Cheaper Smartphone Worth of P4,000 Launched By Google In The Philippines

Google has launched an affordable price of smartphone which have the same quality as of android phones.

As of now this smartphones are not available in United States and Europe, because Google has only intended to launched this affordable price in a developing six country that many people can afford like the Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri lanka and Indonesia.

Adroidone which design by Google smartphone, is an affordable phone that is perfect for budget people, a lot cheaper from a high class smartphone but same features.

Statistics say that 4 billion people all over the world, are still no internet access,which believe by United Nation Human Council that having internet access is a right for every human.

Because of this cheaper cost of smartphones, it will shrink the level of people having an access to internet and people that have no access to internet.

It will be a great advantage as people in the village having an Androidone smartphone have the same advantages of accessing internet the same way the people in the city.

However, will be this a hit for ordinary people? Different opinion have shared by Filipino people, some say, it’s okey if the cellphone camera is have a high quality and larger storage, some say just to have internet access is fine.

This is not the first time that this kind of smartphones has been offered in the Philippines, actually there are some services here by Telecommunications company that are giving a free internet.
 source: GMA