LeBron James, Save The Cav's In A Buzzer Beater Shot, Series Tied 2 - 2

With only 1.5 seconds in the game of Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, LeBron James, save the Cavs, in a Buzzer beater shot beating the Bulls 86 -84.

LeBron James, who scored 25 pts, 14 rebounds, 8 assist and 8 turnovers, help the cavaliers to even the  series 2- 2, against the Chicago Bulls, of their own Eastern conference semifinals round.

At the start of the Fourth Quarter of Game 4, the bulls lead the game by seven, 61 – 68. But the Cavaliers makes a run in the fourth as they lead as much as seven points.

As the game favors the Cavaliers, with only  4 minutes to go, LeBron James committed multiple turnovers as he was charge of two back to back offensive fouls, as the game is down the wire.

The Bulls makes their final run as they tied the game 84 all, a lay up from Derrick Rose with only 9 seconds remaining.

With no timeout remaining James, pushed the ball, as he attack the basket and loss the ball outside the baseline. No foul was called against Noah, but Cav's, keep the ball with only 1.5 seconds remaining.

Cav's point guard Matthew Dellavedova, in-bounding the ball as he pass the ball to LeBron James in the left corner as James makes a jump shot beating the buzzer and tied the series 2-2.

On Game 3, Derrick Rose hit a banks shot at the buzzer. a 3 point shot that beat the Cavs  99 – 96. watch here

And now James, return the favor for a back to back game buzzer beater. hits a left corner Jump shot 86 - 84. series tied 2 -2 .

source: youtube

Game 5 is heading to Cleveland Cavaliers, Quicken Loans Arena.