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How To Fix Cignal Satelite Disk Reception

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Cignal satellite dish, is a dish-shaped type designed to receive signals from satellites, which transmit data transmissions or broadcasts, such as satellite television.

In some cases Satellite Dish, may damage or misaligned During a strong Typhoon, heavy rains  and strong wind, that might caused to misaligned and result into broken reception.

If you are Cignal TV subscriber,there are several steps on how to realigned our dish satellite, by ourselves without consulting a Cignal technician, that will charged you for their services.

Here are some tips that might help us:

Step 1
Open your Cignal set top box in order to monitor the quality of Cignal receptions while having troubleshooting.

Step 2
Loosen some bolts of the satellite dish for some adjustment.

Step 3
Use a compass to locate a proper position, veer the satellite dish to the left or right to 220 degrees southwest , it needs to be sure that Satellite dish is properly in sight with Cignal satellite.

Step 4
Monitor the quality of the reception, used the remote control set up box, Press OK, Choose  Setup, enter the four PIN number, which is 0000 or 9998, Choose Installation set up, Choose  Signal test, in order to show the signal quality meter.

Step 5
To adjust the signal quality, veer  up and down the satellite dish into  67 degrees.

Step 6
If the adjustment of  satellite dish is already  67 degrees, the quality of signal reception will be surely in very clear reception and all back in normal. And  at this time tighten the bolts of satellite dish to make sure that the alignment of satellite dish is surely lock.

This are some simple tips that might help us, to fixed our satellite dish, when unexpected  Strong typhoon  comes along  And also help us to pay a technician in order to help us.

Watch The Video For Further Information

 source: youtube

NBA Veteran Richard Jefferson Announced His Retirement from the League

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NBA veteran Richard Jefferson, who played 17 Seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) with eight different teams finally ends his NBA journey after announcing his retirement on October 13, 2018. Jefferson is one of many popular NBA players who didn’t even make a single All-Star appearance, he is known for his leafing and dunking abilities in his early years with the New Jersey Nets where he is a major part of Nets back to back Eastern Conference Championship in 2002 and 2003. 

After playing with the Nets for 7 seasons, Jefferson was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and played for just 1 season (2008 – 2009) and again he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs where played for 3 seasons (2009 – 2012). On March 2012. Golden State Warriors acquired Jefferson on another trade, which last for just one season (2012 – 2013), Richard Jefferson also played for the Utah Jazz and Dallas Mavericks in 2013 – 2014 and 2014 – 2015 respectively.

On August 5, 2015 Jefferson signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers which he became a part of a historic comeback in NBA Finals after being down in the series 1 – 3 and eventually won his first NBA Championship with the Cavaliers. While celebrating their Championship in their locker room Jefferson announces his retirement on live TV, but later on during their victory party in Cleveland he changes his decision and played again for another season.

Once again on October 14, 2017, Jefferson was traded again, this time to the Atlanta Hawks which he was immediately waived by the team.

On October 19, 2017, Jefferson signed a one year $2.3 million contract with the Denver Nuggets where he played for one season and the final team he join before announcing his retirement just a day ago.

2018 – 2019 NBA Early Prediction for League MVP and NBA Championship?

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NBA – The 2018 – 2019 NBA Regular Season has not even started and yet the prediction for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the Regular Season and the Team that will win the title in June has already predicted by some sports analyst and basketball fanatics. So far the league is currently preparing every team this Pre Season tune up in preparation for October 16 opening day! 

4 – Time league MVP LeBron James, who is now with the Los Angeles Lakers is the early favorite to win the 2018 – 2019 Regular Season MVP? But only if he can lead the Lakers into the playoffs or if he can lead the Lakers to win 50 or more games in the regular season which can assure his 5th MVP career? That’s according to some basketball analyst.

Aside from LeBron James, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors and reigning MVP James Harden of the Houston Rockets are also a top candidate for this year MVP.

Meanwhile, sports and basketball analyst are all agreed in one prediction that the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors will surely win their 3rd straight championship in June 2019. It doesn’t matter who’s team that will come up in the East it’s already been decided no one can beat the Warriors.

Teams to watch in the Western Conference, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets are the possible teams that the Warriors could face in the Western Conference Finals, which could easily pass by the reigning NBA Champion while The East without LeBron will surely emerge a new team that could eliminate the Cavaliers reign in the East for 4 straight season.

The Boston Celtics or the Toronto Raptors are the two top teams that could possibly faces the Warriors in the Finals and again there's no way that the Warriors could loss the Finals? So that’s their predictions, what’s yours? 

How to Get or Apply for Police Clearance

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Philippines – Police Clearance is a document or certificate issued to a certain applicant which checks his/her background records by the assign police in the City Municipality to determine if there’s any criminal record? Applicants with clear or no records will issue a Police Clearance Certificate as a certification of a good citizen while applicant with records will be denied of the application and even charge of criminal liability if proven guilty?

Before applying for Police Clearance, there are two requirements that must acquire firsts by the applicants in the Barangay where he/she lived before going to City Hall.

1. Barangay Clearance – is an early checking of applicant’s background records. Its certify the correct name, address, length of stay, date and place of birth, status, age and the purpose of applying Barangay Clearance? If all the details are correct applicant with no records will be successfully issuing a Barangay Clearance. The current cost for Barangay Clearance is only P20.00.

2. Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA) – CEDULA can be acquired either in the Barangay or in the City Hall in your area, just simply present your Barangay Clearance and payments amounting to P12.00 pesos only.

Steps for Applying Police Clearance:

1. Barangay Clearance and CEDULA
2. Get and Pay for Official Receipt (OR) at the City Hall. OR is amounting to P10.00 only.
3. After having OR go to the area where the Police Clearance Certificate is issuing at the City Hall.
4. Step 1 - Ask for application form, fill up all the details in all capital letters and must be clear.
5. Step 2 – submit the complete requirements together with the finished application form and pay         P160.00 as the service fee for Police Clearance.
6. Step 3 – wait for your numbers to be called for picture capturing.
7. Step 4 – and finally wait for your name to be called again for the issuing of Police Clearance Certificate.

Take Note: Check all the details if correct before leaving the Police Station. If any mistakes it will be corrected immediately.

Applicants applying for travel abroad must bring their valid NBI Clearance while applicants new in the area where he/she applying for Police Clearance must acquired first Police Clearance Certificate in their area.

Read: How To Apply NSO Online Application

Correct attire when applying for Police Clearance.

1. Where presentable dress or t-shirt with collar.
2. Don’t wear shorts, wear pants.
3. Don’t use slippers, wear a shoes.
4. And don’t forget to bring all the requirements to avoid hassle of getting back at your Barangay.

How to Look For a Job in the Philippines

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Philippines – Here in the country looking for a job or getting a job is a very important thing that every adult Filipino must do in order to sustain or provide their needs or even provide their families need or people that rely on them. But the thing is looking for a job, especially locally is a very hard thing to do due to the volume of jobless Filipino citizen that at the same time are all looking for a job every day?

Yes, you may still find a job locally, but the question is, is that the right job for you? Sometimes job hunters who finished College with degree holder finds a job that mismatch what they finished which lead into unhappy work and eventually resign and then again look for another job that continue the cycle of job seekers every day.

And sometimes if job seekers cannot find the right job that suits for them locally, then the decision comes which lead them to find a decent job with higher salary abroad that will sustain their needs and their families in the country.

But before doing that there are several job opportunities in the web, all over the country that could possibly match the right job for you and will match the degree you finished. Just simply search the web and look for the list of websites that offering multiple jobs with job title as well.

Here is the list website that offers Jobs by Job Title or Position in the country:
Jobayan Philippines
Work in Philippines
Jobs in Philippines
Jobs for Filipinos in Philippines
And others.

These are some of the list of websites that, could help you find or look for a job which will eventually suit your taste before deciding to go abroad.

Aside from the list you can also visit PESO Job Fair at the nearest Municipality in your area and you can also visit the POEA website if you want to go abroad and check the available job offer abroad.