Viral Video: Woman Incredibly Saved By His Boyfriend As She Jump Off The Window

In China a quarrel of two lovers that almost turns into a bloody incident? Which a 20 years old Chinese  woman, who jump off a building on a fifth floor apartment  window  after having a  quarrel or argument with his boyfriend. Was incredibly saved by his alert thinking boyfriend who caught her as she is leaning down in a neighbors window below.

Local media report said that  that incident happen after an argument between the un named women and his boyfriend. The woman who unlocked his boyfriend outside of there shared apartment was trying to make a suicide.

Because of unable to get back inside, her boyfriend go to their neighbor on the fourth floor to excuse him to use their window to be able to talk to her girlfriend.

But when he looks up upon the window he saw her girlfriend jumping off the window, but incredibly he snatch the hand of her girlfriend from avoiding her to fall. Because of the alertness of the man a terrible accident was avoided.

source: youtube

The video was captured by one of the local residence by using a cellphone camera.
The distress woman was hold back into safety inside the apartment  by the help of firefighters and co-tenant of the said apartment.

As of the day the video was upload there is no explanation on why the Chinese woman jump off the window?