Valenzuela City, Warehouse Fire Tragedy Confirmed Dead Bodies At The Second Floor Of The Building

Officilas of Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), confirmed that there were bodies found on the second floor of the burnt factory in Valenzuela City on Wednesday, May 13.

Therefore, the number of fatalities expected to increase after  the tragedy that occurred in the village of Ugong.

It is first reported that three were confirmed killed in the fire and has 65 workers are missing in the footwear factory.

In a separate interview by GMA news to BFP director Chief Supt. Ariel Barayuga, he said that they are removing the collapsed roof and walls of the building to determine all the victim that could not yet determine the exact number of possible casualties in the fire.

 Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian ,said that the local social welfare department, reports that according to the families that are seeking their love ones are 65 people missing and it is possible that they are trapped in the said burn warehouse.

As of 7:01 pm the fire was declared a " fire out" which is started noon  of Wednesday.

Based on initial information , the fire started when  a welder accidentally burn a chemical inside the  factory.

"When I asked those owner of the factory, they  cannot answer us because they logbook was also burn. So , they do not know how much is in . Second, the foreman who knows how many in-shift, is also inside the burn factory. Said by Gatchalian.

The Mayor also added that the families of the victims was bought in the village hall near the morgue to determine the identity of the remains.

"We will need a professional morgue assistance to identify those bodies . That's what we do to identify the victim and calm their family  and to know what actually happened to their family , " said Gatchalian.

The mayor also promised to provide financial and legal assistance to local governments for the families who's love ones are one of those died in the burnt factory.
source: GMA