What Is Your Opinion On Pacquiao/Mayweather Fights Outcome?

People all around the world had witnessed and watch the fight of the century between the American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao which recently happen at Las Vegas, Nevada.

After 5 years of waiting the mega fight was finally happen and one has been crown as the greatest pound per pound champion of the world.
The fight exceed up to 12 rounds  of boxing, a close fight till the end of the of round 12. Both boxer knew to them selves that they won the match, both raised their hand to their believe that they won the match.

Photo credits to GMA

As the decision came along and the results of the match is at the hands of Michael Buffer,  he address the audience, and viewers around the world of the results of the match. Two judges named Glenn Feldman and Burt Clements both scored 116-112, while the other judge Dave Moretti had it 118-110. All judges scores in favor of Floyd Mayweather by winning a unanimous decision.
Some people were shock of the result, It is a close fight but the scores card result is to far from they expected?

Out of the two boxer, Pacquiao, was the aggressive one, Mayweather is the defensive one. but maybe the three judges see’s the fight differently.

Accorcing to Compubox, Floyd Mayweather has 435 total pumches thrown, 148 total punches landed and 34% connecting percentage. While Manny Pacquiao, has 429 total punches thrown, 81 total punches landed and 19% connecting percentage.

After declaring Mayweather is the winner, fans inside the Las Vegas, Nevada, Booed the result of the match, somewhat most of the fans disagree on the results.
During an interview with Manny Pacquiao, he expressed himself that he thought he won the fight? He also said that Mayweather didn’t do anything? That he really thought that he is one that should won?

As the fight was finally done, Social media users, especially in the Philippines. express their opinion on the outcome of the match, they were not satisfied on the scorecards results, they believe that pacquiao should have won the fight? Pacquiao is the one making the fight and  Mayweather is just running and hugging, some of few comments that really angry some social media user.
But whatever the results, it might not be in favor of Pacquiao, we should thankfull that both fighter are in good condition after the fight.

What’s next for the two boxer? Is Pacquiao, will finally retire his gloves? Or another fight to win before retiring and focused on his another job? And for Mayweather, another fight will happen in September as he revealed during his interview after the fight against pacquiao.
Congrats for both fighters both are winners, Mayweather wins the title, Pacquiao wins the heart of the audience.