Cities With Most Number Of Natural Hazards Are Can Be Found In The Philippines

Eight out of  ten Cities in the world that is always facing with natural disasters are can be found in the Philippines, this is according to a study referred in the report of  Reuters.

This Cities includes Tuguegarao in Cagayan which is in 2nd place;  Lucena , in Quezon Province, 3;  Manila , 4;  San Fernando Pampanga, 5;  Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija , 6;  Batangas, 7;  San Carlos ( no mention of the province in the report ) , 9;  and Naga in Camarines Sur ( Bicol ) , 10.

Leading  in the list is Port Vita, Vanuatu.  while Taipei was place at eighth , the study published last week by risk analysis firm Maplecroft Verisk.

The company evaluates the threat of typhoons, floods, earthquakes , tsunamis , volcanoes, landslides and fires in over 1,300 cities worldwide , according to the Reuters report.

Excluded from the study is the city of Legazpi, a  major cities in Bicol which is near  in the foot of the active Mayon Volcano , which was appreciated by the local officials.

It proves that our city , includes in the three most livable cities in the country is officially recognized and  excluded from a  highly prone to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides , "said Mayor Noel Rosal last Saturday in an interview with Philippine News Agency.

Report also said that aside from an estimated 20 typhoon  that hit the Philippines, the country also faced with other natural disasters and threats aggravated by lack of capacity of institutions and societies to manage and respond  at some  harmful event.

 The Philippines is also considered a “high Risk” country due to in  in-ability to manage and prevent the effects of natural disasters and the most reason of this is extreme corruption and high levels of poverty ,  report said .
source: interaksyon