Viral Video: A Monster Wels Catfish Caught In A River In Italy

In Po Delta, Italy a man name Dino Ferrari, caught a 8-foot 9-inch Wels Catfish, which believed to be the largest catfish ever reeled in with a rod on line.

The Wels catfish look like less a catfish but of more horrible features of a  huge river monster, it has a total measure s of  8-foot 9-inch and weighing 19 stone.

While the fish might set a new record for getting caught on a rod line, it is still far from the biggest catfish ever caught which measures 78 meters long in the same area pf Po Delta  which the 8-foot 9-inch Wels Catfish was caught.

Expert say’s that Wels catfish can grow up to 4 metrs in length and weighing 62 stone, however it is very rare to catch a wels catfish which is two meters in long?

Wels Catfish has a ferocious appetite that will consume anything that comes across to them, there are some video footage that shows that wels catfish feeds some pigeon that came across to them.
Wels catfish are native in Europe, it is also a cannibal , they eat and feed with their own race of catfish.

So, what do you do when you catch this kind of Huge Catfish? If your Dino Ferrari, take some pictures and then toss the monster back into the delta and let it go.

Which is the fish that you ever caught?
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