Schools And Hospitals In San Pedro, Laguna Are Affected By MERS- CoV Virus Scare

After confirming from San Pedro , Laguna a nurse was positive in the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus , ( MERS- CoV ) , not avoided that some residents fear the virus infect . It affects first the hospital patient and neighboring schools .

It is said that the hospital is temporarily closed Evangelista Medical Specialty Hospital in Pacita Complex San Pedro for the proposed disinfect to ensure safe virus in the hospital .

Report said that the filipina nurse came first to the said hospital who tested positive for the virus after arriving in the country from Saudi Arabia.

Class of Pacita Complex 1 Elementary School in front of the hospital  is Adversely affected after many students do not attend their class last Friday.

According to the guidance counselor of the school, many parents of students are afraid after the news that a filipina nurse was brought in the hospital  who possesses the MERS- CoV.

Some students who attend their class , saw wearing a face mask when they delivered by their parents .
Even some people nearby  the establishments are also wearing a face mask or whatever that may cover some of their nose and mouth .

To dissipate the fears of residents , the Department of Health  rushed to the scene where the filipina nurse who posses  MERS- CoV.

San Pedro Mayor Lourdes Cataquiz , also assured that the situation is under control due to the rapid action of DOH.

" Do not be afraid , do not worry , because the situation is under control , " said  by Mayor Lourdes Cataquiz who  went in the  area without wearing a face mask .

She added , " The people who had contact with the patient are tested negative for the first test . "

The mayor also said laughingly she joked that if  she saw  any people wearing a face mask the next day they will  be arrested.
source: GMA