Funny Viral Video Of Rico Maierhoper "Shoe Blocking" Attempt To Gabby Espinas

In Philippine Basketball Association or PBA, a funny viral video of a player has been viral in the social media network due to his attempt of blocking the opposite player by using his shoe.

Barako Bull forward Rico Maierhofer, who lost his shoe after he made a basket towards the ring against the defense of Arwind Santos.

 Rico, Immediately looks for his lost shoe and gets back into defense against the opposite team San Miguel Beer.

When San Miguel Beer player forwrad Gabby Espinas had the chance to score under neath the basket, Rico Maerhofer, where at that time is still holding his shoe ,tried to block Espinas shots with his shoe and  Espinas was intimidated and change his mind of shooting it and rather pass the ball that caused them a turnovers.

Barako team get the chance to have a fast break  points as  Joseph Yeo, converts a easy lay up due to a nice defense of Rico Maierhofer and his shoe.

San Miguel Beer and even the announcer are saying that if the shoes is legal to use  for blocking? Maybe its not? But because its rare to happen, the referee did not call it a violation and continue the play.

But despite the said “Shoe Blocking” it still became viral because of hilarious and funny defense of Rico Maierhoper.
source: youtube