Clever Guard Dog Surrendered Along With His Owner During A Drug Raid In Their House

A K-9 male guard dog, reportedly surrendered along with his owner and fellow suspected drug syndicate somewhere in the neighborhood in South Brazil, after a joint operation of Policemen and Military to raid a group of suspected  drug syndicate.

 While a policemen told the owner of the dog to laid down on the group together with some members of the gang, the guard dog cleverly runs toward his owner and  surrender ed himself as the dog laid down in the ground near his owner.

Luckily the dog  was not shot  at the time of the Police operation, due to the barking noise that the dog was making. Usually Police shot dogs during operation while carrying a buy bust operation to avoid a failed operation.

The photo of the dog who seen laying down the ground along side with his owner and fellow suspected drug syndicate became viral in the social media network , after the guard dogs picture was uploaded that shows his acts of surrender while laying down.  A very strange act which not usual for a dog, unless if the dog is well teach by his owner.

As the Police operation was done, reports said that the guard dog , together with his owner and the rest of suspected groups of drug syndicate was released.
source: youtube