Cleveland Cavaliers Are Looking Good As They Take Game 2 Against Atlanta Hawks 94 - 82

Cleveland Cavaliers takes Game 2, Of their best of seven series match against the Atlanta Hawks in their Eastern Conference Finals match. Cavaliers  is now leading the series 2 – 0, after winning Game 2 in the score of 94 – 82 at Philips Arena.

Cavaliers dominant Game 2, from start to finish, even though CavaliersAll star point guard Kyrie Irving, did not play due to injury but the Cavs, seem’s too much for the Hawks even without kyrie Irving.

DeMarre Carroll, who injured his knee in Game 1 with 5 minutes to play in the fourth quarter, was suit up and starts in Game 2.

LeBron James, lead the cavs again with 30 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assist, 1 rebound shy for another triple double and mark his 53rd most 30 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assist in a post season.

Tristan Thompson, show his dominance in rebound as he lead the Cavs in rebound with 16 rebounds. 11 defensive and 5 offensive, he also added  2 block shots and 7 points.

Iman Shumpert added 16 points  with 4 out of 6 in the three point area and mostly shadowed Kyle Korver for defense in most of the game.

Meanwhile the Atlanta Hawks, who seem did not solved the problem in game 1, has struggled through out the game, especially in the the third quarter when the Cav’s, starts to pull away. Just like in game 1, Cavs imposed there will to win in the second half.

Al Horford and Kyle Korver, suffered injury in the latter of the match. Al horford returns in the remainder of the game. While Kyle Korver, did not return in the game.

With this commanding lead by the Cleveland Cavaliers, they are now seeking to win Game 3 in the home court at Quickens Loan Arena on Sunday US time. The Cavs will not give any chance on the Atlanta Hawks to get their momentum as their resume their match.

While the Atlanta Hawks is back to drawing borad to analyzed what are their mistake and how to solved the problems to win and silence LeBron James.