Watch: What Makes The Three X Factor Judges Cry, When The Last Contestant Started To Sing

On the 1st week audition of UK  X factor,Josh Daniels is the last contestant on that day. Judge Simon Cowell, is the one who is assigned to ask questions about Josh Daniels before he sings.

Josh Daniels told about himself that he was 21 years old, a mechanic and he lives in with her mother.
He chooses to sing “Jealous” by Labrith and he explain why is that song that he chooses?

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He said that song means a lot to him for different reason which is he lost a best friend a couple of years ago and that’s why he can interpret with the song “Jealous”.

Josh, dedicated the song on his best friend that he emotionally missed and now in a better place.
When he start to sing, an emotional and amazing voice was heard, as the audience applauded Josh.

an emotional songs that makes the audience feel the meaning of the song and what Josh feels when he loss his best friend.

The three judges felt the emotional song of Josh, as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, one of the judges, cry and almost nothing words to say but ‘Wow”.

Even the toughest of them all Judges, Simon Cowell, felt the emotional song of Josh and made him a teary eye in front of all televiewers all over the world.

All Judges vote yes, for Josh in order to pass the Audition.

As the audition already ended, a very emotional Simon Cowell is seen while leaving the stage.

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X Factor is a talent audition, where they seek future star. But sometimes aside from talents you can also learn about emotional feeling of each contestant that participate on audition and believe even the toughest man in the world can also felt there emotions and experience.
source: youtube