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A Miracle Or Just Pure Luck? Group Of Young Men Shot's Multiple Times And Escape Death

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Do you believe in luck or do you believe in God’s miracle. A video footage shows in one of  Chinese food restaurant, where a group of  young men  are hanging out, when a gun man, shows and shoot the group of young men without hesitation.

In order to save their lives the group of young men, prevent the gun man to enter the said restaurant, with all of their force and strategy , despite the continues shooting of the gun man, they  miraculously escape  injuries and death.

The gun man, who desperately want to enter the said restaurant , decided to shot the young men who were blocking the glass doors, out of frustration the gun man full the trigger multiple times without any hesitation even he hit or not any one of those young men. Afterwards the gun man leave.

After the shooting was done and the gun man leave , the group of young men, pick up there selves and leave the restaurant with no injuries despite the multiple shots made by the gun man.

This video shows how the group of young  men escape the shooting incident despite the shooting is to near and maybe to some it is impossible to miss any one of them in close shot with a glass door that only separates them and the gun man.

To many this video will be judge as God’s miracle that save these kid’s from having shot or just a pure  luck that the gun man  missed them or maybe the gun man is a poor shooter?

What do you think of this video? You’ll be the judge?
source: youtube

Cities With Most Number Of Natural Hazards Are Can Be Found In The Philippines

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Eight out of  ten Cities in the world that is always facing with natural disasters are can be found in the Philippines, this is according to a study referred in the report of  Reuters.

This Cities includes Tuguegarao in Cagayan which is in 2nd place;  Lucena , in Quezon Province, 3;  Manila , 4;  San Fernando Pampanga, 5;  Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija , 6;  Batangas, 7;  San Carlos ( no mention of the province in the report ) , 9;  and Naga in Camarines Sur ( Bicol ) , 10.

Leading  in the list is Port Vita, Vanuatu.  while Taipei was place at eighth , the study published last week by risk analysis firm Maplecroft Verisk.

The company evaluates the threat of typhoons, floods, earthquakes , tsunamis , volcanoes, landslides and fires in over 1,300 cities worldwide , according to the Reuters report.

Excluded from the study is the city of Legazpi, a  major cities in Bicol which is near  in the foot of the active Mayon Volcano , which was appreciated by the local officials.

It proves that our city , includes in the three most livable cities in the country is officially recognized and  excluded from a  highly prone to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides , "said Mayor Noel Rosal last Saturday in an interview with Philippine News Agency.

Report also said that aside from an estimated 20 typhoon  that hit the Philippines, the country also faced with other natural disasters and threats aggravated by lack of capacity of institutions and societies to manage and respond  at some  harmful event.

 The Philippines is also considered a “high Risk” country due to in  in-ability to manage and prevent the effects of natural disasters and the most reason of this is extreme corruption and high levels of poverty ,  report said .
source: interaksyon

Funny Viral Video Of Rico Maierhoper "Shoe Blocking" Attempt To Gabby Espinas

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In Philippine Basketball Association or PBA, a funny viral video of a player has been viral in the social media network due to his attempt of blocking the opposite player by using his shoe.

Barako Bull forward Rico Maierhofer, who lost his shoe after he made a basket towards the ring against the defense of Arwind Santos.

 Rico, Immediately looks for his lost shoe and gets back into defense against the opposite team San Miguel Beer.

When San Miguel Beer player forwrad Gabby Espinas had the chance to score under neath the basket, Rico Maerhofer, where at that time is still holding his shoe ,tried to block Espinas shots with his shoe and  Espinas was intimidated and change his mind of shooting it and rather pass the ball that caused them a turnovers.

Barako team get the chance to have a fast break  points as  Joseph Yeo, converts a easy lay up due to a nice defense of Rico Maierhofer and his shoe.

San Miguel Beer and even the announcer are saying that if the shoes is legal to use  for blocking? Maybe its not? But because its rare to happen, the referee did not call it a violation and continue the play.

But despite the said “Shoe Blocking” it still became viral because of hilarious and funny defense of Rico Maierhoper.
source: youtube

All Set "Cleveland Cavaliers Vs GSW" Battles For 2014 - 2015 NBA Championship, Starts On June 4!

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2014 – 2015 NBA Finals are now set, only the two best team in the NBA remains to battle it up for the rights to claim the “2014 -2015 NBA Championship”. The Cleveland Cavaliers against The Golden State Warriors.

Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers,  sweep the Atlanta Hawks 4- 0, and advance to the NBA Finals for their second final’s appearance. Cavaliers first NBA Finals is in 2007 against the San Antonio Spurs, where the Spurs won the NBA Championship as they sweep the Cavs 4 -0.

The Cavs has never won an NBA Champion in their franchise history and they are hoping that this will be their season.

Cavaliers who finish 2nd seed in the Eastern conference in regular season with 53 win and 29 loss, faced the Boston Celtics in the first round of the post season, the Cavs sweep the Celtics, but loss Kevin Love due to shoulder injury in Game 3.

The  next round  Cleveland faced  The Bulls, Cav’s beat the Bulls 4 – 2, to advance in Eastern Conference Finals and faced the # 1 seed Atlanta Hawks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers is heading to the NBA Finals for the second time in LeBron James era, since 2007. It will be James 5th straight finals appearance tied with team mate James Jones.

Meanwhile, the Western Conference Finals Golden State Warriors, will be heading towards to the NBA Finals after 40 years of waiting to reclaimed their title that they once had in 1975.

Golden State, has the best record in 2014 -2015 regular season with 67 win and 15 loss.
In the first round of the post season they faced the New Orleans Pelicans, GSW sweep the first round series.

In the semis round, GSW faced the Memphis Grizzlies, GSW win the series 4 -2. And in the Western Conference Finals they Beat The # 2 seed in the west,Houston Rockets in Game 5. To take the series 4 game to 1, as they advance to the finals to meet the Cavaliers.

GSW and Cleveland Cavaliers will start their best of seven series fot the NBA Championship on June 4 at GSW Oracle Arena.

It is expected to be an exiting series as two rookie coach will lead their teams, two MVP will clash, reigning MVP Step Curry and former 4 time MVP and two NBA Champion LeBron James.

A Bill Has Been Passed To Extend Maternity Leave In The Philippines Into Three Months

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Senator Pia Cayetano, suggested to extend  the existing maternity leave for women workers into 90 days or 3 months, whether married or not, whether government or  private sector have the option to extend for 30 days without proper compensation.

The purpose of the proposal is to extend maternity leave for women workers in government and in the private sector to give them enough time to take care of their baby and to recover their  entire health.

This will give the mother a longer time to bond with her baby and took the opportunity to complete its breastfeeding for six months, "said by Cayetano.

Cayetano said that base on Senate Bill 2710 that declared policy of the State under Article XIII , Sec . 14 of the Constitution that protects and promotes the rights and welfare of women workers , who appreciate their motherhood and provide proper conditions to achieve their full potential

To this end , and in accordance with domestic and international law that protects and promotes the rights of women , you set the State mechanism to extend the period of maternity leave of women workers and give them sufficient transition time to regain health and total order includes the exercise of their duties as mothers before working again, "said Cayetano.

The objectives of the proposal is to amend Section 11 of the Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of Executive Order No. 292 set in the Revised Administrative Code of 1987 , which provides for maternity leave in the government sector.

In the private sector , the proposal aims to amend Section 14- A of Republic Act No. 1161, as amended, or the Social Security Act , the law that gives women workers in the private sector daily maternity leave benefits equivalent to 100 percent of its average daily salary credits within 60 days or 2 months as maternity leave for normal childbirth , and 78 days to turn the caesarian delivery.

It is also Aims to amend Article 133 of Presidential Decree No. 442 or the Labor Code of the Philippines , which provides a two-week maternity leave to pregnant employees two weeks before birth and four weeks after the normal childbirth or abortion , or a total of six weeks' maternity leave .

Based on studies conducted by Time magazine once working mother immediately returned to her work after birth , she will feel painful muscles and increased parental stress.

As a result , it will affect  the rest of his family, including health and cognitive development of children, "according to the study.

Furthermore , according to Cayetano , the proposal requires a review of policy on maternity leave benefit derived by employees in private to ensure that protected their rights and welfare.

Meanwhile , it is also specified in Section 6 of the proposal 's security of tenure or job security for anyone to use the 30-day maternity leave, whether in the government or private sector.

If ever they use it, it would not be a basis for a mother to remove her work , according to the proposal.

So in these cases , I urge speedy passage of the bill , "said  by senator Cayetano.

Cavaliers Are Back In The Finals, Sweeping Atlanta Hawks 4 - 0

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Cleveland Cavaliers is heading towards in NBA Finals for the 2nd time since 2007 Finals against San Antonio Spurs where the Cavaliers was sweep in their first finals appearance.

Cleveland Cavaliers won the Eastern Conference Champion after sweeping the   Atlanta Hawks in Game 4 with  final score of 118 -88, Cavaliers dominate Game 4 from start to finish giving no chance to the Atlanta hawks to comeback in the game.

Point Guard Kyrie Irving who did not play in Game 2 and Game 3, was listed and start in Game 4, Kyrie who seems not a 100 percent scored 16 points  who played for almost 26 minutes.

LeBron James,  scored 23 pts, 9 rebounds and 7 assist in just 29 minutes. James returns back again to the finals for the  5th straight time after having four in Miami Heat which he won two Championship. While this will be his 2nd finals appearance as a Cleveland Cavaliers.

James Jones and LeBron James is the only two player in Cavaliers that will appeared in the NBA Finals for the 5th straight.

Iman Shumpert, Jr Smith, Tristan Thompson, Timothy Mosgov and Matthew Dellivedova, played tremendous game from Game 1 to Game 4 as they not let their guard to sealed the game it did not needed James to come back in the 4th quarter as the blown the Hawks with a bigger leads.

Atlanta Hawks who had the best record in the east at the end of the regular season has a succesfull season winning 60 games but fall short in Cav’s  who is the 2nd best team in the East.

Cavaliers awaits the winner of the Western Conference Finals Champion between The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. GSW lead the series 3 – 1. GSW will try to finish the series match on Game 5 at their home court at Oracle Arena.

Should The Philippines Stay Out Of The Increasing Tension between US And China

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Political analyst from the Philippines advised the Philippine Government that take precautions and much be better to get out of the way of the increasing tension between the United States  and China.

China who claimed 90%  of south china sea which they implemented the 9 dash board line over the disputed sea  and now claiming even the air space navigation is having a verbal war against the United States.

The tension rises  between the two of the most powerful country in the world, after an incident happen last week , as China warn a US spy Aircraft to do not cross on their air space territory but US aircraft rejected the warning and continue as they to answer to China naval officer that the area is a free Air space navigation, China  Naval officer was irritated and replied to US Aircraft to "get lost".

The conversation between China Naval  and Us Spy Aircraft was shown on and heard over CNN News.

China who repeatedly given a diplomacy protest of neighboring country such as Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan for claiming 90% of south china sea and other natural resources which is believe  rich in natural gas is continually neglect the said protest.

It is also remembered that China, Offered the United States that the establishment that they are building in the disputed Island is can also be used by the US in such emergency such as search and rescue and weather system but the US country rejected it.

It is also reported that US super carrier “USS Ronald Reagan” take her voyage to Japan and her primary mission is to take responsibility on west Philippine sea.

Some say that the US country is now showing some military force to China that might resulted to a misunderstanding due to the disputed sea.

“USS Ronald Reagan’ is the biggest and most armored aircraft carrier of United States and it can carry for about 65 aircraft and sometimes called a floating base of United States which is capable of sustaining a war in case it happen.

Country of Japan, Australia and Malaysia is reported to join the US in a military exercise in Japan as the USS Ronald Reagan arrive on the said country.

How To Add Multifox On Moxilla Firefox Browser

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How can we open Multi tabs by using Moxilla firefox browser? In this tutorials we will simply explain on how to used multi tabs by adding an extension or downloading Multifox.

Simply download the latest version of Multifox addons, be sure that your Moxilla firefox that are you using are also the latest version, so that there will be no conflict.

In case that you don’t want to change the current version of your firefox that you used simply choose the version of multifox that would be compatible on your current Moxilla firefox.

Steps on how to add Multifox :

1. Go to Google search and type Multifox addons and hit enter

2. Download the Multifox version that compatible in your Moxilla browser. after selecting the right version to your current browser, a pop up box will appear and simply click install.

3. After Installing it, it will prompt to restart the browser, but in some case due to different version of firefox, sometime it does not need to restart the browser, just simply go to Extension tab and enable the Multifox tab.

4. If installation was successful you can now open 1 or more multi tabs that you desired. just like the images below.

On my version of multifox i used is version 2.2.1, a little bit old version of firefox because i am much comfortable of using old version of firefox, my operating system is windows 7, 64 bit.

Different version of Operating system and Moxilla firefox version may be a little bit different on my tutorials.

Hope this simple tutorials will benefit  users who needs multiple browser.

LeBron James Add Another Milestone Of His Career, Placed At # 6 In Most Career Points In A Playoff

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LeBron James, a four time NBA MVP, two time NBA Champion, Two Time Finals MVP, and  perhaps will go on to the finals for the fifth straight, if luck is on their side as they try to sweep the Atlanta Hawks on Game 4.

 Another milestone of his career added as James, established another record during this 2015 playoff.
In Game 3 of the best of seven series between Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks  in their Eastern Conference Finals Match. James, drops another triple double, finishing the game with 37 points, 18 rebounds , 13 assist and 3 steal.  James attempt for 37 shots the most of his career.

With 3 minutes remaining in the  3rd quarter, James move past at # 6 in all time career points in a playoff. He, passed former Utah Jazz superstar and a two time NBA MVP Karl Malone.

James also placed him self at second place for most triple double in a playoff. James has now 12 playoff career triple double passing Jason Kid with 11 triple double and now trailing Former Lakers superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

James, also tied, Kareem Abdul Jabbar for most 30 points in a playoff with 75, both James and Jabbar placed at # 3, while Kobe Bryant is # 2 has 88 and Michael Jordan in # 1 has 109 most 30 points in a playoff.

James, also added his 54th most 30 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assist in a post season, during Game 3 against Atlanta Hawks.

As the playoff goes on, James is expected  to add another milestone of his career. Showing another monster game in Game 3, saving the Cavs, from loosing the game in a close and thrilling overtime game.

At age 30, LeBron James is starting to broke and surpass records of past NBA superstar. Little by little James are cutting them down.

While this season is a little bit set back for James, as his stats is a little bit down compare on his previous years, James , is still the best NBA player in today's NBA  basketball.

There are still a lot of work to be done for James, to establish himself as the NBA Greatest Player ever played the game of Basketball.

Cleveland Cavaliers Escape Atlanta Hawks In OT Final Score 114 - 111 Cav's Win

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LeBron James, scored 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assist, helps Cleveland to escape Atlanta Hawks in Overtime.

Cleveland Cavaliers Forward LeBron James, starts Game 3, with 0 out of 10 field goal attempts, making his worst starts in his playoff history.

Cavaliers trail the Hawks early in the game by as much as 9 points 16 – 7 Atlanta with 6:08 second in the 1st quarter.

LeBron James, made his first field goal at 7:04 second in the 2nd quarter as the Cav’s rallied as they tied the game 40 all with 3:07 seconds remaining.

Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford, was thrown out of the game in Game 3 , after giving Cavaliers point guard Matthew Dellavedova an an exessive elbow at the back of the body.

With only 34.3 seconds remaining in the 2nd quarter, Al Horford and Matthew Dellavedova are fighting to recover the ball until, Dellavedove loose his balance and landed at the foot and legs of Horford. Horford did not like the actions of Dellavedova, as he retaliates an elbow near at the back of the head.

Horford was ejected after receiving plagrant foul penalty 2 and Dellavedova received technical foul.
After the incident the game resume and ended the 1st half with a score of 49 -48 Atlanta leads.

In the 3rd quarter , LeBron James recorded another milestone as he passed Karl Malone at #6 in all time scoring in a Playoffs with 3 minutes remaining in the 3rd. he also recorded his 12 post season tripple double of his career. James exploded 15 points in the 3rd as they end the 3rd quarter 81 – 76 Cavs lead.

At the 4th quarter Atlanta Hawks are still hanging in the game with only 5:36 second remaining Bazemore tied the game 95 all.

At 4:32 second remaining Atlanta Hawks regain the lead 97-95 on 13 – 2 run by the Hawks.  James come back a shot as they tied again the game and recorded another 30 plus points in 3rd straight game.

Bazemore, keeps the Hawks in the leads as he scores the last 7 points.  Jeff Teauge , keep the Hawks ahead as he made a back to back basket 104 – 100 Hawks wit a 1:34 remaining.

Iman Shumpert Tied the game 104 – 104 with 17 seconds remaining after making 1 out of two freethrows.

The game goes to overtime after hawks guard Jeff teauge missed the final shot of regulation.
Overtime is wire to wire both teams are not letting go,  as both team want to win. With 12.8 seconds remaining James, up the Cavs lead to three by making a lay up 114 -111.

Cleveland Cavaliers escape the game after the Atlanta Hawks missed a back to back three to tied the game, Final score 114 -111 Cav’s win.

Game 4 at Quicken Loans Arena, Tuesday US time, Cav’s lead the serie 3 – 0.

7/11 Guard Shows Some Dance Move In The Theme Of “ Nae Nae Dance Craze”

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A viral video of a 7/11 crew and a guard become hit in the social media after the video of them was uploaded. The said video shows that the three worker shows some fancy dance move in the theme of “ Nae Nae Dance Craze”.

It is reported that the 7/11 Manager is the one who shot the video, while there is no customer at that time.

Social media user give their opinions on the said video, as they admire the manager who shot the video, as she or he, is giving his worker a pleasure time while waiting for costumer or maybe just to wake them up while working at night time.

The two staff of 7/11, show’s some dance move at the front, while the guard, shows the best dance move at the back. At first the guard is still felling shy, but eventually give it away and dance at his full force. Even though that the guard is not that young at all or should we say somewhere pass middle age, he still can relate in younger co- workers and dance step.

Many people says that  if your happy with your work, you don’t feel that you are working? Maybe this viral video is one good example of working at the same time being happy while you work.
As of know the video gain thousands of likes in the social media and it’s counting.
source: lionheartv, youtube

A Bill Has Been Passed That Obliged All Sim Card User To Register Their Sim Card Before Using It

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All Mobile user are now obliged to register their mobile sim card in the National Telecommunications Commission or NTC.

A report stated that the House of representative has passed a resolution that requires all mobile user and sim card buyers to registered their sim card before using it.

In this bill, old and new sim card users must apply for registration of the sim card, failure to do so, the Telecommunication company which are allowed to deactivate sim card who failed to followed the rules.

In order to comply with this bill,  the bill requires buyers of SIM cards to present an identification card and fill out a registration form with a control number

After giving personal information that needed in your sim card registration , the information will be send to the National Telecommunications Commission, for recording purposes.

As of now, there is no clear report on where to file a registration for sim card user, we will await for further information until the bill is implemented.

The bill was made due to following problems such as complaints against scams and harassment done over text messages and calls. With in this bill people who do dirty works through phones are can easily be trace and face consequences of harassing people through phones.

We hope that this bill can help us for preventing people form accessing our mobile sim card for  such scam and illegal activities and it will  result on another useless  bill?
source: GMA

Cleveland Cavaliers Are Looking Good As They Take Game 2 Against Atlanta Hawks 94 - 82

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Cleveland Cavaliers takes Game 2, Of their best of seven series match against the Atlanta Hawks in their Eastern Conference Finals match. Cavaliers  is now leading the series 2 – 0, after winning Game 2 in the score of 94 – 82 at Philips Arena.

Cavaliers dominant Game 2, from start to finish, even though CavaliersAll star point guard Kyrie Irving, did not play due to injury but the Cavs, seem’s too much for the Hawks even without kyrie Irving.

DeMarre Carroll, who injured his knee in Game 1 with 5 minutes to play in the fourth quarter, was suit up and starts in Game 2.

LeBron James, lead the cavs again with 30 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assist, 1 rebound shy for another triple double and mark his 53rd most 30 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assist in a post season.

Tristan Thompson, show his dominance in rebound as he lead the Cavs in rebound with 16 rebounds. 11 defensive and 5 offensive, he also added  2 block shots and 7 points.

Iman Shumpert added 16 points  with 4 out of 6 in the three point area and mostly shadowed Kyle Korver for defense in most of the game.

Meanwhile the Atlanta Hawks, who seem did not solved the problem in game 1, has struggled through out the game, especially in the the third quarter when the Cav’s, starts to pull away. Just like in game 1, Cavs imposed there will to win in the second half.

Al Horford and Kyle Korver, suffered injury in the latter of the match. Al horford returns in the remainder of the game. While Kyle Korver, did not return in the game.

With this commanding lead by the Cleveland Cavaliers, they are now seeking to win Game 3 in the home court at Quickens Loan Arena on Sunday US time. The Cavs will not give any chance on the Atlanta Hawks to get their momentum as their resume their match.

While the Atlanta Hawks is back to drawing borad to analyzed what are their mistake and how to solved the problems to win and silence LeBron James.

Detained Senator Revilla, Might Still Run In 2016 Elections For Higher Positions

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Detained senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr, announced that he  would be open to the possibility of running at higher positions in 2016 elections. he also wanted to join the debate in the Senate about the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ).

Even  I’m in prison I knew that my conscience is clean and  the truth will comes out, answered by senator Revilla when a media ask him if he plans to run the Presidential or Vice president position this coming 2016 elections.

Revilla attend a court hearing on Thursday in relation to his petition to bail for the case of  plunder. It is remembered that Revilla was charged of alleged corruption in the use of the pork barrel funds.

The question is, is there a rule that  prohibit a person who is in jail to run for government position? There is no law that  prohibit ? I have not been yet convicted , Revilla  said , who is also an officials of Lakas- CMD.

Revilla refused to specify the possible position that he will run 2016  elections and  some personalities also visit him and expressed their support for his future political plans .

He added, " if you know you're guilty , you are not thinking to run. But if your conscience is clean, you have no need to fear . But we just wait until October  until we file our the candidacy.

However , Revilla admitted that the allegations of corruption reduce public trust that is thrown at him.

I have to admit that many people  poisoned of throwing mud at us. As you see the politics today is too much dirty. Revilla said. I hope that we had an equal fights this coming elections. let the people decide.

Meanwhile , Revilla expressed his interest on joining the Senate will in discussing the Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ) in plenary.  to form the new political entity to replace the Autonomous Region on Muslim Mindanao or ARMM.

In his statement, Revilla said that he had instructed his lawyers to file a motion with the court to allow him to attend the session of the Senate.

He explains, that even though he is detained , the responsibility of being a legislator still remains.
source: GMA

"Wowowin" Host Willie Revillame, Ready To Give Thea Tolentino A Check For A Down Payment Of A Vehicle.

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A check is ready to be given by Wowowin host Willie Revillame, to Thea Tolentino one of the stars in "Half Sisters" the check will be used to paid a portion of  down payment on a vehicle.

Actress Thea Tolentino, guested in one of the episode of the show of  Wowowin, upon knowing that Thea, really wanted to  own a vehicle, Willy was touched and  offered her a check that  would used to pay a  part of down payment in a car that she would  like?

Thea, was very grateful to Revillame’s offered,  she said that she will accept the check and that she promised that she would work very very  hard to pay the debt on the car that she would like.

Thea, also said the she was very glad on Willie Revillame’s offered and she also remembered that Willie take some advice to her that she would work hard  to pay for a car. Thea acknowledge on Willie's advice that he was right.

Willie Revillame, host of the new game show in the GMA Network “Wowowin’, was known for his generosity especially for all contestant. He gives money with out hesitation to some contestant that he fells that is really in need.  Upon knowing his generosity, Revillame’s game show’s has been popular especially on poor ones.

Willie, starts his popularity when he host the famous  game show “Wowowee”, which aired in ABS-CBN, but eventually transferred to ABC 5 for some misunderstanding  and now, he’s once again a Kapuso member of GMA 7.

“Wowowin” is the newest  variety-game show of willy, which is being aired  every Sunday afternoon. It was first aired in GMA 7 on May 10, 2015. This is also serve as the comeback of Willie Revillame in showbiz and his mother network Gma network. It is remembered that  Willie Revillame was one of the co host of Lunch Date together with Randy Santiago.
 source: GMA

Cavaliers Takes Game 1 Of The Eastern Conference Finals Against Atlanta Hawks 97 - 89

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The number 2 seed Cleveland Cavaliers takes Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the number 1 seed Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena  97 – 89.

LeBron James leads the scoring for cavaliers with 31 points 8 rebounds and 6 assist. James exploded for 14 points in the second quarter after only 2 points in the 1st quarter.

Atlanta Hawks, had a good start leading by 9 points in the 1st quarter 24 – 15 with 2:55 to go.

At 2nd quarter, Cavs, little by little cut the deficit and ending the half with 51 – 51 all.

Jr Smith added 28 points off the bench hitting 8 out 12 three point shots, a cavaliers new franchise records for most three points in a playoff.  Smith explode in the 4th quarter  hitting 3 tripples, that gives the cavs their biggest lead to 18 points, 85 – 67 with 9:59 seconds in the 4th quarter.

Atlanta takes a final run until an injury happen to Atlanta Hawks forward Demarre Carroll with only 4:59 second in the 4th quarter.  Carroll, never came back in the game due to injury sustained.

With 37 seconds to go the Hawks brought down the lead of the Cavs, in just 6 points 93 – 87.

Cavaliers holds and escape a victory at Philips Arena 97 – 89. Taking the home court advantage.

Ky rie Irving, scores 10 points in 27 minutes but looks humbling as, Thristan Thompson scores double double with 14 point and 10 rebounds, Timothy Mozgov , had 10 points and 11 rebounds.

LeBron James, made another milestone of his career as he surpassed Michael Jordan and become number 1 with 52 most 30 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assist in a post season.

Game two is scheduled on Friday, 8:30 pm Us time at Philips Arena.

Storm Signal 5, Was Added By PAGASA In Their New Modified Storm Warning System

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The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced a new system  in preparation of this coming rainy season. The system in which PAGASA, upgraded the typhoon category into 5 stages.

The old system has a four category  type of Storm signals and is now upgraded into five category.
the new category is called typhoon/Storm signal 5.

Due to massive and powerful typhoon or super typhoon that the country has experience in the past years, PAGASA,  release a new modified  system.

In order to prepared this coming rainy season, in which the country is expected to experience a strong typhoon.

Here are the list of new modified Public Storm Warning System:

Signal # 1
In this category a storm wind  from 30-60 kph  and it will be experiencing in the next 36 hours.

Signal # 2
In this category a storm wind  from 61-120 kph  and it will be experiencing in the next 24 hours.

Signal # 3
In this category a storm wind  from 121-170 kph  and it will be experiencing in the next 18 hours.

Signal # 4
In this category a storm wind  from 171-220 kph  and it will be experiencing in the next 12 hours.

Signal # 5
The new added storm category which is classified as super typhoon will be experiencing a storm
wind of 220 kph and up.

It was reported that the country has already experience  a category of super typhoon. In 2013 a super typhoon Yolanda, hit the Philippines carrying a wind of 230 kph, that destroy and killed many people in the Philippines. It is one of the deadliest super typhoon ever recorded in the country.

Also included in the new warning system are the expected damages of Infrastructure and agriculture that the storm will caused.

Tropical Cyclones is also modified in this new system based on their intensity:

Tropical Depression 
Will experience a wind of 61 kph and below

Tropical Storm
Will experience a wind of 62-88 kph

Severe Tropical Storm
Will experience a wind of 89-117 kph

Will experience a wind of 118-220 kph

Super Typhoon
Will experience a wind of 220 kph and up

Scientist And UFO Investigators Cannot Solved The Mystery Of This Alien Creature

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Scientist and UFO investigators are joining force to resolve a mystery  of a creature that looks like a combination of a human, a monkey or  an alien? Or should they say all of the above?

In  May of 2007, this strange creature was found in the country of Mexico. The farmer who see’s it drown the strange creature out of fear.

Since the end of 2008, series of test are had been conducted on the corps of the strange creature but the mystery is  to much deep.

Even serious scientist are wondering if this creature comes from another planet?

The test showed that the creature does not comes from our planet, which is not known to exist in planet Earth.  The body of the creatures has the characteristics of a lizards and human.

The creatures has also has a large brain that probably, it has a high intelligence.

There are frequent sightings of UFO reports and crop circles in the area leading into suspicious that the creature was left behind by the Aliens?

Some farmers also reported that there is a second alien like creatures that has been seen in the same area.

The mysterious creature is at the hands of the scientific staff as of now.

What do you think of this creature? Is it an Alien or another animals that is not yet discovered? Or maybe a experimental animal that became mutant? You decide kindly give us your comment….
source: youtube

"Valley Fault System Atlas" Finally Launched And Can Be Download Through PHIVOLCS Site

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The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), has launched a handy reference called “The Valley Fault System Atlas”

“The Valley Fault System Atlas” shows a map or places where active valley fault are can be find in Greater Manila Area or GMA and other nearby provinces.

Due to uncertainty on where or when a strong earthquake will hit Philippines, especially GMA?  in which PHIVOLCS, believe that a magnitude of  7.2 is about to happen and will hit Metro Manila.

The key to reduce the risk of a strong earthquake is to know what are the area of active valley fault,  so that people living in that area will have the knowledge to prepare and what to do in case of a strong earthquake happen.

That’s why PHIVOLCS, released “The Valley Fault System Atlas”, in this reference you will see a clearer and much detailed area of active valley faults, where the valley fault is the main source of an earthquake.

According to Dr. Renato Solidum, Jr., director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS). In preparedness of strong earthquake, people must know what area is the most active faults in GMA , people must not built houses, building and other infrastructure under the active valley fault , and also to give knowledge and preparedness of knowing what to do in case of a strong earthquake.

Base on Valley Fault System Atlas, there are two fault segment in Metro Manila, East Valley Fault, is a 10 kilometer fault cruising from Rodriguez, Rizal and San Mateo, Rizal. In case of sudden movement , it will cause a magnitude of 6.2.

On the other hand the second segment of fault is the West Valley Fault, a 100 kilometers fault which is cruising from Bulacan, Rizal, Quezon City, Marikina, Pasig, Makati, Taguig, Muntinlupa,  up to some provinces of Laguna and Cavite. If the fault becomes active it will give a earthquake of magnitude of 7.2.

The “The Valley Fault System Atlas”, was also given in local government and was believe that it took 3 years to finish the said reference. It is also downloadable in the main website of Phivolcs.

Click here to download the “The Valley Fault System Atlas”

Steps to know  and what to do before and after the earthquake
 source: GMA, PHIVOLCS

“El Gamma Penumbra” Will Donate Some Portion Of The Prize That They Won At Home For The Aged

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The first grand winner of America 's Got Talent “El Gamma Penumbra”  has return to the Philippines from Singapore on Friday evening. Among their plans on their way home  is to see the eders in the  home for the aged in which they are supporting.

The group is from Tanauan , Batangas  and was met at the airport by itself Batangas vice governor Mark Leviste.

According to Leviste, there is a  prepared  hero's welcome on the group in their return in their home town in Batangas.

Leviste also extended the greetings of Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos- Recto El Gamma Penumbre for the honor given to the province and the country.

According to members of the group , Marvin Marpa , they could still not believe the achievement, success and warm support received from the people.

Until now we really think its still a dream?, we don’t know if this is really true? That really happen? He said.

Those people that give us warm of support, not only in El Gamma Penumbra but also in other participating Pinoy. We are in cloud nine for extreme happines, it  trembles us , everything was unexpected , "he added.

Aside from El Gamma Penumbra, hiphop dance group  Junior New System, has also make it to the Grand finals and singers Gwyneth Dorado at Gerphil Flores.

The group also said that part of their received over P4 million prize will be given to the home for the aged that they are supporting.

They are exited to see the seniors of the  institutions, in which they give them inspiration on the said competition.    

El Gamma Penumbra , was known at first as hip hop group then later on change to a shadow play. Hip hop industry is too big and they are very talented. So we decided to change are genre.

It was learned that the concept of the group and was voted  on what is timely famous and what they think that the viewer  will accept.
source: GMA

New Source Says, Manny Pacquiao Beat Or A Draw Against Floyd Mayweather Jr In Their Mega Fight Result

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Day’s has been past but the Mega fight between undefeated Floyd Mayweather jr and the Filipino fighting pride of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao are still in debate of who really won the mega fight?

The Mega fight was dubbed “Battle for Greatness” that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada last May 2 of this year.

Both fighter earn their biggest  paycheck of their career, breaking every records in boxing  history and also surpassing the previous most earn in pay per view, which featured a match between “The Golden boy” Oscar De la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather.

The result of the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather has garnered different opinions, is Mayweather did really win? Or Manny Pacquiao won?

Mayweather undoubtedly won in the mega fight in the eye of the three judges but on many viewers who watch the fight its seem’s that many believe that Pacquiao really won the fight.

A boxing website, based on US, released a study on what  really the best outcome of the mega fight?  As many people are dismay of the mega fight, they release some statistic in their own believe that the result that should happen?

The website who released their own scorecard, appeared that the fight between the two boxers was a draw.

As they explain that many rounds were hard to score because of too much contact, after the fight the  punch stats was released immediately that is to suspicious which favors Mayweather and Pacquiao thought he won the fight because he thought Mayweather did not do anything but run and hug.

If you guys, know how to score a boxing match per round please watch their match below and score it round by round to know, if who really won? based on your own observation.

source: youtube

Meanwhile report said that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will give Manny Pacquiao a rematch after Manny Pacquiao’s Injury are healed.

 But Floyd Mayweather, sudden change of mind makes another statement that he will no longer fight Manny Pacquiao, because of the later excuses on why he loosed the fight that he lost respect on Manny Pacquiao and called Pacquiao a sore looser.

As of today there are no reports that the two fighter will be seen again on the same ring  to fight once again and hopefully this time they will give their best to give enjoyment to the boxing fans.

A 12-Years Old Boy, Finally Caught By His Father On Why He Is Taking Too Long In The Shower

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A viral video of 12 years old boy who was taking a long shower,spending twice as normal shower user was prank by his own father by taking a video of him while he was using their bathroom.

His father decided to investigate the reason on why his 12 years old son is taking too much time in the shower? Upon discovering that his son is showing some skills in dancing and some stuff while taking a shower with a background music of  Flo Rida's hit’s” Goin' Down For Real”.

The boy, who don’t know of what is happening behind him while he shows some dancing moves, his father take the opportunity to record his son best dance move with an interval of several seconds of video recorded.

With almost a minute of dancing the boy turn his back, and finally noticed that he has an audience behind him, unaware that his  father was behind him all this time while he is making a dancing move.
Upon knowing the situation, the boy immediately drags the shower curtain across the cubicle to block the camera's view.

The funny viral video of the 12 years old boy, was uploaded by his own father in the social media network. And garnered many viewers.
source: youtube

Valenzuela City, Warehouse Fire Tragedy Confirmed Dead Bodies At The Second Floor Of The Building

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Officilas of Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), confirmed that there were bodies found on the second floor of the burnt factory in Valenzuela City on Wednesday, May 13.

Therefore, the number of fatalities expected to increase after  the tragedy that occurred in the village of Ugong.

It is first reported that three were confirmed killed in the fire and has 65 workers are missing in the footwear factory.

In a separate interview by GMA news to BFP director Chief Supt. Ariel Barayuga, he said that they are removing the collapsed roof and walls of the building to determine all the victim that could not yet determine the exact number of possible casualties in the fire.

 Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian ,said that the local social welfare department, reports that according to the families that are seeking their love ones are 65 people missing and it is possible that they are trapped in the said burn warehouse.

As of 7:01 pm the fire was declared a " fire out" which is started noon  of Wednesday.

Based on initial information , the fire started when  a welder accidentally burn a chemical inside the  factory.

"When I asked those owner of the factory, they  cannot answer us because they logbook was also burn. So , they do not know how much is in . Second, the foreman who knows how many in-shift, is also inside the burn factory. Said by Gatchalian.

The Mayor also added that the families of the victims was bought in the village hall near the morgue to determine the identity of the remains.

"We will need a professional morgue assistance to identify those bodies . That's what we do to identify the victim and calm their family  and to know what actually happened to their family , " said Gatchalian.

The mayor also promised to provide financial and legal assistance to local governments for the families who's love ones are one of those died in the burnt factory.
source: GMA

Senator Lito Lapid, Revealed His Plans Of Running As Mayor Of Angeles, Pampanga This Coming 2016 Elections

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Actor/Politician Senator Lito Lapid plans to run for mayor of Angeles City in Pampanga in the upcoming 2016 elections , while his son Mark lapid will run for senator. This are the plans of Lito Lapid, in which his term in the senate is about to end.

Lapid, joked that he is not really belonged in the senate. I just got lucky, I won because of  the mercy of the Lord and the support of our people.

Aside from being a senator , Lapid was also a former governor and vice governor of  Pampanga and in 2007 , he ran for  Mayor of  Makati City , but lost to Binay , who is vice mayor  during at that time.

According to Sen. Lapid, his son Mark , also a former governor of Pampanga , will run for senator this 2016 election

 Mark will run for senator , he will run even if  independent. He is qualified, he is the one who really studied . I for mayor of Angeles City , "explains by the elder Lapid.

Lapid admitted  that on 12 years of experience as senator  is fun and at the same time nervous
because of his lack of education.

Its Fun and Always nervous until now . Of course I'm lacking in education . The question [ is ] maybe I can not answer , is not it? I just work only, if there are good bills we support , "said by senator Lapid.

Senator Lapid and his son Mark are both member of the Lakas party. but his son Mark are willing to join other parties such as the Liberal Party . The senator also wants to run under the local party in Pampanga Lingap Joy .

Marl Lapid is currently the chief operating officer of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority.
Aside from being a governor of Pampanga, the younger Lapid was also a  leader of Philippine Tourism Authority.

Meanwhile senator Lapid also said that if senator Grace Poe will run for a higher position in the government of this coming 2016 election, he will support her.
source: GMA

Viral: A Rare Footage Of Alleged Mermaid Was Seen In One Of The Beach Resorts In The Philippines

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A viral video of alleged "Mermaid" or "Sirena" a local name called in the Philippines was captured a video in a mobile phone in London Beach Resort in General Santos City. The video was taken by a woman, who she unexpectedly seen a strange creature during daytime at noon while they are in the beach.

Jovelyn is said to be the woman who uploaded the viral video, told that at around 2pm, while they are having an family outing she caught a video of alleged mermaid.

She also told that two days before they seen the alleged mermaid, they experience a premonition from their sick grandfather, where their grandfather said that he wanted to go to sea.

After they see the alleged mermaid, they used the water from where the mermaid swim, and used it for cleaning and bath of their sick grandfather.

They believe that mermaid is a lucky charm, and just a few days has past, after using the water that from the sea, their grandfather miraculously recovered from stroke.

An interview from another source to confirm the said alleged mermaid, some staff from the said resort said that the alleged mermaid is not really a mermaid but it just was a “Dugong” a marine mammal who’s closest relative is sea cow.

The staff also said that they had the same video of the alleged mermaid and this time it is very clear that the alleged mermaid in their own video was confirmed a Dugong.

A lifeguard also confirmed that there is a prescense of Dugong in the beach resort, he told that two to three times a week that the Dugong makes appearnace on the said sea,  during the time between 2 pm  to 4 pm.

The white marks that seen behind the Dugong is the same creature which the same mark that Jovelyn's video’s alleged mermaid.

After an expert analyzed the video that they seen between Jovelyn's video and beach resort staff video, its clear that it is not a mermaid and it was confirmed that the viral video of the alleged mermaid in General Santos is a Hoax.
source: GMA , youtube

LeBron James, Save The Cav's In A Buzzer Beater Shot, Series Tied 2 - 2

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With only 1.5 seconds in the game of Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, LeBron James, save the Cavs, in a Buzzer beater shot beating the Bulls 86 -84.

LeBron James, who scored 25 pts, 14 rebounds, 8 assist and 8 turnovers, help the cavaliers to even the  series 2- 2, against the Chicago Bulls, of their own Eastern conference semifinals round.

At the start of the Fourth Quarter of Game 4, the bulls lead the game by seven, 61 – 68. But the Cavaliers makes a run in the fourth as they lead as much as seven points.

As the game favors the Cavaliers, with only  4 minutes to go, LeBron James committed multiple turnovers as he was charge of two back to back offensive fouls, as the game is down the wire.

The Bulls makes their final run as they tied the game 84 all, a lay up from Derrick Rose with only 9 seconds remaining.

With no timeout remaining James, pushed the ball, as he attack the basket and loss the ball outside the baseline. No foul was called against Noah, but Cav's, keep the ball with only 1.5 seconds remaining.

Cav's point guard Matthew Dellavedova, in-bounding the ball as he pass the ball to LeBron James in the left corner as James makes a jump shot beating the buzzer and tied the series 2-2.

On Game 3, Derrick Rose hit a banks shot at the buzzer. a 3 point shot that beat the Cavs  99 – 96. watch here

And now James, return the favor for a back to back game buzzer beater. hits a left corner Jump shot 86 - 84. series tied 2 -2 .

source: youtube

Game 5 is heading to Cleveland Cavaliers, Quicken Loans Arena.

Senator Grace Poe And PNoy Talks Politics But Poe, Not Yet Decided To Run In The 2016 Elections

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President Benigno Aquino III , Confirmed that he recently spoke to Senator Grace Poe which related to politics. currently the Chief Executive is in Canada for a three  day state visit.

In an interview with Aquino 's trip to Canada, the president refused to elaborate on the conversations they had with Poe.

However , he said he will reveal the discussion with senator  Poe at the right time.

Aquino added, that he is open to all possibilities when it comes to the upcoming election and an alliance with other political groups.

Because of this , the president said that his party would not be limited to the Liberal Party ( LP ) the selection of a bearer of the administration when it comes to the 2016 presidential elections.

When asked if he is also open on the possibility to endorse an independent candidate , the president responded , "Possible ."

In the previous survey, Poe leads the list of potential next vice president when the 2016 elections were held.

Candidates on the next President of the Philippines, survey says that senator  Poe, is also appeared in a  that she and Vice President Binay, are in close fight for the next leader of the country.

Poe said in an interview that she had not decided whether she will run in the upcoming 2016 elections.

There are many discussion about that but those who say they have offered  me, but its just a rumor? Poe said.

The Senator added , "When it come to me, there are much more needs to pray to know what was best , how can i help."

Earlier reported that senator Poe was courted by the LP to be partners of the Interior and Local Government Sec . Mar Roxas in 2016 elections .
source: GMA

Derrick Rose Hit A Buzzer Beater Shot, Beats the Cavs 99 - 96

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Derick Rose of Chicago Bulls , hit a three point shot with only 3 seconds remaining in the game saving the Bulls and taking the series leads of 2 - 1.

with only 3 seconds remaining , Rose receive the ball after an inbound, as he hurriedly take a three point shot in front of Tristan Thompson  and successfully makes it as  the buzzer sound. With no time remaining  in the games Bulls beat the Cavaliers 99 – 96.

The games has been intense since the beginning of the game, both team struggled in the first quarter, as Cleveland Cavaliers lead the halftime leading by two 49 -47.

Lebron James, established another milestone of his career, placing himself at number four of All time playoff assist leader, passing  Tony Parker, Steve Nash and Larry Bird, in today's game against the Chicago Bulls.

Cleveland Cavaliers, mostly lead the game, leading as much as 8 points, but the Bulls hang, as they take the lead at the fourth quarter which they established their biggest lead of five points.

With a 2:24 seconds to go, the game was tied by LeBron James, making a two free throws.

 In the next play Derrick Rose was fouled  by Kyrie Irving in 2:09 seconds, Rose make one out of Two Free throw Bulls lead  92 -91.

LeBron James, forced his shot down the shaded line as he was fouled by Jimmy Butler , James convert another two free throw  93-92, Cavs lead,

After Bulls timeout, Jimmy Butler, quickly scored a two points, bringing back the lead to Bulls 94 -93.

Cavs, did not call a timeout as James, hurriedly take a drive and missed a point blank shot, that might caused them the game. James immediately foul Gibson two stop the game.

Gibson, convert two free throws, to up the Bulls lead 96 – 93. With 23.5 seconds remaining.

Cavs, did not make any timeout as they continue the play, James makes a play to Jr Smith, hitting a big three point shot tying the game 96 – 96 all with 10.8 seconds remaining.

The Bulls did not call a time out as rose makes a play James, tap the ball outside with 3 seconds remaining.

The Bulls has the ball with only 3 seconds remaining, Dudley takes the inbound out to Rose and hit a buzzer beater 3 point shot beating the Cavs. 96 – 99.

source: youtube

Clever Guard Dog Surrendered Along With His Owner During A Drug Raid In Their House

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A K-9 male guard dog, reportedly surrendered along with his owner and fellow suspected drug syndicate somewhere in the neighborhood in South Brazil, after a joint operation of Policemen and Military to raid a group of suspected  drug syndicate.

 While a policemen told the owner of the dog to laid down on the group together with some members of the gang, the guard dog cleverly runs toward his owner and  surrender ed himself as the dog laid down in the ground near his owner.

Luckily the dog  was not shot  at the time of the Police operation, due to the barking noise that the dog was making. Usually Police shot dogs during operation while carrying a buy bust operation to avoid a failed operation.

The photo of the dog who seen laying down the ground along side with his owner and fellow suspected drug syndicate became viral in the social media network , after the guard dogs picture was uploaded that shows his acts of surrender while laying down.  A very strange act which not usual for a dog, unless if the dog is well teach by his owner.

As the Police operation was done, reports said that the guard dog , together with his owner and the rest of suspected groups of drug syndicate was released.
source: youtube

Stephen Curry Received 100 First-Place Votes To Win The 2014 - 2015 KIA NBA MVP Award

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On Monday,  NBA and KIA performance award announce that the “2014-2015 KIA MVP” belongs to the 27 years old point guard of Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry, who had a sensational year this season, has lead his team in scoring and assist and making the team the best record of 67 win and 15 loss of this year 2014-2015 regular season.

Curry who averaging 23.8 points, 7.7 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 2.0 steals per game, is the heavily favorite to win the KIA MVP award. Despite of several months of debates of who will win the tight race for MVP?

Curry  who received 100 first-place votes for a total of 1,198 points from a panel of 129 writers and broadcasters, along with the fan vote on the NBA's website.

Fellow  candidates James Harden of the Houston Rockets, had also have a sensational year after shouldering the heavy loads of Houston Rockets, after the absence of team mate Dwight Howard and finishing second in the Western Conference 56 win and 26 loss. Harden who receives 25 first-place votes and 936 points.

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James, who already won 4 MVP, is in third who receives  5 first-place votes and 552 points. The lowest output by James, as an MVP candidate. Who also seen a sudden decrease in his performance as he’s not the same LeBron James,as it used to be.

On the fourth place is Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook  who receives 352 points. Who had also an incredible season despite the loss of last year MVP Kevin Durant,  Westbrook  carry his team to try to make it to the Playoffs but unfortunately loosing a tie breaking quotient to New Orleans Pelicans in 8th place.

 New Orleans Pelicans big man is in fifth place, Anthony Davis  receives 203 points.
Stephen Curry, is the second player to won an MVP in their franchise history. The first ever to won the MVP as a Golden State Warriors is Wilt Chamberlain in 1960.
Stephen curry is the son of retired  NBA Player Dell Curry.
source: NBA

What Is Your Opinion On Pacquiao/Mayweather Fights Outcome?

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People all around the world had witnessed and watch the fight of the century between the American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao which recently happen at Las Vegas, Nevada.

After 5 years of waiting the mega fight was finally happen and one has been crown as the greatest pound per pound champion of the world.
The fight exceed up to 12 rounds  of boxing, a close fight till the end of the of round 12. Both boxer knew to them selves that they won the match, both raised their hand to their believe that they won the match.

Photo credits to GMA

As the decision came along and the results of the match is at the hands of Michael Buffer,  he address the audience, and viewers around the world of the results of the match. Two judges named Glenn Feldman and Burt Clements both scored 116-112, while the other judge Dave Moretti had it 118-110. All judges scores in favor of Floyd Mayweather by winning a unanimous decision.
Some people were shock of the result, It is a close fight but the scores card result is to far from they expected?

Out of the two boxer, Pacquiao, was the aggressive one, Mayweather is the defensive one. but maybe the three judges see’s the fight differently.

Accorcing to Compubox, Floyd Mayweather has 435 total pumches thrown, 148 total punches landed and 34% connecting percentage. While Manny Pacquiao, has 429 total punches thrown, 81 total punches landed and 19% connecting percentage.

After declaring Mayweather is the winner, fans inside the Las Vegas, Nevada, Booed the result of the match, somewhat most of the fans disagree on the results.
During an interview with Manny Pacquiao, he expressed himself that he thought he won the fight? He also said that Mayweather didn’t do anything? That he really thought that he is one that should won?

As the fight was finally done, Social media users, especially in the Philippines. express their opinion on the outcome of the match, they were not satisfied on the scorecards results, they believe that pacquiao should have won the fight? Pacquiao is the one making the fight and  Mayweather is just running and hugging, some of few comments that really angry some social media user.
But whatever the results, it might not be in favor of Pacquiao, we should thankfull that both fighter are in good condition after the fight.

What’s next for the two boxer? Is Pacquiao, will finally retire his gloves? Or another fight to win before retiring and focused on his another job? And for Mayweather, another fight will happen in September as he revealed during his interview after the fight against pacquiao.
Congrats for both fighters both are winners, Mayweather wins the title, Pacquiao wins the heart of the audience.

Watch: Career Highlights Of Manny Pacquiao And Floyd Mayweather Jr, Before Their Match In Boxing Arena

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A day remaining for the biggest fight of two of the most popular boxer in the history  of boxing.

“Pretty Boy “ Floyd Mayweather Jr , the undefeated champion  will finally clash the fighting pride of the Philippines, the eight time division champion  Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, tomorrow May 2 at Las Vegas Nevada.

The boxing event, will make history that dubbed as the fight of the century and finally determined on who of the two boxer is the greater boxer . winner of the fight will be crown as the WBC unified Champion and will have the multi million dollar belt, a belt that has 3,017 emeralds and 800 grams of gold.

Wow! This fight is the grandious fight of all time not only that winner will prove that he is better to the looser of the match but will also have the most expensive belt of all time.

As the fight happen Saturday at Las Vegas in Nevada, and Sunday here in the Philippines, people around the world will witness the most anticipated fights, people at Vegas are lucky to witness the boxing event live, some people will witness the event through pay per view , and with people that cannot afford to watch the event live, they can watch the event in free in a delayed telecast.

In Philippines, every fight that Manny Pacquiao in the boxing arena, Filipino people awaits to see the event and as the fight goes on tomorrow it is expected the almost all people in the Philippines will see to it that they can watch the biggest fight of Manny Pacquiao and also every time that Pacquiao has a fight crime in the Philippines are also lessen as criminals maybe also watching his fight.

Winner of the Boxing event tomorrow, may the best boxer win and hopefully a worth to watch , people around the world are now very exited , Pacquioa/Mayweather, finally !!!!!

Career highlights of Manny Pacquiao

Career highlights of Floyd Mayweather Jr.