Scientist And UFO Investigators Cannot Solved The Mystery Of This Alien Creature

Scientist and UFO investigators are joining force to resolve a mystery  of a creature that looks like a combination of a human, a monkey or  an alien? Or should they say all of the above?

In  May of 2007, this strange creature was found in the country of Mexico. The farmer who see’s it drown the strange creature out of fear.

Since the end of 2008, series of test are had been conducted on the corps of the strange creature but the mystery is  to much deep.

Even serious scientist are wondering if this creature comes from another planet?

The test showed that the creature does not comes from our planet, which is not known to exist in planet Earth.  The body of the creatures has the characteristics of a lizards and human.

The creatures has also has a large brain that probably, it has a high intelligence.

There are frequent sightings of UFO reports and crop circles in the area leading into suspicious that the creature was left behind by the Aliens?

Some farmers also reported that there is a second alien like creatures that has been seen in the same area.

The mysterious creature is at the hands of the scientific staff as of now.

What do you think of this creature? Is it an Alien or another animals that is not yet discovered? Or maybe a experimental animal that became mutant? You decide kindly give us your comment….
source: youtube