Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, A Strong Bet For Presidentials Election Says Sen. Aquilino " Koko " Pimentel III

Democratic Party considered Pilipino- Lakas ng Bayan ( PDP - Laban ) to make bets on the presidential election in 2016 , Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte , that who will fail Vice President Binay in pursuit of to become the next leader of the country .

This was announced by Sen. Aquilino " Koko " Pimentel III , president of PDP - Laban , when he  talk to the journalists of the 33rd anniversary party last Saturday .

According to the senator , Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the leading choices that their bettimg in the next election .

" It will pass on some process , but he  has the  strong support within the membership of the party , " he said.

He added , "Not yet today, but I see that we have many members from the Mindanao and Visayas they almost solid for Duterte in  the elections for president , but still go through that process ."

This process is referred to Pimentel 's national convention where representatives said each branch of the party to choose their future standard bearer in 2016 .

Pimentel believes that Duterte  is a strong candidate because of the support that he will received from the Visayas and Mindanao .

"I think in Visayas, Mayor Duterte has  big advantage  because he speaks Cebuano, and a little bit of Ilonggo, and coming from Mindanao, There are also natural identification with the Visayas and Mindanao , "he said .

"While  In Luzon alone , and the party , PDP - Laban, is strong in Luzon ," he said . "

Pimentel belive that Duterte could beat Vice President Binay , when the government  officials face on the presendential elections.

Binay is a former allies of the PDP - Laban , who would the bet on the 2016 United Nationalist Alliance.
source: GMA