Bohol's "Chocolate Hills"

Chocolate Hills, is a land mark in the Philippines which is located at the border of the province of Carmen , Bohol . It is also called " extinct volcano " . When you go through the national road it is clearly visible . This is one of the tourist attractions in the country . According to legend, it is said that this small mountainous land form are traces of tears trickle of a giant lovelorn.

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol is one of the reasons why Bohol is considered to be one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines .

The Chocolate Hills is one of the unusual phenomenon . This is one of the reasons why many tourists come and considered to be one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines in Bohol . Many tourists are wondering because of the beauty of the Chocolate Hills .

The Chocolate Hills is uniquely formation called " conical karst hills " . Interestingly the Geologica developing it . According to the geology , the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines is from Pliocene or Pleistocene Age . The kidneys of marine limestone hills and also fossils , corals , mollusks and algae . By adding them together and the water from rainfall , soil, the rivers and the land movement , the formation of " conical karst hills " occurs .

source: youtube

Chocolate Hills are made of 1,776 hills which turns brown during the dry season, and looks like chcocolate, that’s why the name Chocolate Hills form. These Chocolate Hills land form are maybe rare, but they are certainly not unique. In Fact there are also similar formation located in some countries like Australia, Indonesia and Slovenia .

Base on Urban stories the formation of Chocolate Hills is due to the fighting or arguing of two giants who throw muds to each other that is why the a lot of tiny hills was formed?