Viral Strange Object Spotted Over A Beach In UK

A mysterious Alien object or UFO was spotted and photograph  during daytime in a beach in United Kingdom.

The picture was taken during lunchtime at  Summerleaze Beach on Tuesday , Febraury 13, 2015.
Expert wants help to identify the strange object  that hovering above the beach.

The strange object is  triangular in shape that you can see in the sky over the beach on the upper right hand side of the photo .

A  group of  Cornwall-based UFO enthusiasts, which founded by Dave Gillham, said that "It looks triangular - but I have no idea what it is.”

the Ministry of Defence or (MOD) in UK , has no opinion on the existence of Unidentified Flying Object or UFO,  in over 50 years, no UFO report has revealed or  any evidence of a potential threat to the UK. MOD will be no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them.

Independent organizations such as the British UFO Research Association or UK UFO are now the one that collecting data of any UFO sightings.

Different opinions was posted by social media user, one user say it’s a hoax, and why people down in the beach did not notice it based on the picture as it nothing strange happen above the beach, they are not pointing the object or even run? And it’s because its daytime it is much noticeable if it is a real authentic photo captured?

Some say its real, what do you think? Many UFO sightings has been reported all over the world but till now no one or no reports that they really do exist, maybe they exist but someone or group that prevent to exposed that they do really exist?

Lately another report of UFO crash has been reported in Canada that a UFO has been crash in a lake but Canadian military said that it is just a Military exercise?
source: youtube