Viral Video: Snake That Has A Feet Caught In A House In Isabela

Citizen of Mallig, Izabela are buzzling about a snake that was found and killed inside a residential house which has a feet that looks like a lizard.

The snake was caught in the house of Family Gambol, when Norberto was cleaning the house he saw at first he thought a piece of rope that was in the flooring, when he was gonna pick it up it moves and then snake run in a carton box where it was  easily killed.

When the snake was about to throw away, Norberto was shock when he suddenly noticed an abnormal appearances of the snake, he noticed that the snake ha s a feet.

Norberto, said that if he only knew that the snake has a feet, it is possible that he would not kill the snake.

Neighbors of Norberto is Joking to him that the snake might be the son of the Dragon which is etched in their door.

Neighbors had their own superstition, about the said snake, others said that the snake is a lucky charm, some said like an older neighbor of Norberto, that the world has giving some sign of nearing of its end.

But a forestry specialist explain that the snake might be a genetic mutation  which is called a Mutant species.

The rare snake was preserved by the Gambol Family.
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