Viral Video: Unlikely Features Of A Sun Bear Recorded In A Plantation Of Oil

A viral video of unknown species with hard sharp claws was video recorded by Indonesian workers  in a Plantation of oil in the Bintangor-Sibu Road on Jan 30 last Friday. The strange looking creature was later known as a Sun bear.

Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) Reported that  the strange looking creature was really a  Sun Bear, the change of appearance of the bear might be due to  skin disease, which caused the lost of hair all over the body, sickness or abnormally of the physical appearance.

Abnormal appearance of Sun Bear

Also SFC said  why sudden appearance of  the Sun Bear in the Plantation oil, the reason might be due to their lost of their  habitat in the forest that caused by floods and because of that they are looking for another place to live.

Normal looks of a Sun Bear

On the other hand Workers of the Plantation oil said that early Friday morning when they saw the strange animal, they were shocked on the strange looking creature, as one of the worker hit the creature till it passed out, as the creature regained consciousness, they forced the creature to go on to the forest

The creature who was to weak to move, might be hit hard by the workers of the said Plantation of oil or maybe due to the skin disease, the movement might cause it the creature to move slow? Either way I don’t know the truth? You’ll be the judge as you watch it.