The Most Expensive And Luxurious Recreational Vehicle Ever Made

A Mobile Mansion which believe the most luxurious motor home in the world can be found in Dubai.
The 40 foot  long vehicle that costs $3 million and it covered in gold is believe that the most expensive recreational vehicle that ever to sale.

The ultimate road warrior,recreational vehicle comes up with features of  a colossal master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace.

The most impressive part of this recreational vehicle is the  “Sky Lounge” a push button that pop up a a rope top terrace  that  transforms the 40 foot long vehicle  into a personal retreat and underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting.

The vehicle can move at speed of 93 miles per hour in an open road. it is fashionable and fast and the manufacturer says its popular apparently in oil rich sheikhs but it would be perfectly says a music touring stars.

This is a perfect  vehicle for family bonding even with friends a perfect replacement for a Yacht with the same luxurious features.
source: youtube