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The Rock surprised WWE fans on Smack Down Return

Philippines - One of the wrestler biggest name in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE, wrestler turns actor and became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson or better known on his WWE ring name "The Rock".

In almost 4 - years that the Rock has been out in WWE, he surprised the WWE Wrestling Fans in attendance at Ball Arena in Denver, as almost all wrestling fans in attendance are surprised of "The Rock appearance on WWE Smack Down.

The Rock made his entrance during the Pat McAfee segment on Smack Down along side with the current United States Champion Austin Theory. Pat McAfee gives hints on the Rock's entrance, and when the Rock's WWE entrance is played, the crowd was surprised and shocked by the Rock's entrance which the excitement lasted for almost 2 minutes.

The Rock's appearance gave 103 million views across the social media platforms, the most view since the return of the Rock.

Also, the Rock destroyed Austin Theory at the Pat McAfee show where he displayed his famous move the peoples elbow that struck the shoulder of the US Champion Austin Theory.

With the appearance of The Rock, there are several rumors that he and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will face each other at the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 39.

Prior to the Rock returns in Smack Down, the Rock is one of the biggest names in Wrestling History he is lined with those fast popular wrestlers that help build the WWE with the likes of "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, The Undertaker and many others.

With the Rock's return will he bring back the glory days of WWE? Let's wait and see...

How to Get GCASH Visa Card and it's Requirement's Online

Philippines - GCASH Visa Card is a prepaid debit card linked to your GCASH Apps or GCASH account, you can store and secures your funds like an ordinary ATM Card which is also can be used in an offline transaction like a withdrawal of funds.

The new GCASH Visa Card is different from the old GCASH Mastercard and Gcash Virtual Cards to avail these card your account must be fully verified with sufficient balance in order to pay the required amount of these cards.

Step by step guide to avail GCASH Visa Card Online:

1.Log in to your GCASH account and click Profile icon in your dashboard.

2. In the profile tab, click My Linked Accounts.

3. In the My linked accounts tab, click the GCASH card.

4. In the GCASH cards tab, click Order a GCASH Card.

5. Click Order a card.

6. Click Send me a card.

7. At the card information tab, click Next.

8. Fill out the Delivery Information, Accept and Click Next.

9. At the Pay Online tab, click Proceed.

10.Your Order is Successful, wait for 4 - 10 business days to be delivered.

11. Your Online Payment Successful, save your ref. # for future reference.

What are the requirements to avail GCASH Visa Card:

1. Your GCASH Account must be fully verified.

2. Must have sufficient balance in order to pay the required amount.

That's it, hope this article can easily guide all GCASH users that are planning to avail the new GCASH Visa Card .

How to Book Passport Appointment in the Philippines

Are you one of those Filipino Citizens looking to book passport appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA, If yes? This article might be the right one for you, especially for those first time passport applicants and also for those older passport holders that are soon for renewal.

For new applicants, passport renewals and lost passport, applicants must book passport appointment via online application by visiting this link or go to Applicants must agree to all Term and Conditions to be able to book for appointment.

Here is the Step by step Guide to Book Passport Appointment in the Philippines:

1. Go to

2. Select Schedule an appointment.

3. Agree on the Terms and Condition and click the desired type of appointment.

4. Select the place of appointment and then click Next.

5. Select the desire Date and Time of appointment. Take note: Red dates are marked fully book while the Green dates are available.

6. Input your personal information correctly and then click Next.

7. Input the family information correctly such as the Fathers and mother’s information and the spouses information and then click Next.

8. In the application information select your application type, for me its New because I am a new applicant, then the basis of my citizenship is by Birth, indicate the person who could contact in case of emergency and his or her cell phone number and then click Next.

9. Indicate your contact numbers such as your complete mailing address and then click Next.

10. Review all the information, if all are correct then click Confirm.

11. For the payment options you can choose on what processing type and payment method as well.

That’s it, this is how to book a passport appointment online, Take Note: I did not proceed to the payment due to unsure of my schedules.

Guide on how to apply for PLDT Account Termination

Philippines - are you one of those million subscriber of PLDT? If yes, this article might be right for you in the near future? PLDT formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company is one or if not the biggest internet provider in the country together with their long rival Globe Telecom.

Through the years there are left and right Internet providers that surfaced in the country, the latest after PLDT and Globe is the DITO Telecommunity not to mention some small internet provider.

Due to the competition on who's the better internet speed and good services as well, subscriber can choose on one of these providers? Unfortunately, if you are currently in contract on one of those internet provider you must first settle your account before transferring to other internet provider.

In my case, I've been with PLDT Fiber for 6 years so I already exceeded my contract, so when I decided to terminate my contract I just go to the nearest PLDT Branch and file the Account Termination. Take Note: (this procedure is different from the subscriber within the lock in period with PLDT).

Here are the step by step guide on how to apply for PLDT Account Termination.

1. You may call first the PLDT Hotline 171 and inform them your plan of Account Termination or directly go to the nearest PLDT Branch which the one i did and file the Account Termination.

2. Bring Valid ID's.

3. Write a simple letter of Termination, indicate the reason of termination, Account Name, Account Number, Telephone Number and Cellphone number.

Here is a sample letter.

To whom it may concern,

I, your name, requesting for the closure of my PLDT account. I no longer need the services of the PLDT due to rarely used of the internet.

Thank you!

Account name:
Account #
Telephone #
CP #

After I passed the letter of termination and presented a valid ID, they approved my account termination, I, also settled some amount of money for the number of days I used the internet according to their system. fortunately it's not a whole month of bill.

That's it, hope this article helps on subscriber that is planning to terminate their contract with PLDT for any reason what may be?

Celtic's Jaylen Brown sign 5 year/$304M the richest contract in the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) marks another history in the league after the winningest team the 17 - Time NBA Champion Boston Celtics sign their second superstar player Jaylen Brown in a supermax contract extension with 5 year/ $304M as the richest contract in NBA History.

The Boston Celtics make it sure that their second franchise player the 6'6 SG/SF Jaylen Brown behind their #1 franchise player Jason Tatum is not going anywhere but to stay with the Celtics in the next 5 years.

Brown was drafted in 2016 in the 1st round at 3rd pick by the Boston Celtics then 7 years past as a Celtics, Brown has become one of the Celtics important key player he was a 2 - Time NBA All -Star (2021,2023), 2023 NBA All Second Team and NBA All - Rookie Second Team in 2017.

Through Jaylen Browns career with the Celtics He has helped the Celtics reached multiple post season appearances with multiple Eastern Conference Finals appearances and one NBA Finals appearance from 2016 - 2023.

Although the Celtics are one of the toughest teams in the Eastern Conference, they still haven't established their team as the team to beat in the East? As long as the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat is there, the Celtics will need more from Jaylen Brown especially now that he holds the richest contract in Celtics History and as well in NBA History.

The league is full of surprises you will never know on who will be the next NBA supermax or richest contract in NBA History. Last year it was the 2 - Time league MVP and reigning NBA Champion the Denver Nuggets Center Nikola Jokić's with $276M contract extension with the Nuggets.

Next year who knows who could be the next richest contract in the NBA? maybe its Jaylen's teammate Celtic's and franchise player Jason Tatum who is also eligible next year for supermax contract? but for now its Jaylen Browns year as the richest contract in NBA History.

Lakers superstar LeBron James switches back to Jersey #23

NBA – the NBA All – Time Scoring Leader, the 4 – Time NBA Champion and 4 – Time league MVP LeBron James has decided to go back on his original jersey # 23 on his 21st NBA Season on this upcoming 2023 – 2024 NBA Regular Season.

James joins the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 and wear his traditional jersey #23, in his second year with the Lakers he is willing to give the #23 to Anthony Davis after Davis joins LeBron in LA. But unfortunately that didn’t happen due to some contract issues with LeBron and his endorser.

In his 4th year with the Lakers James switch to jersey #6, the same number he used during his tenure with the Miami Heat from 2010 – 2014. He wore Jersey #6 for 4 straight years with the Heat while 2 years with the Lakers.

LeBron James is not new in changing his jersey #, in fact when he joins the Miami Heat in 2010 the number he used is jersey #6 and according to reports, that jersey #6 is the number he used in practice games and as well in the Olympic basketball game.

James has also worn the jersey #23 in his first 7 years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the same team that drafts him in 2003. On his return in 2014 with the Cav’s he switches back to jersey #23 for 4 seasons with the Cavs from the previous #6 with the Heat and now currently 3 seasons with the Lakers in Jersey #23.

LeBron’s entire NBA career with 20th NBA Season as of writing this article, has worn jersey #23 (14 times) and jersey #6 times (6 times)

Meanwhile, the reason why LeBron is switching back to #23 according to reports is out of respect to the late Bill Russell.