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Nets - Bucks Battle for the Right to Advance in the Eastern Conference Final

NBA – The #2 seed Brooklyn Nets host the #3 seed Milwaukee Bucks in Game 7 of their own best of seven series at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The Nets won all games at their home court Game’s 1, 2 and 5, if the trend continues the Nets should win Game 7?

The Bucks also won all games at their home court Games 3, 4 and 6 and they had their chances of winning Game 5 in Brooklyn but blew their double digit lead.

Nets superstar Guard Kyrie Irving is reported to sideline in Game 7 due to an ankle due injury that he suffered in Game 4.

Irving fellow superstars James Harden and Kevin Durant will be the Nets 1 and 2 punch for this Do or Die Game 7 at their house.

Kevin Durant, who exploded for 49 points in Game 5 must carry another monster performance in order to advance to the next round? While James Harden seems not in his usual form since he suffered harm string injury this postseason.

The Bucks will rely again in their 2 – time league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo who has been a big monster in this series and Khris Middleton scoring ability for one more game to help Giannis and the Bucks in advancing to the next round.

Both teams are looking to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals where the winner will face the winner of the 76ers and Hawks in their own Game 7 tomorrow (PH Time)

Meanwhile the Western Conference Finals are finally sealed between the #2 seed Phoenix Suns and #4 seed LA Clippers.

Suns sweep the Nuggets in the second round and eliminated the defending champion LA Lakers in the 1st Round while the Clippers eliminated the #1 seed and league best record Utah Jazz in Game 6 at the Staple Center and Luka's Dallas in the 1st Round.

LA Clippers advance to the 2nd Round of 2021 NBA Playoffs

NBA – the highly favored team in the Western Conference the Los Angeles Clippers keep their hopes alive after beating Luka and the Mavericks in Game 7 at the Staple Center in Los Angeles, California.

The LA Clippers advance to the 2nd round of the 2020 – 2021 NBA Playoffs after a hard Round 1 series matchup with the Dallas Mavericks that lead into Game 7.

The Clippers lost the first 2 games of the series Games 1 and 2 at home, but rally back to win Games 3 and 4 at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Clippers lost Game 5 again at home and now down 2 - 3 in the series facing elimination in Game 6 in Dallas. Fortunately Kawhi Leonard had a monster game in Game 6 that lead into a deciding win or go home Game 7.

In Game 7, the Clippers had a home court advantage, but in this series they never win at home but lucky for them when it matter most the team finally came out strong and finished the tough Luka and the Mavs.

Kawhi Leonard had a monster game again in Game 7 with a near triple double of 28 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists .“Playoff P” Paul George showed up and added 22 points, 10 assist and 6 rebounds.

Marcus Morris had a big game also with 23 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists just the right time to explode in a Do or Die Game.

The Clippers are now facing the West #1 seed Utah Jazz, the clippers have been stuck in the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs in their franchise History as they never reach the Conference Finals.

This would be the best test for the Clippers to show what are they made of and not just on paper? Now that the defending Champion LA Lakers is out there is no team that can stop them to reach the NBA Finals?

Anthony Davis Unlikely to Play Game 5 due to Injury

NBA – Lakers superstar Anthony Davis is unlikely to play Game 5 against the #2 seed Phoenix Suns due to Groin Strain he suffered in the later part of the 1st half of Game 4 between the Lakers and the Suns at the Staple Center.

According to several reports, an MRI results confirmed a groin strain injury to Anthony Davis left thigh that could sideline him for Game 5 in a pivotal game against the Phoenix Suns.

The Suns reclaimed the home court advantage of the series as Game 5 will be played at the Phoenix Suns Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

The series is tied 2 – 2, Suns win Games 1 and 4 while the Lakers wins Games 2 and 3 where Anthony Davis averaged 34 points both in those wins.

Davis will be a huge loss for the Lakers, he was the best player in the Lakers uniforms in this series without him the Lakers most important player LeBron James must step up and dictate the Lakers fate.

The LA Lakers has been unfortunate this 2020 – 2021 NBA Regular Season due to injuries suffered by their players.

Anthony Davis has been out for the most part of the early season due to Achilles related injury and then LeBron James missed 20 plus games the later part of the season due to high ankle injury which lead the team from the best in the West to the 7th seed.

If the Lakers are only healthy, they could easily win the West but for now with no AD in the Lakers rotation it will be hard for LeBron James to pass the Suns unless the old LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers shows up?

Will LeBron James lift the Lakers in the absence of his partner Anthony Davis? Will Jae Crowder continue to slow down LeBron? Game 5 tomorrow, Wednesday June 2 (PHILIPPINE TIME).

Devin Booker and the Suns beat’s LA in Game 1, 99 – 90

NBA – the 2nd seed Phoenix Suns host the 7th seed and defending NBA Champion LA Lakers in Game 1 of their best of seven series at Phoenix Suns Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

Prior to the game, The Lakers go through first in the newly format Play – In Tournament where they face the Golden State Warriors and beat them to advance to the post season and take the 7th seed and face the well rested 2nd seed Phoenix Suns.

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In the game, the Lakers made the first basket of the series and manage to put a 5 point lead 15 – 10 halfway through in the early quarter. Suns made a 22 – 10 run to take the 1st quarter up by 7 points 32 – 25.

In the 2nd quarter, The Suns able to up their lead to double digit twice while the Lakers are just playing catch for most of the quarter. The Suns win the quarter 21 – 20 to lead the Half up by 8 points, 53 – 45.

In the 3rd quarter, The Suns posted their biggest lead, 15 points and win the quarter 28 – 23 extending their lead to 13 points at the end of the quarter 81 – 68.

In the 4th and final quarter, The Lakers able to cut the lead into single digit but the Suns hang on and take Game 1, 99 – 90 to take 1 – 0 series lead.

Devin Booker leads the Suns with 34 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists while LeBron James leads the Lakers with 18 points, 10 assist and 7 rebounds.

The Lakers are in a similar situation last post season where they lost in Game 1 over the Portland Trail Blazer and win the next 4 games. Will the Lakers do the same?

Game 2 is scheduled Wednesday, May 26 (PH TIME) Lakers vs Suns a Phoenix Suns Arena.

7th Seed LA Lakers Faces the 8th Seed Golden State Warriors in the new format Play-In Tournament

NBA – The defending NBA Champion LA Lakers remain in the 7th seed of the Western Conference Standings despite winning their final assignment of the 2020 – 2021 NBA Regular Season’s against the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Lakers finished the season strong with a 5 – game winning streak with 42 wins and 30 losses tied with the 5th and 6th seed Portland Trailblazers and Dallas Mavericks respectively.

Despite with the same exact standings of these three teams, the Lakers have the lowest quotient after losing the regular season match up against the Blazers and the Mavericks that drop them at 7th placed.

The Lakers only chance to avoid the Play – In tournament is to win their game against the New Orleans Pelicans which they did and hope to secure the 6th seed in West Standings if the Portland Trail Blazer loss to Denver Nuggets?

But unfortunately the Blazer beat the Nuggets in a blown out fashion and secured the 6th seed in the West.

Now that the Regular Season is over and all teams are in their respective placed in the NBA Standings, let’s go ahead in the new format called Play – In Tournament.

Under the new rule, Play – in Tournament, the 7th and 8th seed faces for one game and the winner will advance in the Post Season securing the 7th seed in both conferences.

While the loser of the 7th and 8th seed faces the winner of the 9th and 10th seed and the winner will advance to the post season securing the 8th seed.

In this case the Lakers are the 7th seed and the Warriors is the 8th seed in the West, if the Lakers win they will secure the 7th seed and faces the #2 seed Phoenix Suns.

If the Lakers loss they will have another chance of advancing to the post season after facing the winner of the 9th seed Memphis Grizzlies and 10th seed San Antonio Spurs.

If the Lakers somehow beat either the Grizzlies or the Spurs they will secure the 8th seed and face the #1 seed Utah Jazz in the first round.

Now, if the Lakers loss to Warriors and loss again to the winner of the 9th and 10th seed in the Play – In tournament? The Lakers are automatically out of the post season and bid them goodbye in defending their NBA Title.

Honestly, the Lakers are still a very tough team to beat, especially when healthy? Now that a healthy LeBron James is back and Anthony Davis is back in his old form the Lakers are a scary team to face both in Play –In and Post Season.

Lakers still keep their Hopes of avoiding Play-In Tournament

NBA – The defending NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers host the 2nd seed in the West Standing the Pheonix Sun's for their final meeting of the Regular Season at Staple Center in Los Angeles, California.

The defending NBA Champion LA Lakers are currently planted in the Play-In Tournament at the 7th seed of the Western Conference Standings with 37 wins and 30 losses.

The Lakers are 2 – 8 in their last 10 games and currently in 2 – game losing skid and just 1.5 games behind with the 6th seed Portland Trail Blazers.

Lakers must avoid another loss and start winning games, first against the Sun's to keep their hopes in catching up the 6th seed of the Western Standings and Portland start losing which might be a difficult scenario but possible?

If the Lakers win’s against the Sun's, They have also had a great chance of winning their last 4 remaining games against the New York Knick's, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans and possibly end the season with 42 wins and 30 losses?

Now, if the Lakers keep losing they are sealed in the Play-In Tournaments, if they can hold the 7th seed their possible match up would be the 8th seed the Golden State Warriors.

The winner will advance in the post season and take the 7th seed and the loser will face the winner of the 9th and 10th seed for winner take all the 8th seed.

The Lakers are still a big treat for whatever seeding they might land on? Especially, when the team is healthy.

If LeBron James, return from injury and not in his full strength that could be a big problem for the Lakers? They need a 100% LeBron James to advance into the NBA Playoffs or perhaps even reaching a back to back NBA Finals?

For now, The Lakers are in big trouble? Better start winning or go fishing as they say?