A 12-Years Old Boy, Finally Caught By His Father On Why He Is Taking Too Long In The Shower

A viral video of 12 years old boy who was taking a long shower,spending twice as normal shower user was prank by his own father by taking a video of him while he was using their bathroom.

His father decided to investigate the reason on why his 12 years old son is taking too much time in the shower? Upon discovering that his son is showing some skills in dancing and some stuff while taking a shower with a background music of  Flo Rida's hit’s” Goin' Down For Real”.

The boy, who don’t know of what is happening behind him while he shows some dancing moves, his father take the opportunity to record his son best dance move with an interval of several seconds of video recorded.

With almost a minute of dancing the boy turn his back, and finally noticed that he has an audience behind him, unaware that his  father was behind him all this time while he is making a dancing move.
Upon knowing the situation, the boy immediately drags the shower curtain across the cubicle to block the camera's view.

The funny viral video of the 12 years old boy, was uploaded by his own father in the social media network. And garnered many viewers.
source: youtube