Viral :Two Workers Having An Affair Caught Unguarded As They Were Filmed Outside Their Office

In New Zealand, a viral video of two co-workers seen having sex late at night  in their office,  there video was film by some outside bystander and drinkers while their making intimate scene and revealing all over the world on how their cheat their love ones.

While the couple, enjoy each one another, they forgot to turn off the lights of their office that caused them to be seen outside of the window and successfully filmed by outside viewers.

The footage has gone viral in New Zealand and all over the world, as the two workers that involved in the intimate scene did not go to work after knowing that their intimate video was scattered in social media like Facebook.

Witnesses  outside the bar, upon seeing the said scene between the two couple said that that the sex scene went on for almost half an hour, with everyone in the bar gathered to enjoy the unexpected romance.

Viewers are cheering the couple, which started in a casual flirt, which grab their attention and then they moved to the back of the room, thinking that they cannot be seen? viewer’s are yelling and cheering on the scene that they see.

The two workers works at New Zealand's Marsh Insurance firm, which is based at Christchurch.
The man involved in the sex scene was married and a senior manager and the woman was a office junior which is believed at her 20’s and got recently engaged.

Investigation on the two workers are undergoing and many believes that the two involve in the intimate scene scandal are might loss their Jobs.
source: mirror