The Bakhawan Eco - Park In Aklan

The Bakhawan Eco - Park is home to thousands of  Bakhawan trees. The park was made in the 1990's by the Local Government of the Philippines and the DENR .

At first , Fifty hectares of  land covered by the said project, but with the help of  None Government Organisation's and the local community , it now covers more than one hundred hectares. And the success of this project , the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN called it as one of the benchmarks managed forests throughout Asia and the Pacific.

The main feature of  Bakhawan Eco - Park is the 800 - meter bamboo walkways.

The center of attraction of the park is in the 800 - meter bamboo walkways reached by tourists in the deep forests of mangrove swamp . It gives them an opportunity to investigate the woods while walking in the shadow of the tree Bakhawan .

The Beauty of  Bakhawan Eco - Park is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kalibo, Aklan.

it is home to different species of mangrove trees and it serves as a sanctuary for various types of birds and marine species.

source: youtube

The Park  shows the beauty of nature and integrating back Balanced Ecology for the Tree of  Bakhawan prosperity . It is also a Paradise of  Youth and perfect place to take picnik with family. It also Lover 's zone where nature invites learn another  perspective on love .