Check Your SSS Contributions and SSS Loans Online

Philippines - Checking the SSS Contributions and SSS Loan is made easy for all SSS Members, whether if your employed, self employed, voluntary and overseas filipino workers (OFW) by visiting the SSS website on the web.

All SSS Members can now avoid the hassle of long line of waiting and the burden of going to any SSS Branch in the country just to file SSS loans, SSS inquiry and other transactions related to SSS. All of this can easily be done online as long you have an SSS Account online.

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On your browser simply type For first time user you must registered first to log in, while user who already registered simply log in their user id and password.

Once you are log in you can now able to see your SSS information, such as Member’s Profile and E-Services.

How to check SSS Contributions:

1. Click the tab E-Services.
2. On the dropdown menu click inquiry then a pop up box appear, just simply click ok.
3. Click the shield icon on the upper right side of your windows screen and then click the unload unsafe script to reload the page.
4. If you follow the instructions correctly you can now view your Employee Static Information.
5. Now, click the tab member’s info, under that tab a dropdown menu shows just click actual premiums to show your SSS contributions and Actual Premiums.

How to check SSS Loans and Application for Salary loans:

1. Click the tab E-Services.
2. On the dropdown menu click for Apply for Salary Loan
3. Once the page reload you can now view the status of your salary loan.
4. Members applying for loan can check their loanable amount, payment mode, mailing address and postal code.
5. Finally check the box, if you agree to the terms and conditions and then click proceed to process your salary loan application.