Viral Video: Is This The Best Evidence That "Big Foot" Do Really Exist?

A recent video of many people believe was a “Big foot” has gone viral in social media, their sightings were recently caught in a National park “Yellow stones”.
This time, not just one but a clan of four Big foot was caught on camera as it seem like their  walking around the national park.
Different opinions have  been said on this viral video, some say its fake, there are just people that was skiing, and some believe that they are really “Big Foot”.

Because of the great distance of the video camera from the site from where the Big Foot was caught their sightings, still the evidence is too  light to prove that they were really Big foots, a pixelated  and blurry footage, cannot be a great evidence to prove that they were really Big Foots, but I am not saying that they were not, I am saying  is base on this video its not clear to prove that if they were really Big foot or just a group of man passing by at the National Park?
There are many different version of this viral video that was explaining whether it is really a Big Foot or just people?

Thinker Thunker Explanations that they were really Big foots

ThinkerThunker is one of the many people explain the theory about the big foots that seen at the park.
He explain that the area was remote and dangerous that you wouldn't find people here, Second,  Bison will attack and kill humans if they seen on sight. Third, the size of the figures of Big Foots are so large as he estimate their heights from 7 to 8 foot on the four sighted “ Big Foot”? the possibility of them being humans are very little.

But on the version of Join Michael & Lady K ThinkerThunker premises are incorrect. The area is not remote, it is visited by thousands of visitors annually, and there are railings and walkways to keep people out of the hot springs. Second the Bison do attack humans, but it rarely attacks human, perhaps  They are no more dangerous then Moose; Elk, or Cattle. The third is  Telephoto lens compress the foreground and backgrounds causing the normal parallax to be skewed. Meaning a 6 foot tall figure will appear to be the same size over a long distance. There is nothing incredible or beyond the human variable of height in this video; when the focal length and parallax distortion is considered.

What can you say about this? Is It really a Big Foot of Just People walking around the park?
source: youtube