A Bill Has Been Passed To Extend Maternity Leave In The Philippines Into Three Months

Senator Pia Cayetano, suggested to extend  the existing maternity leave for women workers into 90 days or 3 months, whether married or not, whether government or  private sector have the option to extend for 30 days without proper compensation.

The purpose of the proposal is to extend maternity leave for women workers in government and in the private sector to give them enough time to take care of their baby and to recover their  entire health.

This will give the mother a longer time to bond with her baby and took the opportunity to complete its breastfeeding for six months, "said by Cayetano.

Cayetano said that base on Senate Bill 2710 that declared policy of the State under Article XIII , Sec . 14 of the Constitution that protects and promotes the rights and welfare of women workers , who appreciate their motherhood and provide proper conditions to achieve their full potential

To this end , and in accordance with domestic and international law that protects and promotes the rights of women , you set the State mechanism to extend the period of maternity leave of women workers and give them sufficient transition time to regain health and total order includes the exercise of their duties as mothers before working again, "said Cayetano.

The objectives of the proposal is to amend Section 11 of the Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of Executive Order No. 292 set in the Revised Administrative Code of 1987 , which provides for maternity leave in the government sector.

In the private sector , the proposal aims to amend Section 14- A of Republic Act No. 1161, as amended, or the Social Security Act , the law that gives women workers in the private sector daily maternity leave benefits equivalent to 100 percent of its average daily salary credits within 60 days or 2 months as maternity leave for normal childbirth , and 78 days to turn the caesarian delivery.

It is also Aims to amend Article 133 of Presidential Decree No. 442 or the Labor Code of the Philippines , which provides a two-week maternity leave to pregnant employees two weeks before birth and four weeks after the normal childbirth or abortion , or a total of six weeks' maternity leave .

Based on studies conducted by Time magazine once working mother immediately returned to her work after birth , she will feel painful muscles and increased parental stress.

As a result , it will affect  the rest of his family, including health and cognitive development of children, "according to the study.

Furthermore , according to Cayetano , the proposal requires a review of policy on maternity leave benefit derived by employees in private to ensure that protected their rights and welfare.

Meanwhile , it is also specified in Section 6 of the proposal 's security of tenure or job security for anyone to use the 30-day maternity leave, whether in the government or private sector.

If ever they use it, it would not be a basis for a mother to remove her work , according to the proposal.

So in these cases , I urge speedy passage of the bill , "said  by senator Cayetano.