Viral Video: Airplane Exhibition Turns Out Gone Wrong

Batangas, Philippines - In Nasugbu, Batangas a viral footage of an airplane that crashed during an exhibition of airplane in the celebration of Nasugbu, Batangas liberation.

You can see in the footage that was caught by an amature, at first crowed that are watching the exhibition are amazed of the first plane during their stuff, the crowed applaused the first airplane but the second airplane that maneuver their exhibition makes an error that caused them to crashed on the seaboard of of Nasugbu Batangas.

The crashed is clearly caught in the footage as the plane had crashed down into the sea, crowded people watching the exhibition of the airplane got panic, shouting and running on different places after they witness on the incident that happen.

Authorities shouted for a boat that they can used to rescue the pilot of the crashed airplane which is only nearby in the seaboards.

One of the person was overheard in the said video that the same accident was happen for the past 20 years and it happen again.

Viewers of the said accident has different point of views on the said crashed. One of them said that the airplane is very hard to control during an exhibition because of the wind? Some say that if the pilot was alive? other say that they see a fire in the airplane before it crashed.

The footage was recorded on Nasugbu , Batangas during  the celbreation of Nasugbu’s liberation last January 31, 2015, that turn to be a Tragic Accident.
source: youtube