Viral Video: A Strange Creature Was Discovered Inside A Can Of Tuna In England

In Nottingham , England - A British mother who recently discovered a strange creature inside a can of Princes Tuna that she had just opened and got a not-so-pleasant surprise inside her can of tuna.

Some expert say’s that the creature was later known was likely a tongue-eating parasite.
Scientist say’s that this parasite sometimes often enter and goes to the fish and attached to the fished tongue.

But other expert revealed that the strange creature was Megalopa, a very small immature crab. That was often eaten by a tuna.

A spoke person from Princes tuna said in Nottingham news post,” That they appreciate that the appearances of the crab or creature inside a tuna can will have been unpleasant. but please rest assured that it represented no food safety risk.”

The company was reported launch the investigation to determine the species after the pictures has spread even though the case has closed. The story still attracts different theories.

According to a scientist in  “Natural History Museum in London, that the head probably belonged to a  tongue eating louse.”

Different opinions have surfaced on this matter, some say they don’t care, some say the creature was cute and other say’s they just trying to give a negative review on the product of can tuna.
Who knows maybe later on, the true investigation on the creature inside the can of tuna will be finally revealed?
source: youtube