Derrick Rose Hit A Buzzer Beater Shot, Beats the Cavs 99 - 96

Derick Rose of Chicago Bulls , hit a three point shot with only 3 seconds remaining in the game saving the Bulls and taking the series leads of 2 - 1.

with only 3 seconds remaining , Rose receive the ball after an inbound, as he hurriedly take a three point shot in front of Tristan Thompson  and successfully makes it as  the buzzer sound. With no time remaining  in the games Bulls beat the Cavaliers 99 – 96.

The games has been intense since the beginning of the game, both team struggled in the first quarter, as Cleveland Cavaliers lead the halftime leading by two 49 -47.

Lebron James, established another milestone of his career, placing himself at number four of All time playoff assist leader, passing  Tony Parker, Steve Nash and Larry Bird, in today's game against the Chicago Bulls.

Cleveland Cavaliers, mostly lead the game, leading as much as 8 points, but the Bulls hang, as they take the lead at the fourth quarter which they established their biggest lead of five points.

With a 2:24 seconds to go, the game was tied by LeBron James, making a two free throws.

 In the next play Derrick Rose was fouled  by Kyrie Irving in 2:09 seconds, Rose make one out of Two Free throw Bulls lead  92 -91.

LeBron James, forced his shot down the shaded line as he was fouled by Jimmy Butler , James convert another two free throw  93-92, Cavs lead,

After Bulls timeout, Jimmy Butler, quickly scored a two points, bringing back the lead to Bulls 94 -93.

Cavs, did not call a timeout as James, hurriedly take a drive and missed a point blank shot, that might caused them the game. James immediately foul Gibson two stop the game.

Gibson, convert two free throws, to up the Bulls lead 96 – 93. With 23.5 seconds remaining.

Cavs, did not make any timeout as they continue the play, James makes a play to Jr Smith, hitting a big three point shot tying the game 96 – 96 all with 10.8 seconds remaining.

The Bulls did not call a time out as rose makes a play James, tap the ball outside with 3 seconds remaining.

The Bulls has the ball with only 3 seconds remaining, Dudley takes the inbound out to Rose and hit a buzzer beater 3 point shot beating the Cavs. 96 – 99.

source: youtube