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What are the Health Issue Causes by Volcanic Ash?

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Philippines - On January 12, 2020 just a few days ago after celebrating the New years eve in the country a devastating natural event happens in the province of Batangas.

Taal Volcano the second most active volcano in the country and one of the smallest but destructive volcano in the Philippine history, show her power on Sunday after blowing up volcanic ashes several miles in the sky that leads to ash fall in several nearby provinces.

The effect of the volcanic ash, causes several health problems for children and adults, especially for those people who had health problems like asthma. The ashfall causes also zero visibility for the motorist nearby the Taal Volcano like the provinces of Batangas, Laguna and Cavite.

Due to the Volcanic ash, the country had suspended all works and classes in the entire Luzon and advise the public to wear face mask and goggles to avoid direct contact with volcanic ash.

Volcanic ash or ashfall is like a powdered sand mixing in the air came from a volcanic explosion. These ashes are composed of carbon dioxide and flourine that could cause health issues for those people that could have a direct contact.

What are the effect of volcanic ash or ashfall to human?

1. Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat

2. severe coughing and difficulty breathing

3. Skin Irritation

4. damage caused by a roof collapsed or accident due to slippery road.

What are the things to do to avoid volcanic ash or ashfall?

1. Avoid leaving or going out of the house and close all doors and windows.

2. Hang or put some damp curtains on windows and doors to stop ashes from coming in.

3. Use a face mask or dust musk to prevent inhalation of dust.

4. Use goggles for eye protection.

5. Keep the animals or pets in a safe place.

6. Clean the roof of the house so that it does not collapse.

7. Determine the situation on the road before commuting and obey the traffic law

Lakers Anthony Davis Injury updates after Nasty Fall

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NBA - Lakers center and power forward Anthony Davis suffered a minor injury against the New York Knick's that leads to momentarily silent and scares to the Lakers bench and fans inside the arena of the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The half of the Lakers superstar duo Anthony Davis suffered a nasty fall later in the 3rd quarter of the game after an accidental collision with Knicks forward Julius Randle his former teammates in Pelicans.

Although Davis manage to stand up and walk to the players tunnel he was ruled out for the remainder of the game.

Despite the loss of Davis in the game the half of the Lakers superstar duo LeBron James dropped 31 points to lead the Lakers in a good fashion blown out win against the Knick's 117 - 87 and now extending their winning streak to 6 straight games.

Davis was later reported to undergo MRI and a positive result was released that he only suffered bruises on his back, which is a good sign for the Lakers team and their fans.

Anthony Davis has been a fragile player throughout his career since his early years with the New Orleans Pelicans and now with the Lakers they can't afford to lose him now that their team is chasing for an NBA Championship.

The Lakers are currently the best team in the Western Conference with 30 wins and 7 loss only second to the league best Milwaukee Bucks 32 wins and 6 loss.

The Lakers will be tested in their next game, especially if Anthony Davis will be ruled out as they visit Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Arena for their 4th and final meeting this season.

The Lakers had the edge in their season match 2 - 1.

Los Angeles Lakers Looking to end 4 - Game Losing Skid against the Portland Trail Blazers

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NBA - The Western Conference top seeded team the Los Angeles Lakers is visiting the 8th seeded team also in the West the Portland Trail Blazer at Moda Center in Portland Oregon.

Both teams are coming in losses the Lakers are on 4 - game losing skid after falling to the Pacers, Bucks, Nuggets and to the Clippers but still had the best records in the West with 24 wins and 7 losses.

The Portland Trail Blazers are also facing back to back losing skid after falling to New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz respectively.

 As they face one's another on tonight's game one will get back into the winning column while the other will extend their losing skid.

Prior to the game the Los Angeles Lakers superstar duo LeBron James and Anthony Davis are both expected to suit and play the game according to some reports. 

The duo is nursing a minor injury, especially LeBron James, who aggravated his groin injury against the Clippers on Christmas Day the same day from last Christmas where he was sidelined from last season leading to 17 - game absence that cause the Lakers season.

The Lakers is also facing a must win situation on tonight's game to momentarily silence their critics after falling their last 3 big assignments, another loss tonight will question their status if they are really a championship contender or just a playoff team?

Meanwhile, the Portland Trail Blazers will try to stun the Lakers at their home, relying to their superstar players Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum and Carmelo Anthony.

The Lakers have already beaten the Trail Blazers on their first meeting at Staple Center in a blown out fashion win 136 - 113. LeBron James and Anthony Davis dropped a combined points of 70 points to lead the Lakers win.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from a Strong Earthquake

Philippines – Early this month of April the country has been experiencing some series of earthquakes that mostly shakes the Provinces of Batangas and nearby provinces. On April 4, Batangas was hit by a magnitude 5.4 quake, which centered the province of Tingloy, Batangas, it happen nighttime at around 9 pm and it was felt in Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Makati and other nearby provinces and on April 8, again another earthquake shakes Batangas and this time this is much stronger than the previous one.

On Saturday afternoon at around 3pm a strong earthquake shakes the southern part of Luzon which centered the Province of Batangas. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) recorded 4 strong earthquakes that centered 4 different epicenter and 4 different magnitude in the Provinces of Batangas.

The first earthquake was recorded at around 3:07 pm with a magnitude of 5.6 which centered Mabini, Batangas. The quake last for about 10 – 15 seconds with a depth of 27 kilometers. The second shake happens also in the same area in Mabini, Batangas but with much more power than the previous one. It has a magnitude 6.0 and a depth of 24 kilometers, it was the strongest earthquake felt that day.

The Third earthquakes were felt in San Luis, Batangas at around 3:29 pm with a magnitude of 4.1 and lastly the fourth earthquake was felt again in Mabini, Batangas at 4:36 pm with a magnitude of 4.7 and a depth of 15 kilometers.

Phivolcs announce that the cause of earthquakes in Batangas is all tectonic origins which mean that some local faults move that resulted to some series of earthquakes in Mabini Batangas, San Luis, Batangas and nearby provinces.

Now, what to do if an Earthquake suddenly happen when we are inside of our house or buildings?

In general, to avoid any casualty we run outside our house or buildings to avoid any chances of being hit by any falling objects, but if not able to do so? here are the tips that we must do:

1. Find a safe area where you and your family or if at works co-workers can hide, hide under a strong wooden table or other strong structure that can provide safety from falling debris? Dock safely under it and cover or protect your head, arms and feet remain there until the shaking ends.
2. Stay away from glass windows, cabinets and other heavy objects that can cause injury.
3. And as much as possible stay calm.

Now, what to do if an Earthquake suddenly happen outside?

1. Stay away from tall structures like tress, buildings, power lines, post and others.
2. If you near the ocean shore, quickly move to a higher ground to avoid tsunami in case it happen.
3. Avoid steep slopes that might caused landslide.

Mistakes or Confusion when Funding PayMaya Account at 7-11

Have you ever encountered the confusion of cashing in money in your PayMaya account, but never get or credited the money in your account? Maybe you and I share the same confusion of using PayMaya? 

There are several ways of funding the PayMaya account and one of those is the 7-11 convenience store. At 7-11, I usually used their CLIQQ kiosk machine for funding my account, it was easy to use and really fast transacted.

Although sometimes there are really some unavoidable trouble or inconvenience on 7-11 kiosk machine like the system is offline or maintenance, but nevertheless it was the easiest way for me of funding my PayMaya account.

But what would you do if you encounter of funding your account, but never received the money? Here are some of my tips that I experience that might help you in the future?

1. When funding your Paymaya at 7-11, always look at the cashier monitor if the transaction is successful? If successful secure your receipt, wait for the SMS text from ECPAY 7-11 and check your PayMaya account if the money is transferred?

If no SMS text from ECPAY and no money transferred in your PayMaya account quickly return to 7-11 where you fund your account and inform them the situation? More or less the issue belongs to the ECPAY.

At this point the 7-11 manager will call ECPAY for confirmation of the issue and later if thus confirm the user will repeat the transaction or the money will return to the PayMaya user.

2. Double SIM confusion, always use the SIM number that you use in your PayMaya account. Never generate ad money code with different Cell Phone numbers to avoid the wrong sending of funding PayMaya account?

If you have two SIM card in your mobile phone always use the one that connected at your PayMaya account, never use the other SIM to avoid confusion unless it is also connected to another PayMaya account?

Always remember that the Cell number that used for generating the Add Money Code is also the number that would receive the fund. So be very careful to avoid the hassle or inconvenience of the double SIM mobile user.