X- Factor Contestant Shock Audience When He Start To Sing

Carmelo Munzone, came from an Italian family who try the auditions of "The X Factor Australia” in 2012. During his auditions, standing in-front of hundreds of Australian audience and millions of viewers watching around the world he was interviewed by a female judges actress and singer songwriter Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Carmelo was asked if he came from a big Italian Family? Carmelo answered, but due to the way he talked, dress and calling his grandparents in different names like in Italian names nonno and nonna meaning grandfather and grandmother the audience started laughing at him.

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Carmelo was asked again by the female judge asking about his singing rate? And again he answered that his singing rate is great and asking for cooperation with the audiences? And once again the audience laugh.

But things turn around when Carmelo begun to sing his own version of Maroon Five hits “Sunday morning”. Everybody was silence and stunt, the recent laughing of what looks like a discrimination? Turn into excitement and admiration. Carmelo silent all the audience watching inside the audition with his beautiful voices shock and impressed with his great voice.

Natalie the female judge who interview Carmelo was also impressed as she never expected that this is coming? She stand and applauded Carmelo together with all the audiences who witness a singer who sings great and effortless as they didn’t expect it on the way that Carmelo looks?

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source: youtube

At the end of Carmelo’s audition all judges were impressed and all agreed to pass him and advance to the next stage of the singing competition of "The X Factor Australia”.

Her two sisters are very proud of him while awaiting at the back stages. A not so good looking man, shock Australia with his golden voice.

This is a simple reminder that don't judge people by the way they looks or speak? Sometimes you might be wrong? What did you think of his voice? Is he really a good singer? Just comment below if you like his voice?