Watch The Pilot Episode Of Live Action Character Of "Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope"

Do you still remember the coolest anime in the mid 1990’s? The Classic anime “Dragon Ball Z” which feature the main character of super Saiyan Goku, his son Gohan, Goku’s bestfriend Krillin, The allien invader Picollo who eventually became friend with Goku, Vegeta the prince of saiyan and trunks the son of Vegeta are  making a comeback as a modern live action hero but this time they are bringing into live action character.

"'Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope' is the continuing story of Goku and friends defending Earth from powerful foes.

This time the pilot episode that was released and was the continuing saga of Gohan and Trunks after the death of Goku. The pilot episode is a non profit short film which created and produced by RobotUnderdog2.

The Short film features Gohan and Trunks, which is in battle of two android. Android 17 and 18. Which are trying to eliminate the human race till Gohan and trunks, show up from the scene and trying to defend the remaining human race in the Earth.

But even Gohan, has the power of a super saiyan, still he has no match from the two android.
After that Gohan realize that they are no match on the  two androids and decided to escape from the fight.

RobotUnderdog2  Goal of releasing "'Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope' is to bring the Dragon Ball Z into life in a way that’s never been have attempted before while the characters & the storyline of dragon ball Z are still the same or intact.

The content of Dragon Ball Z, is purely conceptual material made for fans, and it is not for commercial use of any sort. the pilot episode & all of the  materials as a pitch to get the rights for the rest of the web series or potentially larger and more projects.

As the producer  RobotUnderdog2, request to please help them  out by sharing, commenting & liking! The newest pilot episode and The more support they will have, the more likely to keep making DBZ content & with your guys’ help it’s possible!
source: GMA