Watch: Second Video Footage That Shows Special Action Force Group Was Ambush

After the spreading of the disturbing video of SAF member who was killed in  a closed range by a rebel  in Mamasapano encounter. A second video was released and spreading in the social media.

The video footage is now in the hands of the authority that shows that the rebel army are already preparing to ambush the Special Action Force group in the cornfield of Mamasapano  , Maguindanao.

The 44 SAF member who is in mission of arresting Marwan, an international terrorist  was believed that they are ambush by the MILF in Mamasapano cornfiled, the video footage show’s that the rebel group are already in a proper place and ready to take down the group of Special Action Force.

The Criminal Investigation and detection Group of Cenral Mindanao PNP,  investigate on the latest video of SAF footage that was ambush.

An enterpreter which help the CIDG to translate and to know what are the conversation of the rebel group in the said footage.

The video footage was recorded during the Mamasapano bloody encounter last January 25, it shows that the rebel groups are maneuvering their places which is near in encounter site.

A Map scenario that CIDG shows on the location of the rebel group which are already hiding in the tress and SAF groups that are in the cornfield.

When the Rebel group are on their proper place to ambush the SAF member they start to fire their weapon.

Its clear in the footage that the rebel group in the video are well prepared and well covered during the fight againts the SAF group who had the disadvantages in the field of corn.

A portion of the said footage which a conversation was interpreted by one of the personnel of the CDIG , said that the rebel group which is believe MILF, said that , “don’t start firing, till the SAF group is near.”

The video footage believes that is the earlier part of the Mamasapano encounter, before the viral footage of the helpless SAF member killed in close range, that went viral in Facebook social media.

The CIDG are gathering evidences to know the man who shot the SAF member in the first video.
source: GMA