Proposal For Additional Leave For Pregnant Workers Filed In Congress

House Bill No. 6691 filed by Laguna Rep . Maria Evita Arago in the House of  Representatives , aimed at providing additional benefits and support to pregnant workers to emphasized the importance of women in promoting the country .

Thus we must also promote their needs as during their pregnancy while working .

Under the proposal , Arago wants to provide additional leave ( medical) pregnant . One day leave for every month or nine days leave during the nine months of pregnancy ,  this is what the congressman want to add a leave of pregnant workers .

The additional leave is separate from the current privilege that was granted leave to women under existing legislation .

“Pregnant women who are employed will enjoy the benefit of medical leaves once every month for pregnancy-related medical consultation," explain by Arago.

To obtain such a privilege leave under the proposal , working women must have a one year work experience in the company she work and must also show evidence that  she is really pregnant.

If  pregnant  woman if trying to leave , she must notify the company five days before the time when she is not coming  to work.

Moreover , the proposal also contained in advancing the welfare of the child such as providing them with the support of the government and adjust their work hours .

"Under the bill,  Arago stated in the statement that any pregnant woman whose income falls below the poverty as set by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) are subject to the assessment of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) working mother shall be eligible for assistance.

"The bill also seeks to provide more flexible working hours for pregnant women as long as it will not adversely affect the productivity,"

Under the bill the Department of Health ( DOH ) also recquires to develop a comprehensive health care program for pregnant women, who implemented by the agencies and local government units ( LGUs ) for hospitals and health centers premises .