NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Interested of Acquiring FA JR Smith

The 2016-2017 NBA Season is near and yet free agent JR Smith and the Cleveland Cavaliers has not yet finalized any agreement of re-signing the former six man of the year.

Smith, is a vital piece of the Cleveland Cavaliers success of winning the 2015-2016 NBA Championship against the Golden State Warriors. there is no doubt that the Cav's wanted him back for this upcoming season for another title run of getting back to NBA Finals.

But one thing is preventing it from happening “Contract Differences” Smith and his agent demanding a $14-$15 million salary annually but the Cav's can only offer him $10 million per year, with that differences Smith and the Cav's might separate their ways?

Meanwhile, NBA rumors circulate that Boston Celtics is expressing their interest of signing free agent Smith and provide the salary that Smith wanted.

According to Celtics, Smith would be a great addition in their team especially coming off the bench and to give some scoring from the outside.

If Cleveland organization failed to re-sign JR Smith and Boston agreed to pay JR Smith wanted payday? Smith could be a back-up shooting guard for Avery Bradley and with the skills of Smith of shooting from the 3 point area it would be a great fire power for the new and improve Boston Celtics.

What will happen if the Cavaliers failed to re-sign JR Smith?

First, the Cavaliers will loss an important piece of their championship Caliber? LeBron James already expressed that he wanted back JR Smith and it should be done right away!

Second, if Boston succeed and sign JR Smith with their team, Boston will be a great treat for the defending champion?

The Celtics already acquired NBA superstar Al Horford from Atlanta, could be the Celtics dethroned the champions and preventing LBJ from getting his 7 straight finals appearance? let's wait and see!!!