National ID System Registration and it’s Requirements Online

Philippines - On April 30, The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) will launch it’s online system registration for the National ID System Registration and it’s requirements online.

Applicants may register online, but still they must personally go to their respected registration center for their biometrics.

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Here are the 3 Steps to Apply for Philippine National ID

1. Register your information, including your full name, gender, date, place of birth, blood type and address.

2. Attend your appointment for biometrics capture that includes fingerprint, iris scan and front – facing photograph.

3. Physical ID card will be issued. It’s stored with 12-digit PhylSys number or personal serial number (PSN) and a 16-digit PhilSys card number (PCN).

What are the Requirements You’ll Need?

Primary Documents:

• PSA Certificate of Live Birth and one government issued identification document which bears full name. front-facing photograph and signature or thumb mark

• DFA issued Philippine Passport or ePassport

• GSIS or SSS Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card (UMID)

• Land Transportation Office issued License Card

Secondary Documents:

• LCRO Certificate of Live Birth

• PSA Report of Birth

• PSA Certificate of Founding

• Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Identification Card


• Seaman’s Book


• Senior Citizen’s ID


• 4P’s ID


• NBI Clearance

• Police Clearance

• Solo Parent’s ID


• Voter’s ID

• Postal ID


• Philhealth ID

• Philippine Retirement Authority

• National ID form other Countries

• Residence ID form other Countries

You can also submit these secondary supporting Documents:

• Employee ID

• School ID

• Barangay Clearance / Certificate

• Barangay ID

• City / Municipal ID

The Philippine National ID System is a government issued ID System, which established a single Philippine Identification System for all citizen and resident aliens in the country. 

 To register click this link: National ID Online Registration