Viral: Strange Piglet's With A Features Of A Human Face

One of the town in China, has recently visited of more people because of a viral images spread in the town of a recently born piglet’s with extra ordinary features, which it seem’s that  the piglet’s had a human  face and a penis at the forehead of the strange animals.

The abnormal  piglet  was one of the last to be born in a litter of 19 piglet’s, that went viral which friends and neighbors of the owner of the said piglet’s rush to their house and attracting visitors and bidder’s  that want to buy the strange animal.

Many witnesses described the strange animals that the pig has a clear human face and a penis at the forehead.

Local news paper take a picture of the strange animals and published the said photo that went viral.
Several people contacted the owner of the strange animal, that are interested to buy the mutant pig, but sadly the pig died after her mother rejected it for feeding.

The owner of the strange animal said, he was sad that the the strange pig had died,it was large and  it was the last piglet’s to be born. the other 18 piglet’s was normal, just this one is not normal.

He also said that he could got more money if the mutant pig was still alive, more money rather than the people that offering me through phone but he will put the strange pig in display so that  more visitors can see it,  the owner said.
source: youtube