Viral Video: Netizens Uproar On Two Celebrities For Having Rude Attitude

Some netizens are angered of a viral videos where the TV hosts RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer which are making fun of a man who is sleeping inside a public transport  vehicle where they thought that it would be funny if they gonna wake the man inside the public vehicle if they were make a loud honks of their horn. 

TV hosts RR Enriquez, the lady who talks in the introduction of the said video, and was also believed that the one who is responsible for the uploading of the viral video.

“She said,  ladies and Gentleman , what we are going to do is we will make a loud honks so that the guy in the public vehicle will be awaken.  This is an introduction that she thought it would be fun, but it turn’s to be when she uploaded the video a lot of negative comment was received on the said video.

Some netizens are angry with the conduct of two ladies and  they expressed sympathy to passengers that they trying to wake up .

A Facebook user have different comment and opinions on the viral video one of them is Francis Hizon, who said that Cheap girls who weren't taught the proper way of conducting themselves. That's why they do what they do.

" For them , its a joke . For people sleeping , slumber is only a replacement of worn all day at work , " said Celina Paredes .

It Have almost 13,000 shares such videos and 9,500 comments since this post Top Gear Philippines on Sunday .

The two celebrity ladies in the car, expressed for forgiveness , one day after the video spread on social networking site.
sources: GMA, youtube