Viral Video: Funny Buzzfeed Video Of US President Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama creates a buzzfeed video that went viral in social media network.

On the said video you can see President Barack Obama, facing the mirror, practicing his speech, tongue twister while talking, taking some selfie picture on his mobile phone using a selfie stick, talking on him self in front of the mirror, making some posture, posing in front of the mirror and in camera, drawing, taking a meal, and acting like he shot a basketball.

And another guy doing the same thing like the US President Barack Obama does in front of the mirror.

The things they are doing in front of the mirror is an everyday habit or routine of all people that facing there self in the mirror first before they go out in public, especially public official who face a lot of people.

It is reported that this video was made to promote the upcoming deadline of signing up for the Health coverage in the United States which will be on February 15, as the US President mentioned  on the buzzfeed video.

Different  opinion’s has come up on the  President Barack Obama buzzfeed video, Some say that the video was only a waste of time and others say it was funny.
source: youtube