How To Add Multifox On Moxilla Firefox Browser

How can we open Multi tabs by using Moxilla firefox browser? In this tutorials we will simply explain on how to used multi tabs by adding an extension or downloading Multifox.

Simply download the latest version of Multifox addons, be sure that your Moxilla firefox that are you using are also the latest version, so that there will be no conflict.

In case that you don’t want to change the current version of your firefox that you used simply choose the version of multifox that would be compatible on your current Moxilla firefox.

Steps on how to add Multifox :

1. Go to Google search and type Multifox addons and hit enter

2. Download the Multifox version that compatible in your Moxilla browser. after selecting the right version to your current browser, a pop up box will appear and simply click install.

3. After Installing it, it will prompt to restart the browser, but in some case due to different version of firefox, sometime it does not need to restart the browser, just simply go to Extension tab and enable the Multifox tab.

4. If installation was successful you can now open 1 or more multi tabs that you desired. just like the images below.

On my version of multifox i used is version 2.2.1, a little bit old version of firefox because i am much comfortable of using old version of firefox, my operating system is windows 7, 64 bit.

Different version of Operating system and Moxilla firefox version may be a little bit different on my tutorials.

Hope this simple tutorials will benefit  users who needs multiple browser.