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Did LeBron James make the right decision by passing the Ball to Danny Green?

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NBA - As we all know we already know what happen in Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat where the Heat embarrassed the Lakers of capturing the 2019 - 2020 NBA Title in a 111 - 108 win for the Heat.

Game 5 is predicted to end in favor of the Lakers where basketball fanatics,expert and analyst are all agree that the Lakers will take the NBA Title in Mamba Jersey.

All of that is about to happen not until Heat superstar Jimmy Butler made two free throws that put back his team on top 109 - 108 with 16 seconds to go in the 4th quarter.

Then the Lakers take the next possession of the ball in their hands of their superstar LeBron James, who had a monster game of 40 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assist.

James after receiving the ball decided to attack the paint, but 3 or 4 Heat players go right after him that leads for James to pass the ball to wide open team mate Danny Green.

Danny Green has been a great 3 point shooter throughout his career where he has been named "Dead shot"; for being a great sniper in the 3's, unfortunately this time he missed that clutch shot that could possibly lead for the Lakers to lead the game or even win the game and crown NBA Champion?

Though Green missed the shot that could help the Lakers win the game? They still had another chance after Markieff Morris recovered the ball with 5 seconds to go in the game but Morris made a crucial turnover.

Morris made a crucial passed to Anthony Davis on the post, but Davis did not anticipate the pass that leads to turnover.

Morris had many options to choose if he only did not panic, he could easily give the ball to LeBron James who obviously asking the ball where he is clearly open in the right side of the court, he could also give back to Danny Green and try another shot? or pass to KCP who is also open? but then again he chooses to lob the ball to AD that lead to a sorry loss for the Lakers.

After the game, LeBron James is criticized by many basketball fans even some NBA players and analyst on why he passed the ball? They say James should take the shot and live on whatever the outcome because he is the best player in the game.

But LeBron James already said that he will live with the outcome of his decision and he believes that his decision on passing the ball to Danny Green is the right play?

What do you think? Did LeBron James made the right decision of passing the ball to Danny Green?

How to Transfer Funds or Send Money to GCASH APPS via Online UnionBank

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Philippines – Good news for all UnionBank users and GCASH Apps users as well, because there is now a way on how to transfer money or send money from UnionBank online to GCASH APPS easily.

There are two ways on how to this transaction, first is the Online UnionBank and the second is the UnionBank Mobile APPS.

In this tutorial I will discuss on how to transfer money via Online UnionBank through the Web.

Step by step guide on how to transfer fund or send money to GCASH via UnionBank

1. Go to Online UnionBank web page by clinking this Link.

2. Log in to your UnionBank account. Type your username and password and wait for the OTP code.

3. In your Dashboard, click the Send/Request Tab.

4. In the Send/Request Tab, click Other Banks.

5. In the Send Money via click InstaPay.

6. Select the account you want to transfer funds from? In this options I have two accounts (1.) is EON Cyber Account and the (2.) is GetGo Debit

7. In send to other Banks, select the Bank (GCASH) and then enter the account or mobile number and name of the account holder where to send the fund or money and then click next.

8. On the Transfer Details type the amount of money you want to transfer and indicate the purposes? after that click next.

9. Review all the details and then click transfer.

10. A pop up message appeared for OTP one time password just wait for the code send on your mobile phone.

11. You can now see a Reference Number and the transactions date.

12. That’s it you have now made an online money transfer to GCASH APPS.  you can  also Add to my Recipient your transactions by just saving it to your UnionBank account.

Take note: the tutorial I made here in my article is similar to the UnionBank Mobile APPS. Just follow the step by step procedure on how to transfer funds or send money to GCASH APPS.

Watch this video for more information

These transaction is also free of service and real time processing. you may also check your email for fund transfer confirmation.

LeBron James and the Lakers are Headed Back into the NBA Finals

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NBA – Finally the drought has ended for the LA Lakers as they headed back to the NBA Finals once again ending 6 - straight years of playoff drought, a decade of not reaching the NBA Finals since the Kobe Bryant era in 2010 and now entering their 32nd NBA Finals appearances in franchise history.

LeBron James, who leads the Lakers in another stellar performance in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals drops his 4th triple double of the postseason after scoring 38 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists to lead the Lakers in capturing the 2019 – 2020 NBA Western Conference Champion in Orlando Florida at the Bubble.

The top seeded LA Lakers advance in the NBA Finals after a convincing win in Game 5, 117 – 107 against the tough and young talented core of Denver Nuggets. The series ended 4 – 1.

LeBron James is also making his way back in the NBA Finals after missing last year's playoffs in his first year with the Lakers due to groin injury. He is now entering his 9th out of 10th straight NBA Finals appearances while 10 out of 17th NBA Finals appearances in his entire NBA career.

He is also the 3rd NBA Player in NBA history to reach 10th NBA Finals appearances behind those great NBA Players like Boston Celtics Bill Russell and Sam Jones with 12 and 11 NBA Finals appearances respectively. While LeBron James tied fellow Lakers star Kareem Abdul Jabbar with 10 appearances a piece.

LeBron James reached his first NBA Finals in 2007 in a Cavs uniform where he got swept by the San Antonio Spurs. His 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th NBA Finals appearance is with the Miami Heat from 2010 - 2014. His 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th appearance is with the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2015 – 2018 where he won his last NBA Championship in 2016.

LeBron James is also eyeing for his 4th Championship ring and hopefully the first NBA player to do so in 3 different teams? The Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and perhaps with the Los Angeles Lakers.

What do you think? Will LeBron James wins his 4th NBA Ring? Let’s wait and see.