7/11 Guard Shows Some Dance Move In The Theme Of “ Nae Nae Dance Craze”

A viral video of a 7/11 crew and a guard become hit in the social media after the video of them was uploaded. The said video shows that the three worker shows some fancy dance move in the theme of “ Nae Nae Dance Craze”.

It is reported that the 7/11 Manager is the one who shot the video, while there is no customer at that time.

Social media user give their opinions on the said video, as they admire the manager who shot the video, as she or he, is giving his worker a pleasure time while waiting for costumer or maybe just to wake them up while working at night time.

The two staff of 7/11, show’s some dance move at the front, while the guard, shows the best dance move at the back. At first the guard is still felling shy, but eventually give it away and dance at his full force. Even though that the guard is not that young at all or should we say somewhere pass middle age, he still can relate in younger co- workers and dance step.

Many people says that  if your happy with your work, you don’t feel that you are working? Maybe this viral video is one good example of working at the same time being happy while you work.
As of know the video gain thousands of likes in the social media and it’s counting.
source: lionheartv, youtube