Should The Philippines Stay Out Of The Increasing Tension between US And China

Political analyst from the Philippines advised the Philippine Government that take precautions and much be better to get out of the way of the increasing tension between the United States  and China.

China who claimed 90%  of south china sea which they implemented the 9 dash board line over the disputed sea  and now claiming even the air space navigation is having a verbal war against the United States.

The tension rises  between the two of the most powerful country in the world, after an incident happen last week , as China warn a US spy Aircraft to do not cross on their air space territory but US aircraft rejected the warning and continue as they to answer to China naval officer that the area is a free Air space navigation, China  Naval officer was irritated and replied to US Aircraft to "get lost".

The conversation between China Naval  and Us Spy Aircraft was shown on and heard over CNN News.

China who repeatedly given a diplomacy protest of neighboring country such as Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan for claiming 90% of south china sea and other natural resources which is believe  rich in natural gas is continually neglect the said protest.

It is also remembered that China, Offered the United States that the establishment that they are building in the disputed Island is can also be used by the US in such emergency such as search and rescue and weather system but the US country rejected it.

It is also reported that US super carrier “USS Ronald Reagan” take her voyage to Japan and her primary mission is to take responsibility on west Philippine sea.

Some say that the US country is now showing some military force to China that might resulted to a misunderstanding due to the disputed sea.

“USS Ronald Reagan’ is the biggest and most armored aircraft carrier of United States and it can carry for about 65 aircraft and sometimes called a floating base of United States which is capable of sustaining a war in case it happen.

Country of Japan, Australia and Malaysia is reported to join the US in a military exercise in Japan as the USS Ronald Reagan arrive on the said country.