Viral: A Rare Footage Of Alleged Mermaid Was Seen In One Of The Beach Resorts In The Philippines

A viral video of alleged "Mermaid" or "Sirena" a local name called in the Philippines was captured a video in a mobile phone in London Beach Resort in General Santos City. The video was taken by a woman, who she unexpectedly seen a strange creature during daytime at noon while they are in the beach.

Jovelyn is said to be the woman who uploaded the viral video, told that at around 2pm, while they are having an family outing she caught a video of alleged mermaid.

She also told that two days before they seen the alleged mermaid, they experience a premonition from their sick grandfather, where their grandfather said that he wanted to go to sea.

After they see the alleged mermaid, they used the water from where the mermaid swim, and used it for cleaning and bath of their sick grandfather.

They believe that mermaid is a lucky charm, and just a few days has past, after using the water that from the sea, their grandfather miraculously recovered from stroke.

An interview from another source to confirm the said alleged mermaid, some staff from the said resort said that the alleged mermaid is not really a mermaid but it just was a “Dugong” a marine mammal who’s closest relative is sea cow.

The staff also said that they had the same video of the alleged mermaid and this time it is very clear that the alleged mermaid in their own video was confirmed a Dugong.

A lifeguard also confirmed that there is a prescense of Dugong in the beach resort, he told that two to three times a week that the Dugong makes appearnace on the said sea,  during the time between 2 pm  to 4 pm.

The white marks that seen behind the Dugong is the same creature which the same mark that Jovelyn's video’s alleged mermaid.

After an expert analyzed the video that they seen between Jovelyn's video and beach resort staff video, its clear that it is not a mermaid and it was confirmed that the viral video of the alleged mermaid in General Santos is a Hoax.
source: GMA , youtube