How To Verify Your Status On COMELEC Precinct Finder

The Commission On Election (COMELEC), has released a Online Status Verification where you can verify your current status on their registration record.

The site features Precinct Finders, where it serve to all voters to verify their current status whether they are registered or not, active or not and also you will be able to determine if you have biometrics or none.

With this features, we can early determined our voters status and if we are qualified to vote on the upcoming 2019 Philippine National Election.

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Follow This Step:
1. Go to COMELEC, Precinct Finder

2. Fill up the necessary details needed for Registration Verification, such as your full name and birth date.

3. Check the captcha to prove that you are not a robot and then click search.

4. Wait for a few seconds to reload the page. If all information are correct a new page will appear and it will show your current voters status.

5. On Precinct Finder Result, you will now see your record. The status of your voters information, registration details, voter ID printing details, instruction to voter, notice to voter and voter center location.

Meanwhile the COMELEC, ask all voters who haven't  yet done their biometrics, to go to the nearest  and qualified voters registration to update their status and to get their biometrics.

Registration are available in Municipal Hall of every provinces and some selected Robinson mall where they put satellite registration.

Registration for all voters is up until October 31, 2015. And strictly no extension for voters who failed to registered on the date that given to them.

The COMELEC, strict policy to all voters that No Biometrics, No Votes, on the day of 2016 National Elections.