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DILG Warns LGU's Of Visayas And Southern Luzon To Be Prepared Of The Strong Typhoon This Coming Holy Week

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Philippines - Interior and Local Government ( DILG ) Secretary Mar Roxas , is giving a warning on local officials in the eastern part of the Visayas and southern part of Luzon to be prepared  in possible  impact of the  upcoming  typhoon who has an  international name "Maysak ".

In a statement last Tuesday , Roxas called on local leaders "to stand guard " and be prepared to the storm which will be  called " Chedeng " upon entering the Philippine Area of Reponsibility or PAR, which is expected to come into the country this Holy week.

"The storm is still far but we must be ready and vigilant we must be prepared on the cost and possible casualty of this upcoming storm, " a reminder ( DILG ) Secretary Mar Roxas , to the Governor and Mayor of the provinces and areas likely to hit by the storm .

Roxas ,which is also a  vice chairman of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council ( NDRRMC) , said that the Mayor will be the first responders in times of disaster .

The Mayors,  should man the command centers in their respective localities," reminded of the DILG secretary.

As of 11 am , the state weather agency (PAGASA) announced that  Storm" Maysak " gaining strength while approaching the Philippines . It has maximum sustained winds of 175 kph and gustiness of up to 210 kph. It moves to west - northwest at 20 kph .

PAGASA, said that this typhoon is still too far  to affect any part of  the country. It is expected to enter the country on  Wednesday  evening or  early Thursday morning and will be named "Chedeng" as it enter the Philippines. Area of Responsibility or PAR
source: GMA

"Wrestlemania 31" Matches And Results Of The Star-studded Event

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Wrestlemania 31, is a annual event that created by WWE CEO Vince McMahon. The latest event  was held at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California on March 29, 2015.  in an open-air venue with an attendance of 76,976

The event featured 9 matches and one special event. It also features the cast of 2015 hall of Fame.
The main event features defending champion Brock lesnar against the challenger Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

At first Brock Lesnar is the dominate one as he punished Roman Reigns with his multiple German suplex, finishing move F5, but still Roman Reigns stuborn to pin down. Later on the match Roman Reigns, shoved Lesnar head-first into the ring post, which caused Lesnar to start bleeding profusely and dazed.

When both Lesnar and Reigns, suffered injuries and already exhausted, Seth Rollins immediately run through the ring to cash out his Money in the Bank briefcase.  As the PA announce the match into a triple threat Match.

Seth Rollins, shock and stun the WWE fans as he gave a Curb Stomp Roman Reigns, and pin him 1,2,3.  Rollins, is the first WWE World Heavyweight Championship to won after cashing out his Money in the Bank briefcase, in Wrestlemania History.

On special event that features the Authority Tripple H and Stephanie McMahon, addressing the public of the accomplishment of the Authority , The Rock, appeared and abrupt the Authority. A verbal exchange of word between the Rock and Stephanie McMahon that leads into a slap on the faced on the Rock by Stephanie.

The Rock, cannot fight back on Stephanie but with a special appearance of Ronda Rousey on the side of the Rock, the Rock attacked Triple H and Rousey then threw both Stephanie and Triple H from the ring, first teasing an armbar on McMahon.

Another exciting match is between tripple H and Sting in a  No Disqualification match. This is was the first match of Sting in the WWE and in Wrestlemania. Sting was lost in the match after Tripple H, hit him in the head with a sledge Hammer.

In the said match, the D-Generation X, composed of  Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac and Shawn Michaels interfere the match and the other hand nWo members Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan intefere also on the side of Sting. A classic match in the making as it features wrestling superstars from old school. After the match was finished Tripple H walk towards to  shake Hands with Sting as a sign of sportsmanship.

The class of 2015 WWE Hall of Fame intoduce former tag team champion The Bushwhackers, Larry Zbysko, Alundra Blayze, Tatsumi Fujinami, Rikishi, Actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Diesel Kevin Nash. "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Connor “The Crusher” Michalek were presented to the crowd while posthumous inductees.

It also feature former WWF/WWE superstars Pat Patterson, forner WWF intercontinental Champion "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, former 16 time WWF Champion Ric Flair and the excellence of execution formen WWF Heavy weight Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who all congratulated Bryan by performing Bryan's “Yes!” chant together. Who congratulates Daniel Bryan, after winning the Intercontinental Championship.

The Wrestlemania 31, is considered as the grandest and star studded gathering of former WWE superstars and current WWE superstar.

Watch: Michael Jordan Shows Some Skills At Age 52, While Playing With Tom Bradly

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A recent video of former NBA superstar  Michael Jordan and Patriots quarterback  Tom Bradly having a good time of playing Basketball that showed up this weekend on Instagram. 

While Michael Jordan and his friends are hanging out in the Bahamas, Jordan showed off some of his skills while talking some trash in a pickup game with Tom Bradly.

Michael Jordan,  retired in NBA in 2003, as a Washington Wizard, but he will be remembered as Chicago Bulls player which he got 6 NBA Champions , 6 Finals MVP and 5 regular season MVP.

Michael Jordan was considered as “the greatest player ever played the game of basketball of all time”, and at  52, I had to admit the guy still got it,The video in Instagram  shows that Michael Jordan, takes a jump shot and makes it, I am not surprised of he making  the shot, for crying out loud he is “Michael Jordan”. I would be surprised if he missed it. 

Jordan also shows some dribbling ability as he penetrate and take the jump shot, after he made the shot he give some trash talk to Tom Bradly and others.

Michael Jordan say’s “Hey man, you don’t have YouTube? You better put on Michael Jordan, for real.”

Aside from being a prolific scorer, during his prime, Jordan is also considered as one of the greatest trash talker in the game of basketball. a certain tactics used to irritate the opponent player during in the game of Basketball.

The video was recorded by unknown woman in the background, while watching Michael Jordan and the company playing Basketball.

Currently Michael Jordan, own’s the NBA Team Charlotte Bobcat’s, who are fighting their chances to make it to the eastern conference playoffs.
sources: youtube

PBA Semis Cast Completed: #1 Rain or Shine vs #4 Meralco Bolts, #2 Tall'N Text vs #3 Purefoods

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The PBA semi finals cast are now completed. Purefoods  Star Hotshots sweep Alaska  2-0 in their best of three Quarter finals series  last March 29, Sunday at at Smart Araneta Coliseum, first game of double header match.

The Hotshots, who missed the last conference semis are now back as a tilte contender. The hotshots, are the defending champion from the last year Commissioner’s Cup, which then the team known as San Mig super coffee mixer.

Purefoods who finish the elimination round at 8-3 win/loss will be facing the Talk’N Text tropang texter who finish also at at 8-3 win/loss in the elims, for the right to advance into the Finals.

The match is anticipated to be a tougher series, due to both team are highly expected to be batling all out war. On their only match this conference which held in Davao City, Purefoods  beat talk ‘N Text, in a controversial triple overtime 118-117.

Meanwhile the other pair of team, battling for Finals slots are Rain or Shine Elasto Painter and Meralco Bolts.

Rain or Shine who finish the elims at #1 spot at 8-3 win/loss having the superior qoutient, faces Ginebra San Miguels in the Quartel Finals. The Elasto painter escape Ginebra San Miguel in a trilling game 92-91 to advance into the semi finals.

Meanwhile, Meralco Bolts are back at the semis, after escaping the NLEX Road warriors 91-85 in  the overtime period as Meralco entered its first semi Final under coach Norman Black .

“El Granada” Garry David, exploded to work. He scored 29 points in the fourth quarter, having almost all of his shots.
Meanwhile the NLEX Road Warriors, complaining that the game during overtime was robbed from them.
Due to the win of Meralco Bolts they will be facing the Rain or Shine Elasto painters for the right to advance into the finals which starts on March 31, Tuesday, Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Winners of the semis match between #1Rain or Shine Elasto Painters vs #4 Meralco Bolts will faced the winner of Talk’N Text Elasto Painters vs #3 Purefoods Star Hotshots in the Finals, for the right to win the Championship.
source: PBA

Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao Named The Philippines "Top Taxpayer"

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The filipino boxing icon and Sarangani Rep . Manny Pacquiao has the largest paid tax in 2013, based on the list of individual taxpayer released by the Bureau of Internal Revenue .

Reports that based on the list of the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR , Pacquiao  taxes paid  reaching P163,841,853 based on " regular income tax payments as of November 24, 2014."

After Pacquiao, this were some list of largest payer of tax  complied with:

 Juanito Pornuevo Alcantara ( P99,612,000 ) 
Estelito Mendoza ( P73,185,375 ) 
Reynaldo Chico ( P67,340,888 ) 
Andrew Tan ( P67,184,002 ) 
Lorenzo Tan ( P60,894,276 ) 
Jose Alvarez ( P55,627,417 ) 
Vivian Azcona ( P51,617,174.69 ) 
 Oscar Reyes ( P51,440,314 ) 
Rafael Vicente Ayllon ( P50,088,841 ) 

Also included in the top 20 largest tax payer are:

San Miguel Corporation CEO Ramon Ang ( P46,471,324 )
The celebrity Piolo Pascual ( P42,533,158 ) 
John Lloyd Cruz ( P41,976,592 ) 
Kris Aquino ( P40,481,146 ) 
Sharon Cuneta ( P39,049,235 ) 
and Willy Nelson ( P38,305,824 ).

Manny Pacquiao, being the largest paid tax payer in the year 2013, it is also remembered that he was also charged by the BIR, for the incorect filling of income tax that sue him for tax evasion amounting  P2.2-billion .

The tax evasion of  Manny Pacquiao, case  gave numerous impression that pacquiao is being harassed by the Aquino government. BIR head Kim Henares, is leading the pursue of tax evasion on Pacquiao that leads to some misunderstanding on both parties.

In the House of Representative, some congressman, suggest a resolution that Manny Pacquiao, should be exempted in paying Tax, upon being the countries top promoter and boxing icon.

Here in the Philippines, a lot of tax payer are not paying the right tax, recently a lot of famous people, business tycon , celebrities are charged by the BIR for not paying and declaring the right income tax return.
source: GMA

Viral: Newly Born Baby Shows Signs Of Stigmata That Christ Suffered During His Crucifixion

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Quezon city,  Philippines – a boy was born in a hospital that was seen of sign of stigmata that resemble the injury that Jesus Christ suffered during his crucifixion.

The strange signs of stigmata that shows in a newly born baby, acquires attention of many Catholic religion, especially of the upcoming Holy week.

Report said that thousands of devotees are already surround the Quezon city Hospital just to see the blessed child.

The baby boy was born on March 15, 2015, weighing 3.2 kilograms and shows signs of marks of  injuries in his forehead, hands and  feet.

Those surprising signs of injuries  are the wounds that Jesus Christ suffered during his crucifixion, the head wound was suffered by Christ, by putting a torn crown into his fore head, the hands and the feet are injuries suffered through nailing into the cross.

According to some experts , the newly born baby suffered from a rare syndrome that cause his skin discoloration.

This case is amazingly rare, only a handful of similar case that happen through history  and it is the first time to a baby.

The baby was examined to know what really caused the sign of stigmata that appear on his head, hands and feet.

Different opinions of people was posted in social media, some believe that it is fake because of the upcoming holy week and they make this kind of hoax? Some believe its real and that lord are giving signs of his upcoming return.
source: youtube

Watch: Mexican Wrestler Died After Suffering Injury In The Hands Of Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Jr.

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Professional wrestler, are wrestler that have highly advance technique  such as clinch fighting, take downs, locks, submission moves , pins down and grappling holds. Wrestler, now a days is considered as an entertainment sports, due to scripted match and feuds.

Wrestling is a contact sports that needs a strong build body and strong stamina. wrestler are vulnerable to accident due to their stand moves or acrobatic moves, even they are professional, accident happens all the time.

Recently, a famous Mexican wrestler has died during their match. The Wrestler is known to be ‘El Hijo del Perro Aguayo”. Pedro Aguayo, which is only 35 years old died during a tag team match against the former WWE Superstars Rey Mysterio Jr.

Report said that Pedro Aguayo, suffered cervical spine trauma, a three fractured vertebrae and was dead by the time he reached a hospital, the injury was suffered during a flying kick to the shoulder and neck from fellow mexican wrestler better known as Rey Mysterio Jr.

The video shows the actual footage of the incident, Pedro Aguayo, was hanging in the ring after Rey Mysterio Jr. give him a drop kick to his shoulder, a normal kick that caused the life of mexican superstar Pedro Aguayo.

It is remembered that another superstar in the world of wrestling has died also performing their stunt as a professional wrestler, Owen Hart, younger brother of Bret Harts has died during a live WWF event after falling down from the ceiling to the turn buckles of the ring that caused him injuries and eventually died.

Wrestler are professional, but sometimes even them, made mistakes. Incident or accident always happen. They may suffered injuries that might caused their career or death.

Its true that wrestler like in the WWE are entertaining to watch but it also disturbing that a lot of stunt performed by the wrestler are really vulnerable to injury or sometimes with a false move might even caused them there life.
source: yahoo , youtube

Kevin Love On LeBron James "Were Not Best Of Friends"

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NBA superstar, Forward Kevin Love of  Cleveland Cavaliers, is on the hot seat after making his opinion on who is his pick in this year MVP Award.

Kevin Love, was a guest in Dan Patrick Show last Monday. He told that he will give his vote in his college teammate Westbrook for MVP instead of current teammate LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers.

Love explain that James and Westbrook were both having an MVP season, but he’s pick is going to Russell Westbrook because every single game he almost fill his stat sheet, despite with out Serge Ibaka and Kevin Durant being out for the rest of the year.

What makes this Love, comment intriguing? Because it unusual to vote other player for MVP if you have a teammate that is also a candidate for the same award.

On the other hand, lebron James thought  after hearing the news Tuesday morning after practice.  LeBron James said that Love is entitled to his own opinion. I did'nt really think it too much" of Kevin Love's picking Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook instead of  me as the NBA MVP.

"Kevin has his own opinion, who he believes is the "MVP", no one should fault him for that."

On a radio appearance with ESPN's Mike & Mike, Kevin Love,  spoke honestly about his friendship with LeBron James  that  he and James were "not best friends" and that their relationship was "evolving."

Due to this Kevin Love intriguing comment and relationship with lebron James, it seems that the two cant get along? Perhaps this is the only season that Jamse and Love will be teammates? After all  Kevin Love, is a free agent at the end of the season and rumors might  he will be  heading towards the Los Angeles Lakers with a maximum contract.

Earlier this season, James tweeted on Kevin Love on fitting in, in the Cleveland Cavaliers team. That hits Love Off guarded.

Taiwanese Man, Trapped Inside A Coffin For A Week,Incredibly Survive By Drinking His Own Urine

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Have you  heard people trapped inside the coffin in a movie film, but it real life it happened in a Taiwanese man , when he was trapped in a coffin , for six days . he survived by drinking his own urine and water from the rain .

The family of the victim believes that incident was planned, because the casket were the man were he was laid was  already removed a corp since, and kept it aside for a long time. a theory that the victim was carry and put inside the coffin during he was under the influence of Liqueur or drunk.

According to the  police , the man was small with 162 centimeters tall, and weighing just 50 kilos . Often seem to go to the shrine which is nearby the cemetery, just to have karaoke and drink with his friends . Police believe the man who has led the coffin, and put the lid weighs a hundred pounds .

When the victim awakes, he try to  lifted the lid of the coffin but failed, and saw few light penetrate from the outside , through a small hole in the coffin.  Because of Hunger and thirst , he was forced to drink the water from the rain  and his own urine for 1 week. Finally someone  heard  his screaming and crying when a visitors to the cemetery  heard him and he was saved .

The victim cannot recall how he went to the cemetery, or how he was trapped in the coffin , but his brother was very angry on what happened to him . They took pictures of the people hes with in drinking Liqueur during the time of incident , so that he can pin point the suspect.

According to the Central Weather Bureau , temperature in Taiwan falls down to 15 degrees Celsius last week, according to doctors, a miracle was happen to the  man , because in normal situations , people just live without water for  just three days . because he was able to drink his own urine , it prolonged another three days to survive.

According to lawyers , the suspect will be charged with attempted murder , and face the death penalty, life imprisonment , or jail time for over ten years .
source: youtube

Watch: Scary Video Of Ghost Recorded In One Of Japan Subway Train

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Japan are good in making scary movies, in Youtube many scary video are uploaded that really scare out of you . some are real and some are fake. But one scary video that I watched  recently in Youtube about  a Ghost in Japan makes me really scared, don’t watched this if you are a scary person you might not sleep tonight?

The video was about a group of friend eating and drinking in one of the restaurant in Japan. While they are playing some games, a foul odor was scattered around them, as they decided to take a cigarette to  be able to not to smell the foul odor.

A lady, in a vacant table was spotted by the group as they suspected that the lady is the one who is giving a foul odor.

They decided to leave the restaurant, due to unlikely odor, around them, the group were divided by two, the remaining group of men went to substation, waiting for the train that they will take a ride.

As they wait, they see a lady waiving on them, the same lady that they see in the restaurant. The lady moves towards them, she falls down to the train railways, when she stood up, suddenly a passing train hit her and run through her.

The group of men thought she was dead, but in this video shows that the lady survive the train accident, clearly visible in the video that you can see the lady staring on one of the guy that falls down on his knee due to bad odor that he smell.

This is a scary video, but some say this is authentic.
source: youtube

NBA Two Time MVP Steve Nash Retired After A 19 Year NBA Career

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Future Hall Of Famer Los Angeles Lakers  point guard Steve Nash finally announced his retirement last Saturday March 21, ending his 19-year NBA career having two MVP awards.

Due to injuries Nash, played just 65 games over the past three seasons, Nash, formalized his retirement with a letter on the Players' Tribune.

The Canadian star and The NBA legend, wrote to Tribune that "I will likely never play basketball again,"

"It's bittersweet. I already miss the game deeply, but I'm also really excited to learn to do something else."

Nash was draft 15th overall by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the 1996 NBA draft. Suns fans booed him upon the disapproval of the relatively unknown player.

On 1998, Nash was traded from the Suns to the Mavericks in exchange for Martin Müürsepp, Bubba Wells.

On 2004,  Nash, became a free agent. The Phoenix Suns  offered  him a six-year, $63 million contract. Nash was reluctant to leave Dallas, but Marc Cuban of Dallas did not match the deal that leads Nash to accept the deal and return to Phoenix Suns.

During his tenure in phoenix Sun, Nash Help the team to reach the Western Conference Finals, both appearance has suffered lost, he also won his two MVP awards during his stay in Phoenix.

On 2012, Nash was traded to Los Angeles Lakers, Nash Team up with what to be a title contender with Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Paul Gasul.

But over the past three seasons in to Los Angeles Lakers, Nash suffered multiple Injuries and on the  beginning 2014–15 season that he announced that would be his final season. he experienced back pain, that lead to end his season.

Although Nash,  career  end up with the Lakers,  he will be remembered for his incredible prime with the Phoenix Suns. speedy, sharp-shooting  guard that changed the professional game .

Steve Nash, end his NBA career Stats of having won Two time MVP in 2006 and 2007, Eight time NBA All Star, Seven Time All NBA Selection and  finish with 10,335 assists third in NBA history , He also holds the best free-throw shooter in NBA history at averaging 90.4 percent.
 source: NBA

Actress Melissa Mendez, Appeal To All Social Media Basher "Know The Story First, Before Judging Me"

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Actress Melissa Mendez Gave her side about the thrown out off the  plane after alleged assault of fellow passengers . she also issued a dissatisfaction in judging her immediately in social media .

Melissa told how hostility began with her  and a male passenger which is a friend and companion model of  rugby player Andrew Wolff .

The actress said , he asked the man to allow her to sit first in the chair near the window to capture the image of the  cloud . she said she assured the man that she would return to his original seat after taking the picture.

But Andrew’s friend  does not agree with  and  began the unruly scene with the actress . "'Oh no, no, we paid the' chair  , ' '  said by Andrew’s friend.

The actress also said that she was threatened  by the man who will struck her face with a bag.

Melissa continues , " if you do not leave my seat , I will struck face." Said by Andrew’s friend. "

Melissa return to her seat . she try to approached  Andrew  friend to settle the issue but  Andrew’s friend does not want any settlement.

Melissa 's story neatly mouth seems documentation " ' Depart from me , the smell , the smell of your breath , bad breath . Take a toothbrush , you stink , you nasty , nasty ! ' he insult me till I cant stand anymore.

That time the pilot announced that the plane will returned to the airport in Manila because of a disruptive passenger .

" Long before I get angry but I was scold by a man , if he is really a man, he would not try to struck my face with a bag ,

I've never nothing wrong at that moment, " said by the actress as she crying . " Have you a have mother ? sister that she should be respected ? Does he  should be respected  me as a woman ?. "

Melissa also brought dissatisfaction in judging her  in social media .

" They must know the whole story first . Do not judge early and called me drunk , or whatever is going berserk , " she plead .

Actress also made it clear that she was not drunk or drinking alcohol which occur on the scene of the plane .she explains , juice from the fruit mixture made by her personal assistant that she drink .

Melissa planning to consult her lawyer and resorted to Gabriela group for support .
source: GMA

Viral: Actress Melissa Mendez Was Kick Out Off The Plane After She Make An Unruly Behavior Inside The Plane

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A Viral video of filipina actress Melissa Mendez, showing that an Airplane Captain forced  her “Melissa Mendez” to be kick out off the airplane of  Cebu Pacific Flight after she make a unruly scene inside the plane.

The Captain told her that "No, you're going down , you can not ride this plane , you hurting my flight stewardess "

The incident happened a few hours ago this Friday , March 20 , based on the post Instagram actor - athlete Andrew Wolff .

According to Andrew, he is on  way to a place in Mindanao with a friend aboard Cebu Pacific .

But the flight was delayed  because  a certain " actress " which has passed of her primed, who first called the initials "MM"  does don’t wanna  leave their designated reserved  seats.

After the crew’s plead , the actress finally agreed to move to her actually assigned  seat.

But still continue to make scene as she throw some bad words  on Andrews friends.

Consequently , flight attendants warm  Melissa twice but still do not stopped .

Instead the actress punched the friend of Andrew and the flight attendants .

Because of this the Pilot decided to return to the airport in Manila to kick the actress off  the plane.

Andrew did not mention the name of the actress but clearly in his video you can see that show the female actress posted is Melissa Mendez .

Andrew, said in his Instagram that Melissa which he named “MM”  smelled like she's been drunk, you just knew something was gonna happen. She Kept claiming she was a famous star in her primed.

As Melissa could not be restrained, The captain announced: To all passengers and  apologize, that the plane had to go back to Manila due to one unruly passenger"

20 ground staff person were used just to offload one unruly person. Fines with this kind of incident include P500,000 and 3 years imprisonment.
sources: GMA, Youtube

Senator Trillanes, Advice President Aquino, Do Not Apologize On Mamasapano Tragedy "Its A Trap"

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV thinks “it’s a trap” if President Benigno Aquino III,  apologize for the tragedy that happened to Mamasapano operation on January 25 .

Senator Trillanes reminded of what happened to former President and now Pampanga Rep . Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo in 2005 who say sorry in a televised apology for calling an election official during the 2004 presidential elections .

Trillanes, also said that the public did not accredited the public apologized of Arroyo,

" Saying sorry is  bullshit stop there . they advised then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to apologized . Do we believe ? Are we calm ? No, is not it ?, "said by the lawmaker in a news forum in the Senate .

A year after the Former President Gloria Arroyo take her public appology, Presidential Chief of Staff of Arroyo Michael Defensor , admitted that Arroyo 's makes a mistake in making sorry because there was really no reason to make apologize by the President.

" In fact , they will you use it. If you admit that. It's a trap , " he added .Trillanes, continue "Besides making  sorry is deliberately and willingly given . I do not really in giving sorry by force, there is no value."

There are group that blame Aquino for the tragedy that happen of 44 Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police Mamasapano , Maguindanao for  arresting  alleged terrorists Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Basit Usman .

The mission that lead SAF members on fighting the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Moro Liberation Front . that resulted in the inclusion of 60 people , including 44 members of the SAF .

Trillanes 's give an advise to Malacañang that they should plan carefully when they give speech about Mamasapano Tragedy.

In the aftermath of the Senate joint committee about what happened Mamasapano , said Aquino is" ultimately responsible" on the outcome of the mission . The report also criticized the president in communicating in the suspended in PNP chief Gen. Alan Purisima .

"If  they must explain  think it carefully just because it create greater damage and just kept getting bigger every speech they pit . Resolve what they 're looking for information then find a way to deliver it well , " Trillanes suggestions .

It’s a wrong handling right from the very start . Those nationwide address by the President brought more confusion and in fact, added to the anger of the people. Secondly there for not attending ( arrival honors at ) Villamor,as simple as that but  has not done about it increased hatred of our people,"added by triallanes.
source: GMA

Amalia Fuentes Resentment With The Death Of Her Daughter, Liezl Martinez

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Amalia Fuentes draw resentment  with the cremation of  her unica hija Liezl Martinez .
The veteran actress felt she allegedly ignored and  Liezel’s father Romeo Vasquez about the plans for their lost daughter .

"Do you know why I'm late ? I do not know where to do . They were the one who decide , those best friend , ' those types . I , where was I? Nowhere. Nobody talked to me, nobody gave me the schedule. Every time people will ask me, I don’t know. I’m just a guest.  That's what they did to me, "said Amalia.

She also said that, “I love her as much as she loves her children. But I was really upset when I found out that she had cancer. I was hoping that I would be the  one to die first, this is the worst day of my life, I feel like that I was the one that should die. "Being a mother it is the worst to lose the only child". .

Amalia also admitted that he later distanced itself from Liezl after Liezel marry Albert so that public will not  think the  intervention of  their life

“For the longest time, I was never a part of their life but I was always there for her. And those people gesture , the publicity that the picture - taking that are sweet ,  that's not true. It is in the heart , " she said .

Nevertheless , Amalia spoke to her son  liezel before Liezel’s died .

In turn, Liezel’s Father  Romeo Vasques makes a short statement about the incident .

He said, "we do not controlled what, you know . the Angry of  Amalia. we cant blame her, she is the mother, Thank you for your sympathy . Thank you very much . "

Viral Picture Of Purple Ghost Girl Captured By Teenage Girl During Snapchat

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A Snapchat selfie that turns to be a spooky scene after teenage Bethany Harvey took an image of herself, her baby nephew and her sister without noticing that a simple selfie photo will become viral in the social media network.

Bethany, captured a photo of a ghost that Shows what seems to be girl in purple dress with hands folded in her lap, at the background of their picture in the living room. she did not noticed the ghost girl in the picture till her friend come by and told her that ghostly body in the background of their picture.

Bethany Harvey of Northern Ireland, said that she never expected a creepy precence to pop up on their snap chat picture.

She explain that she was taking a picture of herself and her baby nephew, when her younger sister jump over the back ground so that she caption the picture as “Photo bomb”.

Bethany, also said that she was sure that no one is around that day in the living room during day time except her, her baby nephew and sister.

A lot of things has been spooky in the living room, I never go to the living room during night time anymore Its feels weird and spooky that I might seen something?

Similar incident of this ghost appearing in photo that has been captured has became accustomed  to. As it many of this ghost picture are always captured  accidentally.
source: youtube

Manny Pacquiao Will Give $10,000 To Team Pacquiao For The Grand Prize Winner Of His Weight Loss Challenge

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Manny Pacquiao Re-opened his weight loss challenge during his day off from his training for the upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather , Jr. in May 2.

On Monday , after attending the Good Shepherd Church in Los Angeles, California ,Manny Pacquiao goes  straight in  his prospect mansion to buy in Beverly Hills 90210 which previously owned by the famous American rapper P.Diddy. which reported recently owned by Jennifer Lopez.

As of now, Manny Pacquiao, has finally given his bid in the said mansion and just waiting for the formal signing of contract.

He also said that her wife, Jinky Pacquiao, will surely like the mansion

Here  Manny announce the re- opening of its Biggest Loser Challenge that will take place in the last five weeks before his fight against Mayweather , where participants must reduce 15 % of their weight.

Men and women are separate in such competition , in contrast with the usual  last Biggest Loser Challenge by Pacman.

Everuone is game to participate, including those previously won the competition .

Last year, winner of weight loss challenge Jelly Arayata  said that he didn't eat. I just did this detox cleanse and it worked for me, so hopefully, it'll work for me again this year,”

Ezra Hernandez  who also  previously joined and won ,Told that "It's very challenging because we would work out three times a day or more . "

Winner’s will Gets $ 10,000 or more than P400,000 in Manny Pacquiao’s weight lost Challenge .
source: GMA

BOI Report, Misinformation And Wrong Decisions On Mamasapano Case

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The incorrect information then suspended from the Philippine National Police ( PNP ) chief Director General Alan Purisima, the reason of " erroneous decisions" during the bloody operation in Mamasapano , Maguindanao on January 25 , according to the results of the investigation of  board of Inquiry ( BOI ) of the PNP .

BOI stated in the report which was made public, which assured the secretary of the then Special Action Force ( SAF ) commander, Jr. Director Getulio Napeñas with support from the Armed Forces of the Philippines once had a problem with the mission of the Special Action Force ( SAF ) to arrest the terrorists were Zulkifli bin Hir , alias Marwan and Usman Abdul Bassit .

On the day of the operation of SAF troopers , said the BOI report Purisima sent text message Lt. Gen. Rustico Guerrero , AFP Western Mindanao Command , " " Maybe you  may send artillery support to the AFP ."

In view of the BOI , the sent text messages vulnerable to Guerrero, "did not connote a sense of urgency as it seemingly Guerrero gave a choice to either send artillery support to the battle zone or not . "

"Guerrero referred only to the availability of the support elements on the ground," base on BOI,  Once saying not defined Guerrero such measures depends on the ground commander .

However , the secretary informed President Benigno Aquino III AFP support for SAF units pits commandos .

But lawyers of Purisima insisted  Atty . Kristoffer James E. Purisima, who assured the former PNP chief Guerrero who prepared the artillery support for the SAF commandos . "There was no reason to doubt the information," said by Atty. Purisima

Last February,  Atty . Purisimaalso denied the allegation that his client had lied to Aquino about the information provided in its operation of SAF troopers .
source: GMA

Viral: Award Winning Talk Show Host "Fired" After A Racist Comment On Paolo Ballesteros Make up Transformation As Michelle Obama

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Filipino TV host , actor  Paolo Ballesteros of  Eat Bulaga, has another trending make up transformation but this time someone is been fired on commenting on his newly famous personality he imitates.

Univision Talk show host Rodner Figueroa, who recently won the 2014 Daytime Emmy Award, is in the hot seat after making an insulting comment on the make up transpormation of Filipino actor  Paolo Ballesteros as US First Lady Michelle Obama.

During a live episode of the show El Gordo y la Flaca of Univision network on March 12 , they discussed the make- up transformation of Paolo Ballesteros into a list of celebrities like Kim Kardashian , Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande , Jennifer Lawrence , Cher , and lately US First Lady Michelle Obama.

However Rodner Figueroa, made his comments on Michelle Obama looks like she's from the cast of 'Planet of the Apes,' the movie,"

Raul de Molina co - host of the show Quickly react to compensate the comments of Figueroa.

He said “You might say that First Lady Michelle Obama is" beautiful and attractive "

The incident was reported by an independent radio host Javier Ceriano in his social media accounts .

He posted the video on his Instragram account varied comments got it .

Because of this comment,  Talk show host Rodner Figueroa, has been fired on his job, for being racist upon his comment on the US First Lady Michelle Obama looks in the said make up transformation.

Rodner Figueroa, depend himself that he is not pertaining to US First Lady Michelle Obama but he is referring to Filipino Actor Paolo Ballesteros he who transform to US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Univision  Network made an statement that they do not  tolerate such racist comment by the award winning talk show host Figueroa's which is completely reprehensible and in no way reflect the values or opinions of Univision.
source: yahoo

A 7 Weeks Old Baby Surprisingly Greet Her Mother "Hello"

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A viral video of a cute 7 week’s old baby  named “Cilian”who can already says a word “Hello”.

Toni McCannm from Northern Ireland, the mother of the 7 weeks old baby of the said video footage.who  is also the one who takes the viral video was speechless on the day she witness his seven week old son say his first word “hello”.

In general most babies are usually can speak their first word until they reached at least one year old but in case of “Cilian” he is just 7 weeks old and that is very amazing for a baby.

On the video footage, you can the mother said hello to his baby son as his baby son tried to mimic the word that her mother says, as you can hear in the video the baby boy clearly utter the voice “hello”

The mother of Cilian, also said that if she didn’t video the day his son spoken the word “Hello” people might not believe her that his son can already spoke a word.
 source: youtube

Meralco's Friendly Tips On Reducing Electricity Consumption and Costs

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Some tips on how to reduce electricity consumption and costs.

The authorities  always reminding the consumer to conserve electricity especially during this summer But how do you reduce the consumption of electricity in order to reduce the bill ?

According to Meralco when it comes to saving electricity , you should not just look at the class of appliances you used?  but how many times you used it?

in a mobile applications of  Meralco , there is an appliances calculator , where you can calculate how much electricity you consume in each appliances used in your house ?

For example , you choose a deskfan 10 inches in size which is a small fan , the wattage is 40 , you will use it within 7 days and turn iton the electric fan 10 hours in one day after  that you place calculate and it will shows P122.08  that you will pay per month for an electric fan only.

Now if you  have five electric fan at home with equal sizes , the consumption is P732.48  for electric fan only.

According to Meralco the appliances that most highly consume electricity are those appliances that provide heat and cold .The aircon is may consume 2,000 pesos per month, ref or chest freezer are also high consumable of electricity.

Based  on Meralco’s appliance calculator for 200 kilowatt per hour consumption , a small refrigerator or 7 cubic feet open  in 24 hours will consume the equivalent of  P880.00  per month .

An 1 horse power air conditioned appliances which use 6 hours a day can consume of  P862.00  per month or 5 pesos per hour.

Washing machine does not consume to much power it will cost  P2.50  per hour .

A 21 inch TV will consume P128.00 per month if used every day for 6 hours , but if you let it plugged in all day even though you use it will consume another P18.00  a month .

A rice cooker is left plugged in keep warm it will consume P42.00 per month .

Computer desktop when turned 24 hours in  screensaver it will consume the P269.00 per month while in sleep mode it will consume P27.00 pesos .

The appliances with standby mode continues to consume electricity If ever just unplugged it especially if you leaving the house to prevent more consume in electricity.

According to Meralco, we consumer is the one who knows best on saving  electricity consumption,by adjusting our power usage per day.

Check this link to know your daily consumption on your appliances:

Viral Video: Funky Flight Attendant Entertain Passenger Before Take Off

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A viral video of a flight attendant  who show A little entertainment while passengers are waiting for some guests to board the airplane.

The funky flight attendant, who was not mentioned her name went funky  as she threw down some dance steps of the popular chart hit Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. the attendant started boogying down to Bruno Mars' hit track “Uptown Funk” before the airplanes take off.

The air hostess went  a little extra spices on her duty as she entertained the bored passengers waiting for their flight to take off.

The video was uploaded by  Redditor 'Simian_King', according to him the funky flight attendant , is a former break dancer  who turned flight attendant, and actually his sister too!

The flight attendant, ideas seems work, as The passengers and guests  cheered and  applauded the funky flight attendant as she showed her funky moves.

The viral video of the Uptown Funk track has spawned and as people use the song as their backing track for different  dance move and  performances.
sources: mirror, youtube

Do You Have A Healthy Heart? Know The Different Risk Factors Of Heart Disease

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Is your heart healthy? Know  the signs and symptoms of good and unhealthy hearts

Heart disease is the leading cause of death of Filipino in the Philippines based on Country Health Profile of  World Health Organization or WHO.

An estimated of 88.2%  or 7 to 8 out of ten Filipinos, age 40 and above are victims of the "Silent Killer"  heart disease.

What is Heart attack:

In General heart attack  is caused by the death of the muscle of the heart due to the blockage of arteries that supply it.

The heart is supplied with innumerable nerve root now if one of the nerve arteries was blocked it can cause heart attack either minor attack or fatal attack that may caused death.

A blockage  in small arteries may can caused minor heart attacked but if a large arteries that supply major parts of the body was blocked it may lead to a fatal cardiac death.

what is the root cause of the stoppage of the heart , it is usually transmitted to the deposit of cholesterol that builds up in the lining of the arteries

what is the root cause of the stoppage of the heart , it is usually transmitted to the deposit of cholesterol that builds up in the lining of the arteries until it grew bigger and bigger and eventually blocks.

What are the symptoms of a heart disease:

more than half of the population would really feel a chest pain, and then the character of pain is chest pain
especially when they are tired.

Common symptoms that you may have a heart disease are shortness in  breathing , Palpitation or irregular heartbeat , faster heartbeat , weakness or even dizziness, drop on their blood pressure , experience cold sweat, nausea.

heart attack can also be no signs of symptoms , it will suddenly attack and kill people in an instant  which are common on diabetic people.

Heart attack is a “silent killer” for diabetic people.

What is the way to prevent heart disease:

There is a method which is screening program, screening program checks blood sugar , cholesterol level, blood pressure and  examined the heart  for any abnormalities.

Another way to prevent heart attack is having a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Manny Pacquiao Tell His Story On Why He Get Into Boxing

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Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino congressman and  world champion professional boxer . He is the first and only boxer who won eight-division world champion.

Pacquiao gained popularity as he began winning multiple title as he beat famous mexican boxer  the likes of Antonio Barerra, Eric Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez and the biggest of them all Oscar De la Hoya, because of this Pacquiao was dubbed the ” Mexicutioner”.

Boxing fans and enthusiast wants Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to settle in a boxing fight to know who is the best boxer in the world? But fans has been dissapointed in many years.

On May 2, 2015, the long awaited fight between the undefeated Floyd Mayweather and Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao will finally happen in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is said to be the fight of the millennium.

As the fight awaits, Manny Pacquiao, recall his humble beginning into the sports of boxing. He told his story on why and how he got into boxing.

Pacquiao was born in unwealthy family in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines,  his hometown where he resides is  General Santos City.

Pacquiao, recalls his childhood days,due to poorness,There are days  we do not eat rice . water  is the only source that serve as food for us. an interview during his training.

Manny’s Younger Brother and also a professional boxer Bobby Pacquiao, tells about a story about Manny during their childhood, Manny makes way to be able to have money or to find ways to earn money to buy rice.

To be able to help and support his family, Pacquiao decided to start his boxing career at age 16. He won 10 out of 11 boxing match, he lost his flyweight title in 1999.

From 2000-2004, he won 11 straight matches. He fight famous Mexican boxer with the likes of Antonio Barrera, Golden Boy Oscar dela Hoya, Erik Morales, and Juan Manuel Marquez and the rest is history.

As of today Manny Pacquiao is the current congressman of Sarangani, Playing coach of basketball team KIA, in Philippine Basketball Association and a Professional Boxer.

Viral Photo: Woodpecker And A Weasel Takes A Ride Of Their Life

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A viral photo that gain popularity in social media network  after a photographer uploaded a photo of a  brown weasel riding at the back of the green woodpecker.

In Hornchurch Country Park in east London, photographer Martin Le-May, captures a weasel hitching a ride on the back of a woodpecker.

Photographer told the story on why the weasel is on the back of the woodpecker, he explain, actually is not like the weasel is actually stuck his thumb out and ask for a ride. The weasel is trying to kill the bird.

It is a sunny afternoon with occasional clouds, my wife and I had gone for a walk, hope to see a woodpecker that my wife haven't seen it before. As we heard and see a flash of green and I hurried to point the camera towards the bird.

Suddenly the birds flew towards us, as we noticed that a small mammal is itching the back of the bird. The bird flew down near in front of us, as the bird struggle for his life to get rid off the weasel at the back of the bird.

Due to our presence  for about 25 meters away, from the struggling bird and weasel,  we had might  momentarily distract the weasel  and the woodpecker take the chance and seized opportunity  to flew away from the weasel through  some bushes , quickly the bird gather  itself  and it flew up the top of the tree’s and away from our sight.

The weasel had just disappeared in the long grass, and hungry .

Social media user, add flavor on the viral photo as they also add additional character on the weasel and woodpecker as they  Photoshop the viral photo and add additional character riding on it. Like Madonna, Miley Cyrus , The Rock and other famous star riding on top of the woodpecker.
source: youtube

An Arabian Man Has Extra Tooth Inside His Nose

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In Saudi Arabia, an Arabian man who was complaining pain and bleeding of his nose was finally went into a Hospital to know the cause of his nose bleeding.

Doctors discovered that the patient caused of nose bleeding is a round tooth that is growing inside of his nose.

The 22 year’s old man, who had only experience one nose bleed a month for almost 3 years, was told that a half inch tooth  nasal cavity was growing inside his nose.

According to study of the American Journal reports that the inter nasal tooth was scratching the inside of his nose that was causing the bleeding .

Doctors from the King Fad Military Medical Complex, were particularly surprised of the nose tooth because the man in question has almost  have a perfect set of teeth in his mouth,.

According to life science, the patient after being put in a general aesthetics the tooth was removed successfully.

Doctor John Heilstein, one of the author of the study, explain that this are rare case that a nasal cavity grows upward towards inside the nose.

Meanwhile, Nose bleeding are common among young children and younger adults, but one young man's frequent nosebleeds turned out to have a rather unusual cause.

Nosebleed happen due to hemorrhage from the nose, usually noticed when the blood flows out through the nostrils.

There are two types of nosebleed the anterior the most common nose bleed, and posterior the less common nose bleed, the more likely to require medical attention.
source: youtube

Indiana Jones Star "Harrison Ford" Suffered Injuries After His Plane Crash In A Golf Course

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On March 5, 2015, Harrison Ford, an actor and an avid pilot, suffered a plane accident after his private plane 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR, make an emergency landing on the Penmar Golf Course in California.

Report said that the plane own by ford  took off from Santa Monica Municipal Airport near Los Angeles, that suffered engine failure that he was able to radioed before it make an emergency  landed in a golf area. The incident occurred at approximately 2:24 p.m.

A Doctor name  Dr. Sanjay Khurana, witness the plane accident when he saw the vintage plane clipped in a tree and dropped onto the next hole's green.

As he rushed to the crash site, he saw the pilot bleeding from a deep gash in his head. When he got a closer look, he was shock to see that the pilot was the actor Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford is an actor who gained famous with an starring role like in the movies of epic saga “Star Wars” and the action adventure “Indiana Jones”.

Los Angeles Fire Department, Patrick Butler said on the scene of crash that the patient “Ford” was alert, conscious and breathing and was outside the plane when paramedics arrived. Butler also said that Ford was in fair to moderate condition.

Ben Ford, son of Harrison Ford tweeted that:

"Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man," wrote Ben Ford, a Los Angeles-area chef. He added: "Thank you all for your thoughts and good vibes for my dad."

This is not the first  time that Ford was involved in a crash, he also pilots helicopters.

 On Oct. 23, 1999, he was involved in a helicopter accident with his flight instructor in Lake Piru, Calif. the crashed site was 45 miles north of Los Angeles into a dry riverbed.  Both Ford and his instructor were injured.
source: yahoo

After Decades Of Searching Japanese Warship "Musashi" was Finally Found

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On March 2015, After a decades of searching , the largest Japanese warship “ Musashi” , was finally found under the Sibuyan Sea in Romblon . this warship was used in combat during World War II .

Over a seven decades of searching it became a mystery on what place where the Japanese warship “Musashi” sank until it finally found  in the sea of the Philippines, by a group that  led by Microsoft co - founder Paul Allen

Over 1,000 Japanese were killed in the sinking of Japanese warship “ Musashi” was sunk by an  estimated 19 torpedo and 17 bomb hits from  American US aircraft  during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. in October 24, 1944 in the middle of the war. Over half of her crew was rescued.

The warship was discovered by the help of Allen's group who used various historical records and with the help of his modern yacht with advance technology to find the warship .

The showdown in the sea of  Leyte was dubbed as the Battle of Leyte Gulf , one of the largest sea battles ever recorded  in history .

The Musashi is allegedly one of the largest , heaviest and most armed warship ever made.

Musashi  warship was the second ship of the Yamato class of an Imperial Japanese Navy World War II battleships.

Musashi warship and her sister ship, Yamato warship, were the heaviest and most powerfully armed warship ever constructed in history, displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) Type 94 main guns. Neither ship survived the second world war.
source: GMA

Viral Video: Ghost Playing Around Disneyland Caught In A CCTV Footage

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A viral video footage was uploaded in social media about a ghost that was captured by a CCTV in Disneyland.

Disneyland is a theme park, where family and friends came together to have some fun. it is a large bustling place filled with colorful attractions and event that people will surely enjoyed.
But at night when all events and attractions are done, a strange visitor came to visit Disneyland, this time it was caught by a CCTV.

A clear footage of ghost was seen in a CCTV walking around the theme park, even though all lights are on in the theme park.

The footage shows the ghost that enter the gate of the Disneyland, as it walks through the path walks of the theme park and passes through another gate and goes around the theme park and also walks through water as seen in the footage.

Even ghost still love Disneyland, even they are already died, they still coming back.  Maybe having fun or not knowing they are already dead?

The Spooky footage is a scary thing, maybe a lot of this are visiting Disneyland?
Maybe if my time has come I will visit also Disneyland, which so far I cannot do in this time of my life.

What do you think guys? Is this real? Or another edited by photo shop magic? for me maybe it is real, because a lot of ghost reports has recorded though years. A lot of proved it, and I do also experience and encounter a Ghost. So for it is real video footage.

What’s your opinion?
source: youtube

Tips On How To Charge Your Mobile Phone In Fastest Way

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When it comes to charging our mobile devices we don’t have a lot of patients on waiting to fully charged our mobile phone. well here is how to charge  your mobile devices  in a faster way.

Here are some methods that can help you charge your mobile devices in the easiest and faster way.
Whether it is iphone, android, windows mobile devices  all these methods work.

1. Turn it off, when your charging your mobile phone, go ahead and turn the mobile off, so it will not utilized power as it charges  or simply place it in airplane mode,

2. Use a wall charger, instead of charging it with usb devices , if you may do so, just plug it on the wall.

3. Keep it from extreme temperature, to keep the battery last longer  keep it in a cool area. Don’t leave it in a car or any place that can generate hot or too much cold. The batteries ability to hold the charge is degraded  by extreme temperature.

4. USB tips, if you gave to charge the mobile devices by a usb, go ahead and make sure that you are not sinking your mobile phone at the same time, make sure that there are no other usb devices going at the same time and don’t let the computer  hibernate or going in stand by mode.

5. One charge cycle per month, to properly maintain your battery atleast go through  One charge cycle per month. That’s letting your mobile devices go cleared to zero  and then recharging it completely.

These are just a few simple methods  to keep you battery on your mobile devices to maintain  and charging faster.

Jam Sebastian Of Youtube Sensation "Jamich" Has Passed Away

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Jam Sebastian of “Jamich” has passed away today March 4, 2015 at 10:30am in St. Luke's Medical Center at age 28. He was just  sixteen days away on his 29th birthday this coming March 20.

Jam is one half of the popular youtube sensation “Jamich” with her real life partner  fiance Mitch Liggayu.

Last year Jam, was diagnosed of a four stage lung cancer since then he has been batling to fight the cancer  but unfortunately  he did not make it.

Maricar Fernando Sebastian, mother of Jam,  posted on Facebook  on the unfortunate death of his son,Five hours before she announce  Jam’s death , Jam posted a post “ Oo Laban”  this is the word he would always  says when  he was asked in dealing with his illness .

Jam’s Family decided to remove Jam’s  life support and just waited to medication to last, they finally accept the faith of jam and let him go peacefully.

It is remembered that Jam, who requested to let go of  him by mercy killing because he cannot stand the pain anymore, but her mother  refused his request on giving up on him a request that he cannot do.

"I 'm sure it would be very nice and happy birthday to him as he celebrate his birthday in Heaven .
Hopefully I would dream of you and let us know that you are happy and healthy again with God. Thank you for everything . No words can explain . Until we meet again , "said in a Facebook post  by Mich shortly before the death of Jam.

Watch UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Put Cat Zingano In Arm Submission In Just 14 Seconds

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UFC 184 features in the main event is the women's bantamweight title, between the unbeaten top contender Cat Zingano and the defending champion Ronda Rousey.

The main event make History for the quickest finish in UFC championship in just 14 seconds as  defending champion Ronda Rousey retain her title As The women’s bantamweight Champion by defeating the challenger Cat Zingano in a submission.

The main event  match start as Cat Zingano attacked  Ronda Rousey with a flying knee the puts rousey down in the canvass, but Rousey a  superior grappler, quickly reverse their position as she made to the top and grab and extend the hands of Zingano that put Zingano in a arm submission.

Rousey fighting style is well known for her skill in grappling and jiu-jitsu, and is particularly noted for her string of victories by armbar.

Rousey is currently undefeated and  currently holds  UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. She has won nine submission match by armbar out of her 11 fights.

She also became the first  first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

Cat Zingano was believed by many to be Rousey's biggest test on women's bantamweight title, but Zingano entered as a 9-1 underdog agains Rousey.

Former  champion Cristiane Justino, Tweet on an Invicta card in Los Angeles, she tweeted that she wants to come to the UFC to face Rousey, but the  question is if she can make the bantamweight limit of 135.
source: yahoo , youtube

Watch Video: Expert Revealed Why This Dress See In Different Type Of Colours

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A viral dress that has become world wide famous because of its misleading and confusing  colour.
The dress which sometimes becomes Blue, Black, White and Gold has been revealed  by expert on why the dress has different colors on the eye of the one who sees it.

Netizens  has been curious of the said dress, different opinion had been shared on what is the true color of the dress  and a lot of comment has been posted in social media network.

As the world seems divided on what color really did this dress have?  Two team has been divided, team A,   team who see the dress in black and blue on the other  hand team B, team who see the dress white and gold.

Why people see it differently? Expert says it’s a phenomenon called  “Colour constancy”
The Dress change colour due to surroundings, without noticing it and the brain must have assumption.

Team A, who picture the dress in white and gold has brain that maybe interpreting a room with blue surroundings, like in a near window or a bright blue sky that makes the white dress  looks blue and the gold dress makes  would not really change.

Meanwhile on team B. people who see the dress in black and blue maybe interpreting the dress in artificial the dress in some yellow lights , as a result the brain sees the gold  turns into black colour and the blue seem not affected and remain blue in colour.

Meaning it defends on where you see the dress that initiate the dress change in colour? It depends in things  surrounds the dress that makes the dress change in colour?

What can you say about this High Technology dress? If you see this kind of dress personally and suddenly you noticed that it change in colour? What would you react? Maybe at first I would say I am color blind?
source: youtube

Viral Video: Is This The Best Video Footage Ever Recorded Of UFO Sightings?

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In Lima, Peru, a viral video was recorded that involve  another sightings of UFO or Unidentified Flying Object during daytime.

A  live telecast of one of the TV show in Peru, was briefly stop to give way on the strange purple colored disc shape object when one of the crew was sighted and hovering over a purple UFO near a building of construction site in Lima, Peru, and has been seen by many locals.

Report said that Eyewitnesses claim of the Purple colored disc shape UFO, was in the sky for about two hours. But no video was recorded on how the strange aircraft leave the place.

The video footage was filmed and recorded by a TV crew who recently making an episode of Peruvian show.

Also according to the TV crew who shot the video said that both distant and  zoom in perspective revealed a  saucer shape object with purple colored disc shape aircraft

This is another evidence that we are really visited by alien race or UFO and recently a lot of sightings of UFO has been spotted all over the word. And this one in this video is clearly not from our  Earth.

This is might the best evidence and clear footage of UFO ever recorded during daytime. So far I think this is the best one, because many video recorded sighting of this UFO was reported during night time, and because its night time the visibility is dark and the proof of evidence that a UFO sighted  was recorded during night time is very little.

What can you say about this? Are we really not alone? Is this the proved that alien or UFO really exist?

Will this UFO video footage will answer all the question for so many years that alien and UFO do exist?
source: youtube