, show up from the scene and trying to defend the remaining human race in the Earth.

But even Gohan, has the power of a super saiyan, still he has no match from the two android.
After that Gohan realize that they are no match on the  two androids and decided to escape from the fight.

RobotUnderdog2  Goal of releasing "'Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope' is to bring the Dragon Ball Z into life in a way that’s never been have attempted before while the characters & the storyline of dragon ball Z are still the same or intact.

The content of Dragon Ball Z, is purely conceptual material made for fans, and it is not for commercial use of any sort. the pilot episode & all of the  materials as a pitch to get the rights for the rest of the web series or potentially larger and more projects.

As the producer  RobotUnderdog2, request to please help them  out by sharing, commenting & liking! The newest pilot episode and The more support they will have, the more likely to keep making DBZ content & with your guys’ help it’s possible!
source: GMA

Viral Video: A Heroic Act Of A Woman Saves A Man's Life

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A Viral video was uploaded in social media that became viral, it shows a video footage of a woman with A Heroic act who save a man who in need of help.

Report said that the unidentified man suddenly collapsed while walking near a supermarket, people near  around the market surrounded the man  out of curiosity on what happen?

Till an unidentified woman, try to help the unconscious man lying on the floor of the road, the woman take  actions by giving the victim of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or as known as CPR.

Because of the fast thinking and bold act of the woman the victim suddenly back his conscious.

The Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or  CPR  is  a technique used in saving life in case of emergencies, this includes a heart attack or near drowning,  which involve someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped.

Social media user’s had different opinion on the said incident, some people praise the woman for her heroic act of saving ones life, they appreciate of what the woman did and that she just really want to help.

“But other opinion criticized her, because She could have killed the guy, because she's only doing chest compression, the area also must be clear not like that where a lot of bystander  touching the person which is being rescued  and someone should call an ambulance while or before the girl even started CPR.”

“Other say’s there are rules and guidelines on how to do CPR and perform it correctly so let's not rely on just what we saw on the television or movies”

What can you say about this viral video? If you were there in the scene where a man collapse? Would you rather help and do what the woman's did on the video or would you rather not do anything and just wait for an expert to do a first aid?
source: youtube

Viral Video: A Monster Wels Catfish Caught In A River In Italy

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In Po Delta, Italy a man name Dino Ferrari, caught a 8-foot 9-inch Wels Catfish, which believed to be the largest catfish ever reeled in with a rod on line.

The Wels catfish look like less a catfish but of more horrible features of a  huge river monster, it has a total measure s of  8-foot 9-inch and weighing 19 stone.

While the fish might set a new record for getting caught on a rod line, it is still far from the biggest catfish ever caught which measures 78 meters long in the same area pf Po Delta  which the 8-foot 9-inch Wels Catfish was caught.

Expert say’s that Wels catfish can grow up to 4 metrs in length and weighing 62 stone, however it is very rare to catch a wels catfish which is two meters in long?

Wels Catfish has a ferocious appetite that will consume anything that comes across to them, there are some video footage that shows that wels catfish feeds some pigeon that came across to them.
Wels catfish are native in Europe, it is also a cannibal , they eat and feed with their own race of catfish.

So, what do you do when you catch this kind of Huge Catfish? If your Dino Ferrari, take some pictures and then toss the monster back into the delta and let it go.

Which is the fish that you ever caught?
sources: yahoo, youtube

Viral Video: Unlucky Couples Swallowed By A Sinkhole After They Get Off The Bus

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In Seoul, South Korea, a viral video was caught on  a surveillance camera  about two people who had a misfortune of falling down in a sinkhole after the floor of the side walks were they are standing  suddenly collapse.

The surveillance video shows a two people a man and a woman who was at the wrong time and at the wrong place. As they  just recently get off the bus when suddenly disappear from the camera  as the floor of the sidewalks where they are standing suddenly  open and swallowed them beneath the sinkhole.

They two people were eventually rescued by firemen and authority and was reported taken to a nearby hospital, having suffered only minor injuries.

Sinkhole is caused by dissolution of carbonate rocks, sometimes their size may up to 1 to 600 meters in both diameter and depth.

Sinkholes maybe formed suddenly, it can be found every where in the world, such as cities and province, it choose no places, such as the sinkhole happen in the busy side walks of South korea, as the two people where suddenly swallowed by a sinkhole.

source: youtube

LeBron James Became The NBA All Time Assists Leader At Forward Position

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LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers just became the NBA list for most assists by a forward by passing the hall of famer Scottie Pippen.

On the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Piston in Auburn Hills, James made a pass to team mate Forward Kevin Love who  shot an open 3-pointer as it mark and make James, the new holder for most assist by a forward with a total of  6,136 assists against the old record of Scottie Pippen  6,135 assists. Pippen had held the record since 2004.

James also made a single season record of as he holds the record for most assists by a forward with 651 assists  in 2009-10 season .

James, has been in a roll of breaking every record in the NBA, it start on the 2015 All Star Game, he surpass  Karrem Abdul Jabar and Michael Jordan , for most point in a career in All Star NBA games putting his name second to LA Lakers Kobe Bryant, who is only shy of 2 points in surpassing Kobe Bryant for the All Star NBA career scoring list.

Meanwhile on the game against New York Knicks last February 22 at Madison Square Garden, James surpass another NBA superstar,  name Allen Iverson, in NBA Scoring Career List. by surpassing Iverson, James solidified his status as one of the best pure scorers in NBA history and putting his name as one of the all-time greats,

Currently James is at #22 on scoring list with 24,402 career points and moves down Allen Iverson at #23 position with 24,368 career points.

James is now itching little by little of all the NBA records made by the past superstars and now his turn is now to put his name in NBA History, sooner or later a more achievement will be given to LeBron James and perhaps when he is done, maybe he can also surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest player that play the game? Just maybe?

Viral Video Of Parking Lot Security Guard Dancing While Doing His Job

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A viral video of a security guard in  one of the Parking lot in a  mall in Quezon City, has become an internet  global sensation when his video was posted online.

The viral footage is showing that the security guard who mimicked the gesture
Of Michael Jackson dance moves while doing his work in a parking lot as a security surveillance And assisting traffic for motorist.

Motorist   who seen the all out performance of the security guard are very happy while doing his work at the same time entertaining them while passing through.

As of now, the viral video has gained thousands of likes and shares  in the social media networks .
source: GMA

Proposal For Additional Leave For Pregnant Workers Filed In Congress

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House Bill No. 6691 filed by Laguna Rep . Maria Evita Arago in the House of  Representatives , aimed at providing additional benefits and support to pregnant workers to emphasized the importance of women in promoting the country .

Thus we must also promote their needs as during their pregnancy while working .

Under the proposal , Arago wants to provide additional leave ( medical) pregnant . One day leave for every month or nine days leave during the nine months of pregnancy ,  this is what the congressman want to add a leave of pregnant workers .

The additional leave is separate from the current privilege that was granted leave to women under existing legislation .

“Pregnant women who are employed will enjoy the benefit of medical leaves once every month for pregnancy-related medical consultation," explain by Arago.

To obtain such a privilege leave under the proposal , working women must have a one year work experience in the company she work and must also show evidence that  she is really pregnant.

If  pregnant  woman if trying to leave , she must notify the company five days before the time when she is not coming  to work.

Moreover , the proposal also contained in advancing the welfare of the child such as providing them with the support of the government and adjust their work hours .

"Under the bill,  Arago stated in the statement that any pregnant woman whose income falls below the poverty as set by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) are subject to the assessment of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) working mother shall be eligible for assistance.

"The bill also seeks to provide more flexible working hours for pregnant women as long as it will not adversely affect the productivity,"

Under the bill the Department of Health ( DOH ) also recquires to develop a comprehensive health care program for pregnant women, who implemented by the agencies and local government units ( LGUs ) for hospitals and health centers premises .

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, A Strong Bet For Presidentials Election Says Sen. Aquilino " Koko " Pimentel III

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Democratic Party considered Pilipino- Lakas ng Bayan ( PDP - Laban ) to make bets on the presidential election in 2016 , Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte , that who will fail Vice President Binay in pursuit of to become the next leader of the country .

This was announced by Sen. Aquilino " Koko " Pimentel III , president of PDP - Laban , when he  talk to the journalists of the 33rd anniversary party last Saturday .

According to the senator , Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the leading choices that their bettimg in the next election .

" It will pass on some process , but he  has the  strong support within the membership of the party , " he said.

He added , "Not yet today, but I see that we have many members from the Mindanao and Visayas they almost solid for Duterte in  the elections for president , but still go through that process ."

This process is referred to Pimentel 's national convention where representatives said each branch of the party to choose their future standard bearer in 2016 .

Pimentel believes that Duterte  is a strong candidate because of the support that he will received from the Visayas and Mindanao .

"I think in Visayas, Mayor Duterte has  big advantage  because he speaks Cebuano, and a little bit of Ilonggo, and coming from Mindanao, There are also natural identification with the Visayas and Mindanao , "he said .

"While  In Luzon alone , and the party , PDP - Laban, is strong in Luzon ," he said . "

Pimentel belive that Duterte could beat Vice President Binay , when the government  officials face on the presendential elections.

Binay is a former allies of the PDP - Laban , who would the bet on the 2016 United Nationalist Alliance.
source: GMA

Watch The Biggest Snub Of The 87th Oscar Academy Award For The Year 2015

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the 87th Oscar Academy Award events for 2015,was finally over . The event was gathered by fans and celebrities which filled the Red carpet with their best dresses  for the sake of fashion. Nominees and winners had been revealed, and now critics  are gathering information on the winners, losers and nominees.

Academy Award is a yearly event to award the best actor and actresses of Hollywood at the same time celebrities are also featured to be witness by fans for their best dressed.

Critics are also featured in this Academy Award event, they are here to criticized the winners ,losers and best and worst dressed of the said event.

After the winners have been revealed on the 2015 Academy Award, some are not lucky enough to be called, Now lets revealed the the list of the biggest snubs from this year’s Oscar nominations.

Watch The List Of Biggest Snub Of 2015 Academy Awar
source: youtube

Viral Strange Object Spotted Over A Beach In UK

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A mysterious Alien object or UFO was spotted and photograph  during daytime in a beach in United Kingdom.

The picture was taken during lunchtime at  Summerleaze Beach on Tuesday , Febraury 13, 2015.
Expert wants help to identify the strange object  that hovering above the beach.

The strange object is  triangular in shape that you can see in the sky over the beach on the upper right hand side of the photo .

A  group of  Cornwall-based UFO enthusiasts, which founded by Dave Gillham, said that "It looks triangular - but I have no idea what it is.”

the Ministry of Defence or (MOD) in UK , has no opinion on the existence of Unidentified Flying Object or UFO,  in over 50 years, no UFO report has revealed or  any evidence of a potential threat to the UK. MOD will be no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them.

Independent organizations such as the British UFO Research Association or UK UFO are now the one that collecting data of any UFO sightings.

Different opinions was posted by social media user, one user say it’s a hoax, and why people down in the beach did not notice it based on the picture as it nothing strange happen above the beach, they are not pointing the object or even run? And it’s because its daytime it is much noticeable if it is a real authentic photo captured?

Some say its real, what do you think? Many UFO sightings has been reported all over the world but till now no one or no reports that they really do exist, maybe they exist but someone or group that prevent to exposed that they do really exist?

Lately another report of UFO crash has been reported in Canada that a UFO has been crash in a lake but Canadian military said that it is just a Military exercise?
source: youtube

Finally A Done Deal, Floyd Mayweather Jr. VS Manny Pacquiao Set On May 2

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Finally!!! Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Filipino boxing icon champion and Sarangani Rep. Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao has finally set a done deal in a mega fight coming this May 2, 2015.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., who posted a photo of the contract in his account in that proved that the fight between him and Manny is finally a done deal. And he promise that they will make History on May 2nd. I promised the fans we would get this done, and we did," Mayweather said.

The contract signing of the fight which uploaded by Mayweather has gained 22,985 likes in his account as of 8am, Saturday.

Photo of the Contract

 Mayweather did not provide more details on the said fight, but said that the two fighter will unify their welterweight world titles that the event will happen at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

ESPN quoted that Mayweather  has given the right to be the one to announce the mega fight as one of the agreement in the said contract.

Manny  Pacquiao, is very happy that Floyd Mayweather and he, has finally settle all the problems and finally agree to one another and now they can give their fans the fight they have wanted for so many years.

Manny also added that the fans have waited long enough and they deserve it.  this will be a historic event and im glad im part of it. I dedicate this fight to all the fans who put their willed on this fight to happen and also to bring glory to my country “Philippines”  and my fellow Filipinos around the world.

"On Friday afternoon, the announcement was made by Mayweather about an hour later after they were notified.

At long last, pound-for-pound greats Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will fight.
finally we will now determined who is the best fighter of the two boxing icon.
source: GMA, espn

Viral Video: Is This The Best Evidence That "Big Foot" Do Really Exist?

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A recent video of many people believe was a “Big foot” has gone viral in social media, their sightings were recently caught in a National park “Yellow stones”.
This time, not just one but a clan of four Big foot was caught on camera as it seem like their  walking around the national park.
Different opinions have  been said on this viral video, some say its fake, there are just people that was skiing, and some believe that they are really “Big Foot”.

Because of the great distance of the video camera from the site from where the Big Foot was caught their sightings, still the evidence is too  light to prove that they were really Big foots, a pixelated  and blurry footage, cannot be a great evidence to prove that they were really Big Foots, but I am not saying that they were not, I am saying  is base on this video its not clear to prove that if they were really Big foot or just a group of man passing by at the National Park?
There are many different version of this viral video that was explaining whether it is really a Big Foot or just people?

Thinker Thunker Explanations that they were really Big foots

ThinkerThunker is one of the many people explain the theory about the big foots that seen at the park.
He explain that the area was remote and dangerous that you wouldn't find people here, Second,  Bison will attack and kill humans if they seen on sight. Third, the size of the figures of Big Foots are so large as he estimate their heights from 7 to 8 foot on the four sighted “ Big Foot”? the possibility of them being humans are very little.

But on the version of Join Michael & Lady K ThinkerThunker premises are incorrect. The area is not remote, it is visited by thousands of visitors annually, and there are railings and walkways to keep people out of the hot springs. Second the Bison do attack humans, but it rarely attacks human, perhaps  They are no more dangerous then Moose; Elk, or Cattle. The third is  Telephoto lens compress the foreground and backgrounds causing the normal parallax to be skewed. Meaning a 6 foot tall figure will appear to be the same size over a long distance. There is nothing incredible or beyond the human variable of height in this video; when the focal length and parallax distortion is considered.

What can you say about this? Is It really a Big Foot of Just People walking around the park?
source: youtube

Viral Video: Woman Dubbed As “Tricycle Karaoke Queen”

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A viral video of a woman who sing inside a tricycle cab with a built in karaoke, while still waiting for a passenger to fill up the tricycle.

The tricycle is one of the most popular vehicle in the Philippines, because of cheap fare, and most likely to used in an urban area.  Tricycle is second only to a Passenger jeep as one of the most popular and cheap vehicle in the Philippines.

This video is not usual to a tricycle for having a karaoke inside their sidecar, because of some location are implementing a banned of  sound system inside of a tricycle,it is not detailed where this video or place was uploaded but this one is a creative idea on putting a karaoke inside the Tricycle,
an idea that could enjoy by any passenger, entertainment them selves why waiting for a passenger.

Kulin Faye Lopez, is the lady who sing inside the tricycle, together with his friend. At first she was shy but when she start to sing you can say that she got a talent in singing, while her video became popular as she became an internet sensation and she was called as the “Tricycle Karaoke Queen”.

The title of the song that she sang was "Forever's not enough popularized by singer/actress Sarah Geronimo".

As of now the video has got 204,424 hits in youtube and counting.

Cheer’s to the owner of this tricycle, this is truly a creative idea.
source: youtube

Cheaper Smartphone Worth of P4,000 Launched By Google In The Philippines

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Google has launched an affordable price of smartphone which have the same quality as of android phones.

As of now this smartphones are not available in United States and Europe, because Google has only intended to launched this affordable price in a developing six country that many people can afford like the Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri lanka and Indonesia.

Adroidone which design by Google smartphone, is an affordable phone that is perfect for budget people, a lot cheaper from a high class smartphone but same features.

Statistics say that 4 billion people all over the world, are still no internet access,which believe by United Nation Human Council that having internet access is a right for every human.

Because of this cheaper cost of smartphones, it will shrink the level of people having an access to internet and people that have no access to internet.

It will be a great advantage as people in the village having an Androidone smartphone have the same advantages of accessing internet the same way the people in the city.

However, will be this a hit for ordinary people? Different opinion have shared by Filipino people, some say, it’s okey if the cellphone camera is have a high quality and larger storage, some say just to have internet access is fine.

This is not the first time that this kind of smartphones has been offered in the Philippines, actually there are some services here by Telecommunications company that are giving a free internet.
 source: GMA

Viral Video: A Strange Creature Was Discovered Inside A Can Of Tuna In England

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In Nottingham , England - A British mother who recently discovered a strange creature inside a can of Princes Tuna that she had just opened and got a not-so-pleasant surprise inside her can of tuna.

Some expert say’s that the creature was later known was likely a tongue-eating parasite.
Scientist say’s that this parasite sometimes often enter and goes to the fish and attached to the fished tongue.

But other expert revealed that the strange creature was Megalopa, a very small immature crab. That was often eaten by a tuna.

A spoke person from Princes tuna said in Nottingham news post,” That they appreciate that the appearances of the crab or creature inside a tuna can will have been unpleasant. but please rest assured that it represented no food safety risk.”

The company was reported launch the investigation to determine the species after the pictures has spread even though the case has closed. The story still attracts different theories.

According to a scientist in  “Natural History Museum in London, that the head probably belonged to a  tongue eating louse.”

Different opinions have surfaced on this matter, some say they don’t care, some say the creature was cute and other say’s they just trying to give a negative review on the product of can tuna.
Who knows maybe later on, the true investigation on the creature inside the can of tuna will be finally revealed?
source: youtube

LeBron James Surpassed Michael Jordan In NBA All Star Game Career Scoring List

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2015 All Star Game in Brooklyn, New York has finally ended, a lot of amazing and spectacular moves was showed by individual talents of NBA superstars as the West beat the East  four of the last five meetings of NBA All Star the scored 163-158.

 the league's most talented players  came together to give the fans of Basketball an entertainment show that held in  Madison Square Garden and Barclay's Center.

An event which featured a lot of entertaining shows during the opening game and half time game, popular person are also present  former president Bill Clinton is there, boxing icon Floyd Mayweather which is in negotiating to done the deal to fight Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao, famous actor, actresses and singers are also there to witness the 2015 All  Star Game between East vs West in the Big Apple, New York.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russel Westbrook was named the 2015 KIA All star MVP as he scored game high 41 points, 1 point shy of tying Wilt Chamberlain who holds the All-Star single-game record with 42 points in 1962.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstars LeBron James in his 11 All Star appearance, as always as competitive every All star games scored 30 point, 7 assist and 5 rebounds who came short of winning his third All Star MVP, as his team East lost, but surpassing Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar in All star game scoring list which put him 2nd place behind Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant who holds the record of career most points scored in All star game with a total of 280 points.

LeBron James, currently has 278 career points in an All Star Games, 2 point shy of tying Kobe Bryant with 280 points, James is expected to surpassed Kobe Bryant in the next All Star Games, placing himself as NBA All Star Games most career points.

SAF Troopers Allegedly Urged To Withdraw Support To President Aquino

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Members of Special Action Force personnel who survived the encounter with Mamasapano
Admitted that someone urge them to let go of support to President Benigno "Noynoy " Aquino III .

This is revealed by Pastor Boy Saycon , former consultant of the Department of National Defense , after talking to a few survivors of SAF troopers Mamasapano mission , where 44 of their member’s were killed.

Saycon said that it lasted more than two hours discussing with six members of the SAF .

SAF Member are taking advice to Saycon, which the SAF troopers are some inviting them to widraw their support to the Aquino administration because on the trajic bloody encounter  in Mamasapano that caused 44 SAF member died.

However Saycon, who is now secretary general of the Council of  Philippine Affairs, advised them  (SAF) he who had the conversation that to remain faithful to the "chain of command " and do not send compelling them .

This is also said to have been speaking by several groups including several retired generals
Reportedly a former official in the administration approached the SAF , but Saycon  refused to identify it .

He clarified that this is not a coup that  he hears but rather " withdrawal of support ." they only want that Pressident  Aquino must take full responsibilityof Mamasapano mission

Meanwhile, Aquino 's aunt , former Tarlac Rep . Tingting Cojuangco , invited Saycon to talk to some  members of the SAF .

She refused to comment on the meeting but she confirmed  that her former students who she meet in police academy included the operation of Mamasapano .

They are demoralized because of  what happened to their colleagues .

Consequently , Cojuangco denied that she or former Tarlac Gov. Peping Cojuango , behind the rumors of coup against the administration .

Norberto Gonzales former Defense Secretary and National Security Adviser said that there are talks with some members of the military and police .

But he did not directly say how it relates to the rumored coup .

The buzz about the alleged coup have arrived to Senator Miriam Santiago and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin .

Last week , Senator Antonio Trillanes IV , said that someone  wants to exploit the  low morale of the army and police .

However, PNP spokesman announced they not heard of someone planning of the coup .

The President , there is no doubt in the sincerity of the military and police.
source: GMA

The Most Expensive And Luxurious Recreational Vehicle Ever Made

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A Mobile Mansion which believe the most luxurious motor home in the world can be found in Dubai.
The 40 foot  long vehicle that costs $3 million and it covered in gold is believe that the most expensive recreational vehicle that ever to sale.

The ultimate road warrior,recreational vehicle comes up with features of  a colossal master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace.

The most impressive part of this recreational vehicle is the  “Sky Lounge” a push button that pop up a a rope top terrace  that  transforms the 40 foot long vehicle  into a personal retreat and underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting.

The vehicle can move at speed of 93 miles per hour in an open road. it is fashionable and fast and the manufacturer says its popular apparently in oil rich sheikhs but it would be perfectly says a music touring stars.

This is a perfect  vehicle for family bonding even with friends a perfect replacement for a Yacht with the same luxurious features.
source: youtube

Schools And Hospitals In San Pedro, Laguna Are Affected By MERS- CoV Virus Scare

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After confirming from San Pedro , Laguna a nurse was positive in the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus , ( MERS- CoV ) , not avoided that some residents fear the virus infect . It affects first the hospital patient and neighboring schools .

It is said that the hospital is temporarily closed Evangelista Medical Specialty Hospital in Pacita Complex San Pedro for the proposed disinfect to ensure safe virus in the hospital .

Report said that the filipina nurse came first to the said hospital who tested positive for the virus after arriving in the country from Saudi Arabia.

Class of Pacita Complex 1 Elementary School in front of the hospital  is Adversely affected after many students do not attend their class last Friday.

According to the guidance counselor of the school, many parents of students are afraid after the news that a filipina nurse was brought in the hospital  who possesses the MERS- CoV.

Some students who attend their class , saw wearing a face mask when they delivered by their parents .
Even some people nearby  the establishments are also wearing a face mask or whatever that may cover some of their nose and mouth .

To dissipate the fears of residents , the Department of Health  rushed to the scene where the filipina nurse who posses  MERS- CoV.

San Pedro Mayor Lourdes Cataquiz , also assured that the situation is under control due to the rapid action of DOH.

" Do not be afraid , do not worry , because the situation is under control , " said  by Mayor Lourdes Cataquiz who  went in the  area without wearing a face mask .

She added , " The people who had contact with the patient are tested negative for the first test . "

The mayor also said laughingly she joked that if  she saw  any people wearing a face mask the next day they will  be arrested.
source: GMA

Man Who Owns The Bag That Cause A Woman To Stumble In Bacolod Airport Is Charged Of Physical Injuries

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The Man who owns the bag that caused a 64 year ‘s old woman to stumble down the floor in a departure area in Bacolod  Silay Airport was now charged in a case for reckless imprudence resulting in serious physical injuries and not less than  P5 million pesos as  demanded compensation for  the victims .

The female victim was Rosario Hofilenya, his Attorney said that they continued the case to give justice to the incident that happen  and also the amount that offered by the complained men was not sufficient which until now is not giving any statement.

It is previously reported that the complained men takes an apology  through his lawyer and stand that he has not liable for the caused of the incident.

The footage of the incident became viral on social media network through the request of the son of the victim so that the owner of the bag will be easily to trace,  the incident was received many criticism on  the owner of the bag because he did bother  to help the victim. Netizens uproar their emotions on the footage that went viral.

On the actual footage that recorded  in a CCTV in Bacolod  Silang Airport, you can see the older woman is ahead of the man who puts down he’s two bag’s down in the floor, in front of the victim who is facing backwards, as she turn around and walks she did not notice that there is a bag down in the floor that caused  her to stumble and suffered serious injury to her face.

As she fall down the owner of the bag does not even bother to help her even though the cause of the incident is his bag, which he puts down in wrong place and  he goes away as nothing happen on the said incident.
source: GMA,  youtube

Viral Video: Funny Buzzfeed Video Of US President Barack Obama

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US President Barack Obama creates a buzzfeed video that went viral in social media network.

On the said video you can see President Barack Obama, facing the mirror, practicing his speech, tongue twister while talking, taking some selfie picture on his mobile phone using a selfie stick, talking on him self in front of the mirror, making some posture, posing in front of the mirror and in camera, drawing, taking a meal, and acting like he shot a basketball.

And another guy doing the same thing like the US President Barack Obama does in front of the mirror.

The things they are doing in front of the mirror is an everyday habit or routine of all people that facing there self in the mirror first before they go out in public, especially public official who face a lot of people.

It is reported that this video was made to promote the upcoming deadline of signing up for the Health coverage in the United States which will be on February 15, as the US President mentioned  on the buzzfeed video.

Different  opinion’s has come up on the  President Barack Obama buzzfeed video, Some say that the video was only a waste of time and others say it was funny.
source: youtube

Watch: Second Video Footage That Shows Special Action Force Group Was Ambush

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After the spreading of the disturbing video of SAF member who was killed in  a closed range by a rebel  in Mamasapano encounter. A second video was released and spreading in the social media.

The video footage is now in the hands of the authority that shows that the rebel army are already preparing to ambush the Special Action Force group in the cornfield of Mamasapano  , Maguindanao.

The 44 SAF member who is in mission of arresting Marwan, an international terrorist  was believed that they are ambush by the MILF in Mamasapano cornfiled, the video footage show’s that the rebel group are already in a proper place and ready to take down the group of Special Action Force.

The Criminal Investigation and detection Group of Cenral Mindanao PNP,  investigate on the latest video of SAF footage that was ambush.

An enterpreter which help the CIDG to translate and to know what are the conversation of the rebel group in the said footage.

The video footage was recorded during the Mamasapano bloody encounter last January 25, it shows that the rebel groups are maneuvering their places which is near in encounter site.

A Map scenario that CIDG shows on the location of the rebel group which are already hiding in the tress and SAF groups that are in the cornfield.

When the Rebel group are on their proper place to ambush the SAF member they start to fire their weapon.

Its clear in the footage that the rebel group in the video are well prepared and well covered during the fight againts the SAF group who had the disadvantages in the field of corn.

A portion of the said footage which a conversation was interpreted by one of the personnel of the CDIG , said that the rebel group which is believe MILF, said that , “don’t start firing, till the SAF group is near.”

The video footage believes that is the earlier part of the Mamasapano encounter, before the viral footage of the helpless SAF member killed in close range, that went viral in Facebook social media.

The CIDG are gathering evidences to know the man who shot the SAF member in the first video.
source: GMA

PNP Appeal To Stop Sharing The Viral Video Of SAF Member Who Brutally Killed In Mamasapano Encounter

A  6 minute viral video of the actual Mamasapano Encounter,between the SAF member and the MILF/BIFF has been spreading in the social media network.

The video was confirmed by  PNP-Special Action Force spokesman Captain Jayson Baldos, which featured a man lying down in the cornfield which has a patches and uniforms were indeed a member of the SAF, who was brutally killed by one of the  member of the Moro Islamic or BIFF

The video was recorded by one of the member of MILF or BIFF through a cellphone, and it shows that one of the SAF member who was still alive and wounded, was shot in the head with no hesitation that caused him to die.

Captain Jayson Baldos, appeal if possible to stop the sharing of  the said brutal footage  because not only is it painful for  the family , but of course also painful for  the SAF.

The showing of this footage has added suffering for the SAF member and the family of the “Fallen 44” It was degrading, Baldos added.

The disturbing footage makes the Netizens anger,  an inhuman treat for the SAF member who was already wounded,helpless and  unable to fight. The remaining video clips, also show some other member of the SAF, that was already dead was stripping of their gears and armors.

Base on report the viral footages was uploaded by a certain person name Zaldy Baldz Suson on social networking site Facebook.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said she would have the National Bureau of Investigation investigate on the authenticity of the video, if proven authentic, it will serve as evidence that would be very important for evidentiary purposes
source: GMA

Viral: Strange Piglet's With A Features Of A Human Face

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One of the town in China, has recently visited of more people because of a viral images spread in the town of a recently born piglet’s with extra ordinary features, which it seem’s that  the piglet’s had a human  face and a penis at the forehead of the strange animals.

The abnormal  piglet  was one of the last to be born in a litter of 19 piglet’s, that went viral which friends and neighbors of the owner of the said piglet’s rush to their house and attracting visitors and bidder’s  that want to buy the strange animal.

Many witnesses described the strange animals that the pig has a clear human face and a penis at the forehead.

Local news paper take a picture of the strange animals and published the said photo that went viral.
Several people contacted the owner of the strange animal, that are interested to buy the mutant pig, but sadly the pig died after her mother rejected it for feeding.

The owner of the strange animal said, he was sad that the the strange pig had died,it was large and  it was the last piglet’s to be born. the other 18 piglet’s was normal, just this one is not normal.

He also said that he could got more money if the mutant pig was still alive, more money rather than the people that offering me through phone but he will put the strange pig in display so that  more visitors can see it,  the owner said.
source: youtube

Viral Video: Netizens Uproar On Two Celebrities For Having Rude Attitude

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Some netizens are angered of a viral videos where the TV hosts RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer which are making fun of a man who is sleeping inside a public transport  vehicle where they thought that it would be funny if they gonna wake the man inside the public vehicle if they were make a loud honks of their horn. 

TV hosts RR Enriquez, the lady who talks in the introduction of the said video, and was also believed that the one who is responsible for the uploading of the viral video.

“She said,  ladies and Gentleman , what we are going to do is we will make a loud honks so that the guy in the public vehicle will be awaken.  This is an introduction that she thought it would be fun, but it turn’s to be when she uploaded the video a lot of negative comment was received on the said video.

Some netizens are angry with the conduct of two ladies and  they expressed sympathy to passengers that they trying to wake up .

A Facebook user have different comment and opinions on the viral video one of them is Francis Hizon, who said that Cheap girls who weren't taught the proper way of conducting themselves. That's why they do what they do.

" For them , its a joke . For people sleeping , slumber is only a replacement of worn all day at work , " said Celina Paredes .

It Have almost 13,000 shares such videos and 9,500 comments since this post Top Gear Philippines on Sunday .

The two celebrity ladies in the car, expressed for forgiveness , one day after the video spread on social networking site.
sources: GMA, youtube

Mancao Apologize To Mayor Erap and Former Senator Lacson In Involving Them In Dacer-Corbito Double Murder Case

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After two years of hiding , the former police Senior Superintendent Cezar Mancao II , indicated that he wanted to surrender . He also said that he say sorry to Manila Mayor Joseph " Erap " Estrada and Senator Panfilo Lacson,that  he  involved in the murder of PR man Salvador " Bubby " Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito .

On year 2013 Mancao has escaped from the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation to recant after the courts declared that his testimonies is not credible about the cases of drivers who were killed in 2000.

Mancao, is was already to transfer to Manila City Jail when he escaped.

Mancao said in the interview on DzBB radio, I don’t want to celebrate that the terrorist Marwan has been killed while hidding from authorities. regarding the fate of suspected terrorists that Zulkifli bin Hir , alias Marwan was killed by police commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao on January 25 .

Aside from Estrada and Lacson ,Mancao, also asked for forgiveness to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

Despite recant testimony against Lacson in emphasis in Parañaque hospital , justified the Court of Appeals the former senator . The decision of the CA was upheld by the Supreme Court .

The the lower courts acquitted former Senior Superintendent Michael Ray Aquino, which Mancao  also implicated in the aforementioned case .

I ask forgiveness Sen. Lacson . Though the courts decided to clear his name , I still owe him an apology , I damaged his name and reputation ," said Mancao.

More than two decades I met him, also sensible and responsible , sensible , fearless , incorruptible leader please , " he added , regarding a case .

This is also the same  message Mancao Estrada , former president and former head of the dissolved Presidential Anti - Crime ring Commission .

Sorry for former President and Mayor Erap , "said Mancao. " He ( Estrada ) included in charge but I mentioned , I feel I disrespected him . I ask forgiveness from him .

Mancao said in an interview in May 2013 on GMA News TV's SONA , "This is the reason why i escape , my life was is in danger. Theres a threat to me when I was just in the Senate . How much more if my luck at the city jail . You know very easy to command there .

Before the interview on dzBB radio Saturday , said by Alejandro Enriquez and Benjie , spoken of wanting Mancao made mention personalities idadawit the case because of "pressure " of the previous administration.
source: GMA

World's Most Expensive Car Collection Discovered In A Barn Which Are Exposed For Five Decades

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A collection of car found hidden beneath a pile of old car magazines, with a number of 13 of the 100 most expensive cars ever sold which are now  broken-down, rusty, some of which date back to before the Second World War.

The cars were mostly collected by the entrepreneur, inventor and car enthusiast Roger Baillon between 1955 and 1965.

These car’s are no ordinary cars. The collection of cars includes the  famous brand of cars are Ferrari, Maserati, Delage, Bugatti,  Delahaye, Panhard-Levassor Hispano-Suiza, and Talbot-Lago.

The crown jewel was the Ferrari 250 GT California Spider with covered headlights,is one of only 37 cars ever made, which is valued at up to €12 million or $13.7 million.

When car enthusiast Roger Baillon, business was struggled, he solve almost  50 of his cars and The remainder of his other collection lay dormant in a shelters which are exposed to the elements for five decades.

His son, Jacques, who passed away last year, inherited the collection of cars 10 years ago after car enthusiast Roger Baillon died.

A Managing Director of Artcurial Matthiu Lamoure, with senior specialist Pierre Novikoff, received the call when they were on a field trip searching for rare finds.

As they were arrived, they were amazed to discover a whole fleet of valuable and expensive cars. Some of them were overgrown with vines, and others had sheets of metal piled on top of them.

After  many years of neglect and derelict of the cars which were weather-worn and rusted, and will require a much more loving restoration to bring them back to their former glory and they are being sold exactly as they were found.

This is a once in a lifetime discovery, no doubt this car’s is a collection like this can't fail to arouse the passions of those who love automobiles, as well as art and history enthusiasts.
"Never again, anywhere in the world, will such a treasure be unearthed."
source: cnn

Watch: The Trailer Of Upcoming Movies The Fast & The Furious 7

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The fast and the Furious 7 movie trailer was finally released, the seventh installement of the blockbuster movies, which is globally famous of the unstoppable franchise built on speed.

The cast are  Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson they  are the lead character of the up coming movies The fast and the Furious 7, which is scheduled to be release in cinema on April 3, 2015.

Completing the other cast are Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky and Lucas Black. and they are joined by another action super stars which are new to the franchise movie  Jason Statham, including Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey, Nathalie Emmanuel and Kurt Russell.

This time they are facing there worst enemies, Jason Statham,who played the role of Ian Shaw,  the older brother of Owen Shaw portrate by  Luke Evans  who was killed in the last installement of the The fast and the Furious 6, Ian Shaw (Jason Statham) is avenging his brother  from the group of Vin Diesel (Domenic torreto)  that killed his younger brother and one by one Ian Shaw will eliminate them.

This is another movie that I cant wait to see, a lot of action superstar’s in one movie, this is gonna be worth waited to see, another blockbuster to the franchise of The Fast and The Furious.
source: youtube

Viral Video: Airplane Exhibition Turns Out Gone Wrong

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Batangas, Philippines - In Nasugbu, Batangas a viral footage of an airplane that crashed during an exhibition of airplane in the celebration of Nasugbu, Batangas liberation.

You can see in the footage that was caught by an amature, at first crowed that are watching the exhibition are amazed of the first plane during their stuff, the crowed applaused the first airplane but the second airplane that maneuver their exhibition makes an error that caused them to crashed on the seaboard of of Nasugbu Batangas.

The crashed is clearly caught in the footage as the plane had crashed down into the sea, crowded people watching the exhibition of the airplane got panic, shouting and running on different places after they witness on the incident that happen.

Authorities shouted for a boat that they can used to rescue the pilot of the crashed airplane which is only nearby in the seaboards.

One of the person was overheard in the said video that the same accident was happen for the past 20 years and it happen again.

Viewers of the said accident has different point of views on the said crashed. One of them said that the airplane is very hard to control during an exhibition because of the wind? Some say that if the pilot was alive? other say that they see a fire in the airplane before it crashed.

The footage was recorded on Nasugbu , Batangas during  the celbreation of Nasugbu’s liberation last January 31, 2015, that turn to be a Tragic Accident.
source: youtube  

NBA Record: Atlanta Hawk's All Starting Five Name Eastern Conference Best Player's For The Month Of January

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The NBA Team Atlanta Hawks set’s  a remarkable record in NBA History, as All their starting five named the Eastern Conference Best player’s of the Month, for the month of January.

The Atlanta Starting Five which named  Eastern Conference Best player’s of the Month,  are Center Al Horford,  Power forward Paul Millsap, Small forward  DeMarre Carroll,  Shooting guard Kyle Korver and Point guard Jeff Teague.

Being named as  Best player’s of the Month with more than one player is nothing new in NBA, there are some teamates that shared the same award that happen in the past NBA season like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade did in the Miami Heat in December of 2010,  the Dallas Mavericks trio of Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash and Michael Finley got a three-way split of the Western Best Player’s of the conference  in November of 2002  and Boston Celtics stars Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker who also shared the award in December of 2001 .

But definitely this one is an impressive one a record of undefeated for the moth of January with 17-0 and with the hawks all starting five sharing the Eastern Conference Best player’s of the Month, what a great achievement for the team, this could be a long way to break this record.

This only prove that sometime’s a team might not need an NBA superstar? With the likes of LeBron James or Kevin Durant, but with the Hawks equally divided talent and  a great coaching you can still achieve what the Atlanta Hawks team achieve.

I hope that they keep up the pace till the Playoff time, were it  matter most.
For now, the Atlanta  sit at the top of the Eastern Conference Standing with 41 win – 9 loss, with a best franchise record of 19 winning streak after they suffered and ended their streak in the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans.
sources: NBA, Yahoo , Twitter

Viral :Two Workers Having An Affair Caught Unguarded As They Were Filmed Outside Their Office

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In New Zealand, a viral video of two co-workers seen having sex late at night  in their office,  there video was film by some outside bystander and drinkers while their making intimate scene and revealing all over the world on how their cheat their love ones.

While the couple, enjoy each one another, they forgot to turn off the lights of their office that caused them to be seen outside of the window and successfully filmed by outside viewers.

The footage has gone viral in New Zealand and all over the world, as the two workers that involved in the intimate scene did not go to work after knowing that their intimate video was scattered in social media like Facebook.

Witnesses  outside the bar, upon seeing the said scene between the two couple said that that the sex scene went on for almost half an hour, with everyone in the bar gathered to enjoy the unexpected romance.

Viewers are cheering the couple, which started in a casual flirt, which grab their attention and then they moved to the back of the room, thinking that they cannot be seen? viewer’s are yelling and cheering on the scene that they see.

The two workers works at New Zealand's Marsh Insurance firm, which is based at Christchurch.
The man involved in the sex scene was married and a senior manager and the woman was a office junior which is believed at her 20’s and got recently engaged.

Investigation on the two workers are undergoing and many believes that the two involve in the intimate scene scandal are might loss their Jobs.
source: mirror

Viral Video: A Passing Vehicle Caught A Footage Of TransAsia Airways Before It Crash Landed Down The River

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Recently a lot of airplane was reported of a plane crash, and yet another airplane has crashed this time it was from Taiwan.

On February 4, 2015, Thursday An airplane known as TransAsia plane, was crash landed in the river in Taipe.  The crash was recorded by a passing vehicle as where the plane wings hit the potion of the bridge till it goes down and plunge to the river. The plane crashes shortly it take off.

Report said that 58 people were onboard at the time, which bound to kenman and a number of people were reportedly injured. At least 25 people were killed on, 16 survivors had been pulled out of the wreckage, and 17 people are believed to be trapped, and was still in the water

Last year Transasia Airways involved in an airplane accident that causes  48 people died when a TransAsia Airways plane crashed amid stormy weather in Taiwan's Penghu archipelago ,This is the second incident for TransAsia in less than a year.

sources: gma, youtube, facebook

Viral Video: Unlikely Features Of A Sun Bear Recorded In A Plantation Of Oil

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A viral video of unknown species with hard sharp claws was video recorded by Indonesian workers  in a Plantation of oil in the Bintangor-Sibu Road on Jan 30 last Friday. The strange looking creature was later known as a Sun bear.

Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) Reported that  the strange looking creature was really a  Sun Bear, the change of appearance of the bear might be due to  skin disease, which caused the lost of hair all over the body, sickness or abnormally of the physical appearance.

Abnormal appearance of Sun Bear

Also SFC said  why sudden appearance of  the Sun Bear in the Plantation oil, the reason might be due to their lost of their  habitat in the forest that caused by floods and because of that they are looking for another place to live.

Normal looks of a Sun Bear

On the other hand Workers of the Plantation oil said that early Friday morning when they saw the strange animal, they were shocked on the strange looking creature, as one of the worker hit the creature till it passed out, as the creature regained consciousness, they forced the creature to go on to the forest

The creature who was to weak to move, might be hit hard by the workers of the said Plantation of oil or maybe due to the skin disease, the movement might cause it the creature to move slow? Either way I don’t know the truth? You’ll be the judge as you watch it.

Viral Video: Woman Incredibly Saved By His Boyfriend As She Jump Off The Window

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In China a quarrel of two lovers that almost turns into a bloody incident? Which a 20 years old Chinese  woman, who jump off a building on a fifth floor apartment  window  after having a  quarrel or argument with his boyfriend. Was incredibly saved by his alert thinking boyfriend who caught her as she is leaning down in a neighbors window below.

Local media report said that  that incident happen after an argument between the un named women and his boyfriend. The woman who unlocked his boyfriend outside of there shared apartment was trying to make a suicide.

Because of unable to get back inside, her boyfriend go to their neighbor on the fourth floor to excuse him to use their window to be able to talk to her girlfriend.

But when he looks up upon the window he saw her girlfriend jumping off the window, but incredibly he snatch the hand of her girlfriend from avoiding her to fall. Because of the alertness of the man a terrible accident was avoided.

source: youtube

The video was captured by one of the local residence by using a cellphone camera.
The distress woman was hold back into safety inside the apartment  by the help of firefighters and co-tenant of the said apartment.

As of the day the video was upload there is no explanation on why the Chinese woman jump off the window?

Watch: The Best Commercial Ads For This Year Super Bowl XLIX

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The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional football in the United States.

The day on which the Super Bowl is played, is now considered by some an unofficial American national holiday, is called "Super Bowl Sunday". It is the second-largest day for U.S.

 In addition, the Super Bowl has frequently been the most-watched American television broadcast of the year; the four most-watched broadcasts in U.S. television history are Super Bowls.

This year Super Bowl XLIX event which features American football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots and National Football Conference (NFC) champion Seattle Sea hawks to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2014 season.

At the same as the National Football League buzz  in America and the whole world, some advertisement are being link on the football league.

Whether you loved or hated the Super Bowl commercials this year, for the brands, success is often measured by whether you talk about their ads.

Here are the Top Ten of the best and funniest Super Bowl commercials compiled  in single video!

source: youtube

The Bakhawan Eco - Park In Aklan

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The Bakhawan Eco - Park is home to thousands of  Bakhawan trees. The park was made in the 1990's by the Local Government of the Philippines and the DENR .

At first , Fifty hectares of  land covered by the said project, but with the help of  None Government Organisation's and the local community , it now covers more than one hundred hectares. And the success of this project , the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN called it as one of the benchmarks managed forests throughout Asia and the Pacific.

The main feature of  Bakhawan Eco - Park is the 800 - meter bamboo walkways.

The center of attraction of the park is in the 800 - meter bamboo walkways reached by tourists in the deep forests of mangrove swamp . It gives them an opportunity to investigate the woods while walking in the shadow of the tree Bakhawan .

The Beauty of  Bakhawan Eco - Park is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kalibo, Aklan.

it is home to different species of mangrove trees and it serves as a sanctuary for various types of birds and marine species.

source: youtube

The Park  shows the beauty of nature and integrating back Balanced Ecology for the Tree of  Bakhawan prosperity . It is also a Paradise of  Youth and perfect place to take picnik with family. It also Lover 's zone where nature invites learn another  perspective on love .

Bohol's "Chocolate Hills"

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Chocolate Hills, is a land mark in the Philippines which is located at the border of the province of Carmen , Bohol . It is also called " extinct volcano " . When you go through the national road it is clearly visible . This is one of the tourist attractions in the country . According to legend, it is said that this small mountainous land form are traces of tears trickle of a giant lovelorn.

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol is one of the reasons why Bohol is considered to be one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines .

The Chocolate Hills is one of the unusual phenomenon . This is one of the reasons why many tourists come and considered to be one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines in Bohol . Many tourists are wondering because of the beauty of the Chocolate Hills .

The Chocolate Hills is uniquely formation called " conical karst hills " . Interestingly the Geologica developing it . According to the geology , the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines is from Pliocene or Pleistocene Age . The kidneys of marine limestone hills and also fossils , corals , mollusks and algae . By adding them together and the water from rainfall , soil, the rivers and the land movement , the formation of " conical karst hills " occurs .

source: youtube

Chocolate Hills are made of 1,776 hills which turns brown during the dry season, and looks like chcocolate, that’s why the name Chocolate Hills form. These Chocolate Hills land form are maybe rare, but they are certainly not unique. In Fact there are also similar formation located in some countries like Australia, Indonesia and Slovenia .

Base on Urban stories the formation of Chocolate Hills is due to the fighting or arguing of two giants who throw muds to each other that is why the a lot of tiny hills was formed?