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How to File Pag - IBIG Short Term Loan online

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Philippines – Are you one of those people affected by the pandemic? Especially when it comes to financial issue? Can't get to work, have no income and are afraid to leave the house?

Good news, if you are a member of Pag - IBIG this is the answer to your problem! If you are planning to get a loan at Pag –IBIG, as a member you don’t need to go to their nearest branches just to file, or apply for Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) or Calamity Loan!

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Now, you can do it online via visiting the Pag – IBIG website and consequently safe, convenient and easier.

To be able to apply online make sure you have the following requirements:

1. Filled out application form
2. One (1) valid ID
3. Loyalty Card Plus ( powered by Asia United Bank or Union Bank) or Land Bank Cash Card
4. Self ie photo while holding your valid ID and cash card Now, follow these easy steps when filing your loan application.

Step by step guide on how to file Short Term Loan Online

1. Go to Pag – IBIG Fund website

2. Go to menu and click Virtual Pag – IBIG


3. In the Virtual Pag – IBIG page there are several options to choose like be a member, pay online and others but we are focusing on loan so we have to click the tab Apply for a Loan. 

4. In the Apply for a Loan page click the Short Term Loan. 

5. The next page is the requirements page that I mention above if already completed then click proceed.

6. Select a Loan Type and Membership ID.


7. Complete your details like mobile number and e- mail address then click next. 


8. A pop up message showing One – Time – Pin or OTP pin just click ok to receive the pin in your mobile phone. 

9. Once received the OTP Pin enter the code at reference box and then proceed. 


10. The next page is the Cash Card selections. In this page you must select the card that you will use and then enter the card number at the square box then click “Check Cash Card Status”. 


11. Prepare your application form, Valid Id and Selfie Photo holding valid ID and cash card. 

12. Upload all the requirements needed and make sure you have clear scan or clear shot of your application form, valid ID and Selfie Photo then click OK to submit your application. 


13. You will receive a text about your “Loan Reference Number” use it for checking the status of your loan. That’s it! This is a short guide on how to file a loan at Pag – IBIG Fund via Virtual Pag – IBIG. 
source: pagibig fund

How to get Refund for Unprocessed Payments at GCash

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Philippines – I have recently used GCash mobile apps as my payment method in an International online buying website, but for some reason it was declined several times after I attempted to resolve the problem. The issue stated “My MasterCard was declined” but for some reason it was not explained in details and because of that issue I was not able to buy the item that I want to buy. 

And the problem gets worse when I checked my GCash current balance and I was credited on that several failed transactions that clearly didn’t even proceed to that online buying website. So I quickly contacted the customer support of the said website and asked them if they credited me in my recent transaction with them? After they deeply look at my account they said that I was not charged on any transaction and my recent transaction was declined due to bank issue? They advised me to contact my bank (GCash) to know what caused the problem.

Afterwards, I immediately contacted GCash through their emails ( then I decided to contact them at their hotline 2882 to speak with their customer service representative to quickly know what might cause the problem of my recent transaction as soon as possible. Fortunately, my calls were answered in a short time of waiting and I was assisted very professionally by GCash representative.

Upon the conversation with GCash CS they asked my complete details or information to validate my identity and after successful checking on my personal details then the checking proceed on my GCash latest transaction. Upon their checking on my account it shows that I made 4 failed transactions on a certain website which is that online buying website and they promised me that all my failed transactions will be refunded as soon as possible and if not expect 15 working days to process..

I’m glad I contacted their hotline and I was very well assisted and with just a couple of days my money was refunded back in my GCash account.

Helpful Tips: Before contacting GCash hotline prepare this thing first:

1. GCash Mastercard
2. GCash Mobile Apps Number
3. The Caller should be the owner of Gcash Mastercard and Mobile Apps.

How to Install Off Grid Solar Power in Easy Way

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Philippines – First thing first this article is based on my own experience on how to install or assemble a solar power which may differ on other solar installation especially for those professional solar installer in the country.

Here in the country the electricity is very expensive and sometimes there are areas that are always experiencing often brownout and even worse, they are areas that completely out of reach of power lines such as remote areas and residence living in the mountains.

So, what we can do to adjust to the system that has been circling for many decades and to answer this problem is the Solar Power or Solar Energy.

Solar Power is an energy coming from the Sun which converted into thermal or electrical energy stored in deep cycle battery or also known as solar battery producing 12 volts DC and 220 AC.

The solar panel is the main component that harvests the Suns energy or Heat which transfer to Solar Charger Controller through the Deep Cycle Battery where the energy is being stored.

Then the stored energy produces 12 volt power used for 12 volt appliances while the solar inverter converts the 12 volt power into 220 volts which supports most AC’s appliances.

What are the Major Components of Solar Power?

1. Solar Panel – there are two types of Solar Panel Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.

2. Solar Charger Controller – there are two types of controller MPPT and PWM.

3. Solar Battery or Deep Cycle Battery – there are many types of solar battery such as lead acid.

4. Solar Inverter – there are two types of inverter Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave

Out of those 4 major components there are different choices on how to install or build a solar power in the best and easiest way and here is my own installation.

1. Solar panel – Monocrystalline 100 watts
2. Solar Charger – PWM 30a
3. Solar Battery – Celned 100 ah (lead acid battery)
4. Solar Inverter – modified sine wave (Bosca 1000 watts)

Simply attach the four components respectively to create your own solar power at home.

So far all things are doing well, I have a free electricity that I can use all day such 12 volt radio and 12 volts LED light bulb while in the evening I can use my 220 volts electric fans for 10 straight hours. LED TV is also supported but not yet tested upon writing this article and the battery used, not even consumed as much 25 % out of 100%.

Again, this is my own experience which may differ to others. Hope this may help others who plan on installing solar power or solar energy in their homes.

Lakers/Clippers a Featured Match on the Return of the NBA on July 30

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Philippines – the most awaited return of the most popular sports in the country, the National Basketball Association or NBA finally announce their return of July 30th after several months of absence due to the pandemic that the whole world is currently experiencing.

After several rumors about the faith of what could possibly happen to the 2019 – 2020 NBA Season whether is being cancelled or postpone due to the crisis happening all over the world, especially in America? Finally, all the rumors have ended and now a solid announcement is finally made. The NBA is back.

The 2019-20 NBA Season was reported to restart on July 30th in Orlando, Florida. 22 teams are scheduled to participate to continue the regular season where 16 teams will advance to the Playoffs.

All NBA games are scheduled to play at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and it will be broadcast on TNT, NBA TV, ESPN, NBA League Pass and others.

On the resumption of the league the opening game in July 30th features the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans and the second game is the battle of Los Angeles, The Lakers vs The Clippers on what a way to resume the season.

Meanwhile, several players have expressed their opinion on the resume of the league some players decided to opt out from their respective team due health crisis! The NBA already announced that every decision of the players, whether not to play or play will be respected.

With this return of the NBA, basketball fanatics are here to rejoice the return of the league. Good luck NBA.

How to Pay SSS Contribution through Moneygment Apps

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Philippines – Due to the pandemic that is currently experiencing by the country and the so called new normal like social distancing and skeletal work force, many SSS members are unable to go to the nearest SSS Branch to process any personal transaction.

Because of that, SSS recently updated their system to serve more and better experience to all SSS members. These transactions such as online payment of SSS Contributions, online application or the filing of SSS Loan and other transaction that such a member may process it online.

One of their online transactions that many members will benefits is the online payment of SSS Contributions for OFW, Self-employed and Voluntary members, these transactions can be easily be done online by generating Payment Reference Number or PRN.

How to generate SSS PRN?
1. Go To SSS Website.
2. Log in to your account or register if no account yet.
3. After a successful log in, click PRN tab.
4. In the PRN tab, select the applicable period that you want to pay and click generate PRN.
5. Download the PDF file that you generated and pay it to the nearest SSS accredited payment center.
6. Or directly pay it through Moneygment right before the PDF File.

How to pay SSS PRN through Moneygment

1. On the PRN tab, click the pay tab beside the PDF File.
2. A floating tab showing payment facilities, simply click it.
3. A log in tab requesting for your information by the Moneygment Apps.
4. After a successful log in a Moneygment invoice is now can be seen.
5. Make sure you have a sufficient fund on your Moneygment Apps before you pay.

How to fund Moneygment Apps

1. Open your account.
2. Click Top up your account by means of Bank transfer, Pay with ECPAY, Pay with Dragon Pay and Pay with 7-11.
3. You may also use Paymaya if you upgrade your account to level 2.
4. You can also directly pay SSS Contributions at Moneygment by choosing the SSS Tabs and then input the already generated PRN or create a new reference number and pay it directly at Moneygment apps.

That’s it! Now you don’t have any worries of failing to pay your contributions every month.