Viral Video: A Heroic Act Of A Woman Saves A Man's Life

A Viral video was uploaded in social media that became viral, it shows a video footage of a woman with A Heroic act who save a man who in need of help.

Report said that the unidentified man suddenly collapsed while walking near a supermarket, people near  around the market surrounded the man  out of curiosity on what happen?

Till an unidentified woman, try to help the unconscious man lying on the floor of the road, the woman take  actions by giving the victim of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or as known as CPR.

Because of the fast thinking and bold act of the woman the victim suddenly back his conscious.

The Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or  CPR  is  a technique used in saving life in case of emergencies, this includes a heart attack or near drowning,  which involve someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped.

Social media user’s had different opinion on the said incident, some people praise the woman for her heroic act of saving ones life, they appreciate of what the woman did and that she just really want to help.

“But other opinion criticized her, because She could have killed the guy, because she's only doing chest compression, the area also must be clear not like that where a lot of bystander  touching the person which is being rescued  and someone should call an ambulance while or before the girl even started CPR.”

“Other say’s there are rules and guidelines on how to do CPR and perform it correctly so let's not rely on just what we saw on the television or movies”

What can you say about this viral video? If you were there in the scene where a man collapse? Would you rather help and do what the woman's did on the video or would you rather not do anything and just wait for an expert to do a first aid?
source: youtube