SAF Troopers Allegedly Urged To Withdraw Support To President Aquino

Members of Special Action Force personnel who survived the encounter with Mamasapano
Admitted that someone urge them to let go of support to President Benigno "Noynoy " Aquino III .

This is revealed by Pastor Boy Saycon , former consultant of the Department of National Defense , after talking to a few survivors of SAF troopers Mamasapano mission , where 44 of their member’s were killed.

Saycon said that it lasted more than two hours discussing with six members of the SAF .

SAF Member are taking advice to Saycon, which the SAF troopers are some inviting them to widraw their support to the Aquino administration because on the trajic bloody encounter  in Mamasapano that caused 44 SAF member died.

However Saycon, who is now secretary general of the Council of  Philippine Affairs, advised them  (SAF) he who had the conversation that to remain faithful to the "chain of command " and do not send compelling them .

This is also said to have been speaking by several groups including several retired generals
Reportedly a former official in the administration approached the SAF , but Saycon  refused to identify it .

He clarified that this is not a coup that  he hears but rather " withdrawal of support ." they only want that Pressident  Aquino must take full responsibilityof Mamasapano mission

Meanwhile, Aquino 's aunt , former Tarlac Rep . Tingting Cojuangco , invited Saycon to talk to some  members of the SAF .

She refused to comment on the meeting but she confirmed  that her former students who she meet in police academy included the operation of Mamasapano .

They are demoralized because of  what happened to their colleagues .

Consequently , Cojuangco denied that she or former Tarlac Gov. Peping Cojuango , behind the rumors of coup against the administration .

Norberto Gonzales former Defense Secretary and National Security Adviser said that there are talks with some members of the military and police .

But he did not directly say how it relates to the rumored coup .

The buzz about the alleged coup have arrived to Senator Miriam Santiago and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin .

Last week , Senator Antonio Trillanes IV , said that someone  wants to exploit the  low morale of the army and police .

However, PNP spokesman announced they not heard of someone planning of the coup .

The President , there is no doubt in the sincerity of the military and police.
source: GMA