A Bill Has Been Passed That Obliged All Sim Card User To Register Their Sim Card Before Using It

All Mobile user are now obliged to register their mobile sim card in the National Telecommunications Commission or NTC.

A report stated that the House of representative has passed a resolution that requires all mobile user and sim card buyers to registered their sim card before using it.

In this bill, old and new sim card users must apply for registration of the sim card, failure to do so, the Telecommunication company which are allowed to deactivate sim card who failed to followed the rules.

In order to comply with this bill,  the bill requires buyers of SIM cards to present an identification card and fill out a registration form with a control number

After giving personal information that needed in your sim card registration , the information will be send to the National Telecommunications Commission, for recording purposes.

As of now, there is no clear report on where to file a registration for sim card user, we will await for further information until the bill is implemented.

The bill was made due to following problems such as complaints against scams and harassment done over text messages and calls. With in this bill people who do dirty works through phones are can easily be trace and face consequences of harassing people through phones.

We hope that this bill can help us for preventing people form accessing our mobile sim card for  such scam and illegal activities and it will  result on another useless  bill?
source: GMA