Detained Senator Revilla, Might Still Run In 2016 Elections For Higher Positions

Detained senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr, announced that he  would be open to the possibility of running at higher positions in 2016 elections. he also wanted to join the debate in the Senate about the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ).

Even  I’m in prison I knew that my conscience is clean and  the truth will comes out, answered by senator Revilla when a media ask him if he plans to run the Presidential or Vice president position this coming 2016 elections.

Revilla attend a court hearing on Thursday in relation to his petition to bail for the case of  plunder. It is remembered that Revilla was charged of alleged corruption in the use of the pork barrel funds.

The question is, is there a rule that  prohibit a person who is in jail to run for government position? There is no law that  prohibit ? I have not been yet convicted , Revilla  said , who is also an officials of Lakas- CMD.

Revilla refused to specify the possible position that he will run 2016  elections and  some personalities also visit him and expressed their support for his future political plans .

He added, " if you know you're guilty , you are not thinking to run. But if your conscience is clean, you have no need to fear . But we just wait until October  until we file our the candidacy.

However , Revilla admitted that the allegations of corruption reduce public trust that is thrown at him.

I have to admit that many people  poisoned of throwing mud at us. As you see the politics today is too much dirty. Revilla said. I hope that we had an equal fights this coming elections. let the people decide.

Meanwhile , Revilla expressed his interest on joining the Senate will in discussing the Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ) in plenary.  to form the new political entity to replace the Autonomous Region on Muslim Mindanao or ARMM.

In his statement, Revilla said that he had instructed his lawyers to file a motion with the court to allow him to attend the session of the Senate.

He explains, that even though he is detained , the responsibility of being a legislator still remains.
source: GMA