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Warriors Edge the Dallas Mavericks in their Final Match of the Season

NBA - Two of the toughest teams in the Western Conference faces once another for their 3rd and final meeting of the 2022 - 2023 NBA Regular Season, the #6 seed the reigning and defending NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors visits the #8 seed the Dallas Mavericks in their final match up of the season at American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Prior to the game, both teams are even this season with a 1 win and 1 loss in their head to head match this season, the Dallas Mavericks won the 1st meeting 116 - 113 on Nov. 29, 2022 and the Golden State Warriors get the 2nd meeting with 119 - 113 on Feb. 4, 2023 to even the season match.

In the game, the 1st quarter is mostly in control of the home team Dallas Mavericks as they take the early quarter 33 - 30 up by 3 points.

In the 2nd quarter, the visiting Golden State Warriors outscored the Mavs 35 - 30, to take the lead at the half 65 - 63.

In the 3rd quarter, Warriors edge the Mavs by a point 31 - 30 to up their lead by 3 points at the end of the 3rd 96 - 93.

In the 4th and final quarter, both teams are exchanging leads but the Warriors able to hang on despite the Mavs outscored them by a point 32 - 31. Warriors escape Dallas 127 - 125 and wins the season series of their own head to head match this season.

Jonathan Kuminga led the Warriors in scoring with 22 points while Stephen Curry drops 20 points, Warriors ends their 5 game road trip and back at their home in their next game against the 76ers.

Meanwhile, Dallas superstar Luka Doncic dropped 30 points, 17 rebounds and 7 assists on his return to his team but unfortunately fall short. Dallas next game will be the Charlotte Hornets.

LA Clippers extend 3 - Game Winning Streak over the Knicks

NBA - The Los Angeles Clippers host the visiting New York Knicks for their 2nd and final meeting of the season in their own head to head matchup of the 2022 - 2023 NBA Regular Season at Arena in Los Angeles, California.

The Clippers are currently 5th seed in the Western Conference Standings with 35 wins and 33 losses prior to this game against the Knicks. While the visiting Knicks are also 5th seed in the Eastern Conference Standings with 39 wins and 29 losses.

In the game, the 1st quarter is almost evenly matched as the Clippers are just ahead by a point 20 - 19 at the end of the earlier quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, Knicks outscored the Clippers 30 - 27 to end the Half up by 2 points 49 - 47 in a very low halftime score for both teams.

In the 3rd quarter, the Clippers regain the lead outscoring the Knicks 29 - 25 at the end of the 3rd. Clippers are just ahead by 2 points 76 - 74.

In the 4th and final quarter, the home team manage to pull away in the game outscoring the visiting team by 9 points, 31 - 20. Clippers ends the quarter with the final score 106 - 95 sweeping the season matchup over the Knicks.

The Clippers won both games of the season, on the 1st meeting Feb. 5 (PH TIME) the visiting LA Clippers edge the Knicks in OT 134 - 128 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George led the Clippers in scoring with 35 points and 30 points respectively.

And on their 2nd and final game March 12 (PH TIME) the Clippers are once again victorious over the Knicks at home 106 - 95. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are once again the leading scorer with 38 points and 22 points respectively.

The Clippers are now on 3 - Game winning streak since the Russell Westbrook acquisition and remains 5th in the West Standings. The streak is possibly extended into 4 wins? where they face the struggling Golden State Warriors in their next game.

How to Download ePhilID Online

Philippines - Have you ever applied for the Philippine Identification System ID or (PhilSys ID)? If yes, and you have already given or have a copy of PhilSys Number (PSN) or the PhilSys Transaction Slip issued by the PSA upon your application for National ID and this article is for you.

To be able to download the ePhilID online? First you must have a PhilSys Transaction Slip where the Transaction Number is indicated. This slip is given by PSA personnel upon a successful registration for National ID without the transaction slip or the transaction number you cannot download the ePhilID.

How would you know if your ePhilID is available to download? There are two option to know if your ePhilID is ready for download 1. PSA will inform you via text that you ePhilID is ready for download 2. Go to their website to check it manually if your ePhilID is ready for downlo

In my case, my son received a notice via text from the PSA that his ePhilID is ready for download after he successfully downloaded his virtual ID, I tried mine without any notice by the PSA fortunately my ePhilID is also ready for download and I have one mine too.

To check if your ePhilID is available for download online? Here is the Step by step guide on how to download ePhilID Online:

1. Go To PhilSys My ePhilID 

2. Input the Transaction Reference Number in the rectangular box and click submit.

3. A pop up box appear showing "Success" that your ePhilID is ready for download.

4. Fill up all the correct information then click Get OTP

5. A pop up box showing sending OTP to registered number.

6. A pop up box showing a successful OPT sent to registered mobile number.

7. Input the OTP number inside the box and click submit.

8. Another pop up box showing a successful download of ePhilID and a password was sent to your active mobile number.

9. Input the password sent into your registered mobile number and then click submit.

10. You are now viewing your virtual copy of ePhiID and ready for download or print.

Take Note:

Do not lose or misplaced your PSA Transaction Slip and save the Password sent by the PSA, you might need it in the future in case you want another copy of your ePhilID.

Team Giannis ends Team LeBron winning streak in the 2023 NBA All-Star Game

NBA - the 2023 NBA All-Star Game is finally here, where the defending All - Star Game Champion Team LeBron will try to extend their winning streak against Team Giannis for their 3rd meeting's since the new format began in the 2018 All - Star Game.

LA Lakers superstar LeBron James, who has been the Team Captain for the 6th straight All - Star Game after topping again the 2023 NBA All - Star votes this season, will face Milwaukee Bucks superstar and 3-time Team Captain Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Team LeBron beat Team Giannis in their first two meetings in 2019 and 2020 NBA All - Star Games, but this time Team Giannis will try to win and ends Team LeBron reigns in an All - Star Game at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Team LeBron is consist of All - Star players 76ers Joel Embiid, Nuggets Nikola Jokic, Mavs team mates Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, Celtics Jaylen Brown, Knicks Julius Randle, Clippers Paul George, Timberwolves Anthony Edwards, Pacers Tyrese Haliburton, KIngs De'aaron Fox and Grizz Jaren Jackson jr.

Team Giannis is consist of All - Star players Celtics, Jason Tatum, Jazz Lauri Markkanen, Cavs Donovan Mitchell, Grizz Ja Morant, Heat Bam Adebayo, TrailBlazzers Damian Lillard, Bulls DeMar DeRozan, Raptors Paskal Siakam, Kings Domantas Sabonis, Thunder Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Bucks Jrue Holiday.

In the game, both teams are tied in the 1st quarter of playing at 46 all but Team Giannis outscored Team LeBron in the 2nd quarter, 53 - 46.

In the 3rd quarter, Team Giannis up by double digit lead 59 - 49 over Team LeBron and in the final quarter, Team LeBron finally outscored Team Giannis 34 - 26 but the overall scores led by Team Giannis beats Team LeBron 184 - 175.

Team Giannis, finally ends Team LeBrons 5 - Game winning streak in an All -Star Game since 2018 - 2022. Meanwhile, Celtics Jason Tatum made history as the most points scored in an All-Star Game with 55 points and at the same time named as the Kobe Bryant All-Star Game MVP.

LeBron James Broke the NBA All – Time Scoring Record

NBA –In what was expected to happen has finally happened, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has finally broke the record of the former Laker and Hall of Famer's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as he set the most points scored in the NBA Regular Season during their games against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the records for 38 long years since 1984 with 38,387 career points and coincidentally the same year that LeBron James is born. LeBron James is now 38 years old, the same years that the record stood for Jabbar.

LeBron set the record 38,388 career points with 10.9 seconds to go in the 3rd quarter after a made jump shot over the free throw line, Lakers are still down by 5 points 99 – 104.

The game is momentarily stopped, to celebrate LeBron James achievements in capturing the All – Time Leading Scorer of the league, the Lakers fans, LeBron family, friends, team mates celebrates the wonderful achievement of LeBron, the Kid from Akron, Ohio.

After, the celebration, the game was resumed, unfortunately for LeBron, the individual achievements have come out with a loss against the OKC, Lakers fall short 130 – 133. LeBron finished the game with 38 points, scoring 2 points in the final quarter. James has now 38,390 career points the most points scored as of today.

NBA Commissioner, LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Lakers are now 25 wins and 30 losses and currently 13th in the West Standings. Still, the lakers had another chance of making the Playoffs if they somehow find their way to get the Wins in a tight race in the Western Conference.

Again, congrats to LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers as the new All-Time Scoring leader of the NBA Regular Season and by the way LeBron James also holds the most points scored in Regular Season and Post Season as well.

Step by step guide on how to file SSS Salary Loan Online

Philippines – are you a Social Security System Member or also known as SSS Member if yes this might be the right article for you? If you are a SSS Member and wondering how it will benefit you especially if you have the qualified amount of SSS Contributions that allows you the eligibility of filling loans this article might help you.

If you haven’t yet filed any SSS Loan or already paid your previous SSS Loans, this step by step tutorial might help you on how to file SSS Salary Loan online, no hassle of going to any SSS Branch, just prepare some needed tools like a smart phone, laptop, desktop, internet connection and lastly SSS Account.

Read Also: How to enroll SSS Disbursement Account Enrollment Module

Here is the step by step guide on how to file SSS Salary Loan.

1. Click the Member’s Login, If you haven’t yet created SSS Account kindly click this link, for those who have already created SSS Account, simply log-in your user Id and password and then click sign in.

2. Enroll your Bank Account or SSS Disbursement Account Enrollment Module – click this link on how to enroll your bank account.

3. After you enrolled your bank or bank account showing "Active Disbursement" Account you can now click the Apply for Salary Loan under the LOANS tab.

4. Under the Apply for Salary loan Application tab, fill the necessary required fields:

5. Double check your summary loan application, the loan amount and net amount of your loan, if all are correct? Click submit.

6. A pop up notification will appear click ok.

7. Last, a final notification indicating You have successfully submitted your Salary Loan Application

And that’s it, this is just my simple tutorial on how to file SSS Salary Loan online, hope this article helps SSS Members who are looking at how to file their loan online without going to any SSS Branch.